Planning with a quality text books


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Planning with a quality text books

  1. 1. Andrea Hillbrick 2013 Planning with a quality text: Comprehension: Reading: Talking and listening: Writing: Insert Book Author ICT: Making: Other: Vocabulary:
  2. 2. Andrea Hillbrick 2013 Planning with a quality text: Comprehension: Pictures from the text – what happened before this and what happened after? 5W summary Perspective – wear glasses, how does it feel to be Flat Stanley Reading: What would you have in your envelop if you were flat? Talking and listening: Discuss destinations that Flat Stanley visits during his adventures. Writing: Put Flat Stanley in different situations/destinations and write about it. Write a new rap. Write an alternative ending. Flat Stanley Jeff Brown iPad apps: Master piece me – take photo in an art piece and frame. Making: Make Flat Stanley with play-doh or paper – Where can you go and can’t you go. Converting dimensions and making Flat Stanley Other: Stanley’s view Art museums Take a photo of being flat and then frame. Pathway around Australia – 3 places to visit and find facts. Design the stamp to go on the envelope. Vocabulary: Flat as a pancake Flat as a tack Metaphors and similes Using the beginning letter of surname to change their name to a food. Put up an illustration on the IWB to write down as many adjectives. Focus words – spool, snickery
  3. 3. Andrea Hillbrick 2013 Planning with a quality text: Comprehension: Provide illustrations and get kids to create text/captions. Reading: Read the text out loud in a ‘black dog’ voice. Find another article/text about depression. Talking and listening: What would you say to someone who had a black dog. Writing: Respond to Why the author chose a Black Dog ? Write a letter to the black dog explaining why you don’t want him around anymore. Insert Book Author iPad apps: Pic Collage- collect images related to the Black Dog and then create an alternative on the white dog. Making: Design your own black dog, how would you portray him? Eg. Hair cut, cloud, shadow etc. What can you think of? Other: What would the story of White Dog be like? Vocabulary: List of words describing the black dog Build a list of adjectives about a black dog. Build a list of verbs about a black dog.
  4. 4. Andrea Hillbrick 2013 Planning with a quality text: Comprehension: Predicting Pass a bag around with a crown inside and ask students to predict what the book could be about. Sequencing- Using pictures of the text students organise pictures in order of events. Students in groups could act out 3 separate events from the book- beginning, middle and end. Behind the door activity, students write what happened at beginning, middle and end of the story. Reading: Making connections- other books with kings, queens, princesses. Shared reading of the text, students can join in with bold writing of the text. Students in groups use puppets read the book using character voices. Use sentences from books and students change their voices with talking marks to match the voice of the character. Students can film their voice on Ipad. Talking and listening: Put students into groups for ‘hot seat’ One student acts as the King pig and other students ask him questions “Why are you so mean”. Can also do with the sheep. Perspective spectacles. (could use animal masks). Writing: Write a letter from the view of the sheep to King Pig. Tell King pig what he could do to help them to like him. Insert Book Author King Pig Nick Bland iPad apps: who am I? app- animal sounds Nick bland book apps Word splash- cloud writing app (looks like wool). I movie- record reading of the book to play on iPads or interactive whiteboard. Making: Students use collage materials to make a crown. Other: Author study- find more books to Vocabulary: Spectacular, adored
  5. 5. Andrea Hillbrick 2013 Students can use paper plates/collage materials to make a pig or a sheep mask. Students design a ‘spectacular’ clothes design. Boxes or building box create King Pig’s castle. Students make sensory cards. read to students by Nick Bland. For a day speak to students in King Pig voice. Students come up with a definition and record in literacy journal Sp blend words- spectacular, splendid, special.
  6. 6. Andrea Hillbrick 2013 Planning with a quality text: Comprehension: Prediction – get a picture from inside the book put it in a frame (hook). Beginning, middle and end – book retell. Text to text – Ish, Judy Moody, Stink Reading: Talking and listening: Confidence Writing: Describe a piece of work that students have completed in art. Looking at Damien Hirst’s art work and draw your own – compare both paintings. The Dot Peter H. Reynolds iPad apps: Making: Own dot gallery to display – link to Aboriginal dot paintings. Other: Dot day? Twitter Shepparton Art Museum – look at paintings and signatures. Personal goal – something that they want to work on. Vocabulary: Signature – why do people sign, create your own.
  7. 7. Andrea Hillbrick 2013 Planning with a quality text: Comprehension: Look at the illustrations – colour of Frank throughout the story. Reading: History of tattoos Talking and listening: Show and tell – bring your grandparents in. Interviewing an older person from the community. Writing: Write about someone special. Write a story about an unusual relevant. What will you do when you retire? Write interview questions for grandparents. The Frank Show David Mackintosh iPad apps: Grandpa’s table – collect mementos and explore grandpa’s life $1.00 Making: Other: Comparing old and new objects. War – link to history Vocabulary: Retiree Sayings – if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.
  8. 8. Andrea Hillbrick 2013 Planning with a quality text: Comprehension: Inferential meaning – why did Jason go to war whereas Leigh refused? Using a map – plot the jounery that Jason makes Reading: Tune into context – where is Vietnam? Culture of Vietnam, Talking and listening: Invite students to share any experiences they have had with the Vietnam war Eg. Had a relative that served Writing: Summary Letter from another character Insert Book Author Vietnam Diary By Mark Wilson iPad apps: imovie – make a mini movie about a conversation the 2 brothers may have Making: Make a picture/letter – look old- worldy Other: Vocabulary: Key words