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Visual WebGui is the natural choice for Visual Studio developers building enterprise-class HTML5 applications for web and mobile. Visual WebGui Version 7 adds many new features for mobile app developers including PhoneGap device integration, offline support for managing periodic disconnects, and the ability to quickly design for different mobile form factors with no coding. Integration with Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2013 lets developers take advantage of Visual WebGui immediately.

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  • Version 7 - lots of featuresVS integrattionHTML5 renderingControls Mobile development
  • Thanks Itzik. In closing, I’d like to draw your attention to additional resources available online at Of course, feel free to contact us directly with any follow up questions. Thanks for your time – we hope to hear from you.
  • HTML5 Development with Gizmox Visual WebGui7

    1. 1. Introducing Visual WebGui 7 Josh Epstein, VP Marketing Itzik Spitzen, CTO
    2. 2. responsive design Eclipse MVC Performance CSS3 Objective C ASP.NET Hybrid Java enterprise mobility mobile frameworks mobile-first C# PAAS HTML5 JQuery Java MVVM Windows XP Scalability Security BYOD Cloud AJAX Native App Cross platform context
    3. 3. the gizmox philosophy simplify enterprise HTML5 application development and deployment with platform and tools that are secure, fast, and familiar to .NET developers Rapid application development, Responsive UI, High performance back-end Fast Mobile Security, Access Control, Hardened + Scalable Infrastructure Secure Familiar Keep development in house. No need to learn new tools.
    4. 4. company overview since inception, Gizmox has offered solutions for bringing data-intensive, business apps to web and mobile with native-quality HTML5 founded 2007 Experienced technologists HTML5, development tools, high reliability, compiler tech team Enterprise IT ex-Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, EMC Tech entrepreneurs locations US (Cambridge, MA) and Israel partners & customers Customers: Global 2K Enterprises and ISVs Partners: Network of VARs and SIs. Strategic: Microsoft and Citrix investors Atlas Venture, Maayan, IVIC, Citrix
    5. 5. what is gizmox? an HTML5 application platform for building new apps, converting existing client-server apps, and runtime server for enterprise-class performance, management and security Gizmox HTML5 application platform convert existing apps to HTML5 Visual WebGui Professional Studio Express Server Transposition Visual WebGui Business Server Express Studio runtime deployment server – on premise or cloud hosted develop new web and mobile apps
    6. 6. visual webgui code in C#, build with visual designer, deploy on runtime server studio server  Develop complex business apps in C# and WYSIWYG visual designer  Enhanced manageability of centralized deployment infrastructure  Design UI with rich control set and pre-built themes  Support on premise or cloud-based deployment  Adapt app to mobile form factors  Enhanced security  Leverage sophisticated rendering engine to deliver native-quality, HTML5 thin client  Ensure scalability, performance, and availability  Support full spectrum of mobile devices
    7. 7. key features VS Integration HTML5 Engine CSS3 Effects JQueryUI build web apps within familiar Visual Studio environment renders UI in nativequality, cross-platform HTML5 customize controls or application themes with a variety of visual effects enables responsive client-side interaction including drag, drop, resize, multi-select Device Integration Form Factors Adapt to Browser Themes leverage PhoneGap to build hybrid apps that can access device functions and controls customize UI for different types of devices customize UI for optimal rendering in specific browsers take advantage of prebuilt themes (iOS, Android, Windows, Facebook, and more) Controls Charts Client API Offline Mode leverage rich set controls, 3rd party controls, controls designer represent data with rich, colorful charts using wrapped Visifire controls improve performance with actions and event handling that execute on client develop client-side functionality that allows app to function when disconnected
    8. 8. visual studio integration  Integrates directly with Visual Studio (2005 through 2013)  Code in C#/VB.Net, render in HTML5  Leverage .NET data extensions to create connections with databases "Partners like Gizmox build great development tools that help Visual Studio developers further leverage the skills they already have. Integrated with Visual Studio 2013, Gizmox's Visual WebGui gives Visual Studio developers a highquality option for creating enterprise-ready web and mobile apps with complex business logic." - Mitra Azizirad, General Manager, Developer Tools Marketing and Sales, Microsoft.
    9. 9. cross-platform html5 sophisticated HTML5 rendering engine, flexible design environment, and mobile tools enables write-once, run everywhere app development any OS any device any browser
    10. 10. device integration build hybrid apps that combine Visual WebGui application infrastructure with direct access to device features with PhoneGap integration Accelerometer Video Capture Compass Connection Contacts Camera Device Info Device Events Globalization Notifications Audio Capture Media Files Local Storage Web Storage File Mgmt
    11. 11. Demo
    12. 12. benefits summary rapid development Rapid Application Development (RAD) provides environment to build rich HTML5 business apps in fraction of time of other platforms scalability Server supports high number of concurrent users and scale-out of computing resources high performance Deploy high performance HTML5 apps for web and mobile supported with unique application deployment infrastructure secured-by design Empty client application approach insulates business logic and sensitive data from client manageability Server based application deployment centralizes management of applications optimized for cloud Applications are cloud ready for deployment on private infrastructure or hosted services
    13. 13. pricing + licensing: design Visual WebGui Design EXPRESS PROFESSIONAL FREE $399/yr Permitted Use individual individual License Type LGPL open source commercial express professional and up Theme Designer ✔ ✔ Control Designer ✔ ✔ Device Integration ✔ ✔ Client API ✔ ✔ Visual Studio Version Form Factor ✔ Mobile Offline ✔  2 Versions of Visual WebGui Design Studio – Express (open source) and Professional (annual subscription)  License is per user – per machine (machine changes possible during term)  Professional includes mobile design features and compatibility with VWG Business Server  Professional Studio includes free development server for runtime testing  Volume discounts available for development teams  If not renewed, converts to perpetual with no access to upgrades or support  30 Day Free Trial for Professional Studio
    14. 14. pricing + licensing: server Visual WebGui Server EXPRESS BUSINESS FREE $3749/yr Permitted Use light loads only per 4CPU server per app License Type LGPL open source commercial Device Integration ✔ ✔ Client API ✔ ✔ Form Factor Offline Support High Scalability Cloud Deployment Modal UI Support ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔  2 Versions of Visual WebGui Server – Express (open source) and Business (annual subscription)  Business Server delivers advanced mobile support and performance/flexibility for enterprise-class deployment  License is per server – per app – must be renewed annually (special licensing available for ISVs)  If license not renewed, converts to perpetual with no access to upgrades or support
    15. 15. support Community Starter Professiona l Corporate FREE $250 $1,000 $5,000 $20,000 forever Best for Basic annual annual annual annual Trial, Student Individual Individual or small team Dev Team Multiple Apps Unlimited Apps ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Community Forums ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Enterprise Contact ✔ Private Forums Developers NA 1 2 5 20 unlimited Open Cases NA NA 1 5 20 40 1 7 14 28 2 days 1 day 8 hrs ✔ 4 hrs ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Consulting Hours Response Time Hot Fixes Beta Build Access Roadmap Preview ✔ ✔
    16. 16. Questions?
    17. 17. thanks for your time Contact 2067 Massachusetts Avenue 5th Floor Cambridge, MA 02140 617-945-0525 Online Resources Website Companion Kit Dev Resources Free Trial