Controversial films


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  • The film address a controversial subject matter by exploring the life of an ex-nazi skinhead and his racist behaviour. However it also carries a deep message since the film focuses on how the main character is trying to change is racist ways while at the same time his younger brother who saw him as a role model tries to become as well known as his older brother by following his foots steps as a racist.Throughout the main characters journey to change his lifestyle there is a lot of violence against other races as well as sexual violence in the prison.The film also contains strong racist language.Shows a true picture of the world today by portraying how, despite many people being extremely against racism there are still those who believe it is acceptable.
  • Personal Identity: Victims of racism will be able to connect to the victims in the film and sympathise with them since they understand how they are feelings. However this is something that not only victims can relate to but also those who share the same race, since it brings a sense of unity, the idea that ‘although I haven’t personally experienced this I still feel your pain’.Entertainment: Those who watch the film should be mature enough to understand the seriousness of the topic explored. This allows them to enjoy they unconventional way in which the film is presented, showing the perspective of the villain rather than the victim. This can be quite interesting to watch.The idea that there are two different storylines taking place at the same time is another factor that can capture the attention of the audience since they are able to see how both storylines relate to each other.
  • Cumulative theory:
  • Although the exact act is not shown, it is still suggested by the previous incidents which leave a big impact on the audience as they are left to imagine what has actually happened, which can be a lot more shocking. There are also numerous fights resulting in murder.Sexual violence is implied during the prison rape scene however it had strong contextual justification. Because it reflects what happens a lot in prison environments.There is a lot of strong language used and many racist things are said which can be a negative influence on young viewers.However the film also successfully shows the consequences of these violent actions driven by hate towards another race and illustrates to the audience that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable and should be condemned.
  • I believe that despite the films strong use of violence which causes many people including me to cringe, the film still carries a very important message, it demonstrate to the viewers that hate generates hate, and that’s a vicious cycle which benefits nobody, like the main character in the film nothing good happened to him after making those wrong decision and hanging out with the wrong kind of people, by hurting others, in the end he was the one that was hurt the most since he felt responsible for the death of his younger brother.The film also illustrates the power that the environment has to influence a person’s behaviour and way of thinking. For example in the film where he grows up in a racist environment where his father talks negatively about other races and all those negative views are absorbed by him. However later on in the film he loses his racisms when he goes to jail after distancing himself from his racist friends and befriending a black man.
  • Controversial films

    1. 1. Controversial films:
    2. 2. Why is this filmcontroversial?
    3. 3. • The film address Americas neo-Nazi culture. Themes:-Racism. (Against black people and Jews)Explores the different views towards racism in society.-Graphic violence.-Sexual violence.-Strong language.
    4. 4. The Audience
    5. 5. • Uses and gratification theory:Personal identity:-This film covers a sensitive topic, racism which many people can relate to.-Audience is able to sympathise with victims.Entertainment:- An interesting aspect of the film is how it focuses on the racists rather than the victim of racism.- 2 storylines.
    6. 6. Audience Response to film
    7. 7. The rating given by the BBFC for American history X is 18.BBFC concerns and motives for censorship(Cumulative theory)• -violence including rape.• -Pervasive language,• -Sexuality and nudity.• -Drug use.
    8. 8. My rating for the film
    9. 9. I would rate this film 18 also, because the film contains:• Strong scenes of violence such as the ‘skull crushing on curb’ scene• Sexual violence is implied during the prison rape scene however it had strong contextual justification.• Strong language.• The major theme of the film is hate andracism so the film contains a lot ofdiscriminatory behaviour.
    10. 10. My Views on the film
    11. 11. • Film contains a very important message about how hate generates hate, an that its a vicious cycle which benefits nobody.• Demonstrates how a person can be influenced by their environment and the people around them.