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Troop - Cookie Training Presentation 2013-14
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Troop - Cookie Training Presentation 2013-14


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  • GSEMThank you for attending the 2014 Cookie Program Training Session – We appreciate the time and energy you put forward during this sale – The Cookie Program is designed to bring 5 skills together building on each year and over time building a strong independent entrepreneurial young woman Please note- we are giving you a lot of information in the next 2 hours – but we can not cover everything – please refer to your troop cookie book as you go through the sale – it contains helpful hints, rules, guidelines, all kinds of great resources for you
  • GSEMLet’s look back to last year – so we know what we have done before we look at this year2,537,280 packages of cookies sold by the Girls within GSEMTroop proceeds $1,545,001Participation rate was 88%There were 26,903 girls 2866 troops who participatedThe overall Per Girl Average in Council was 90.77Thank you – Great Work
  • GSEMThe goals for this year100 PGA (per girl average) Total # of packages owned by troops divided by total # of registered girls in the troop100% Troop and Girl Participation 2,595,294 of Packages sold+58,014 over last year
  • GSEMThere are some great new things going on this year that we are excited to share with youNational Girl Scout Weekend February 7 – 9thMango Crème's have left the building and they are not returning – ABC has introduced the Cranberry Citrus CrispWe are excited to be part of the ABC Chocolate Chip Shortbread Gluten Free Pilot ProgramThis year we are introducing a Service Unit Bonus – yes, money for the Service Units Earlier Town Delivery – January 25 – February 1There are some updated to COCO This year – we would encourage the girls to try COCO – we are offering a Online Patch when girls received 24 online cookie promises using the COCO system
  • GSEMIf your Service Unit has a Service Unit Cookie Manager – this are the supplies you will be getting from themIf your Service Unit does not – than you will be getting the supplies from a Council office that you have training in
  • GSEM
  • GSEMDecember 7th – cookie rally in cedar hill in waltham 9 am – need to register on lineDecember 13th – Opening day of cookies December 16th – Mini Clinics 9:30 – 11:30 and 6:30 – 8:30 – please register on line before hand Open forumDecember 18th – Webinar at noon – register online before handDecember 20th – COBS deadline for January at 10 pm in SNAPCouncil offices will be closed December 25th – January 1st – reopening January 2ndDecember 31 – Deadline for Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Orders
  • GSEMJanuary 1 – COBS request for February at 10 pm in SNAP January 8th – Mini-Clinics 9:30 – 11:30 and 6:30 – 8:30 pm please register before hand Open ForumJanuary 13th – Initial Order for troops 10 pm in SNAPJanuary 15th- Service Unit Edits 10 pm in SNAPJanuary 20th - GSEM – ClosedJanuary23rd – Gluten free available for pick-upJanuary 24th – Opt-out Paperwork end of businessJanuary 25-Feb 1 – Town Delivery
  • GSEMGreat Month for Booth SalesFebruary 1-2 – Super Bowl WeekendFebruary 1st – deadline for March COBS 10 pm in SNAPFebruary 6th – Cookie Creations is back- Royal Sonesta Hotel – Cambridge – more details will be announced on GSEM websiteFebruary 8 – 9 Girl Scout WeekendFebruary 15- 22 Mass School Vacation Week
  • GSEMMarch 2nd – deadline for troop to troop transfers 10 pmMarch 3rd – sliding scale goes into effect 10 pmMarch 4th final payments due 4 pmMarch 7th – transfer packages to girls 10 pmMarch 11- 15th – sell-down – see the flyer in the Resource Library – 11-14 Waltham, North Andover and Middleboro 15 – Waltham only Boston does not participate in selldown
  • GSEM
  • GSEM to Cindy ABCSo let’s talk about the cookies we are going to have this year
  • CINDY ABCThere are 9 varieties being offered this year – The standard 7 – lemonades, shortbread, thin mints, peanut butter patties, caramel delites, peanut butter sandwichsThe new cookie is the Cranberry Citrus Crisp and the 9th is the gluten free chocolate chip cookieThree of the 8 varieties come in recycled plastic material – thanks a lot – cranberry citrus crisp and lemonadesIf a you go to the ABC SMARTCOOKIE website – on the left hand side of the webpage the cookies are all posted – if you click on any cookie there nutritional informational appears – it is a good learning tool for the girls who want to know a little bit more about their product. The nutritional information can also be found on the order card.
  • CINDY ABCGSEM is part of a PILOT program with ABC bakers – to offer the 1st Gluten Free Girl Scout CookieMore information Page 3 of the cookie bookThe packages are sold for $5.00 each – the troops earn $1.50 per package; girls do not earn recognitions on this cookiesChocolate Chip Gluten Free Cookies are not available in SNAP or on the order card – they can be pre-ordered – Council will only have a limited number of casesTroops pre-orders are taken November 4th – December 31st – get your orders in early –There is a limited number of cases available– Council will notify SU’s/troops when there are no more cases availableGluten free can not be returnedCase costs the troop $42 – which is due 10 days after pick-up Cookies are available starting Thursday, January 23rd in the council cupboards only (Boston, Waltham, North Andover and Middleboro – troops have 14 days to pick up their pre-orders – after that the order goes back into inventory
  • GSEM
  • GSEMProceeds – troops make $0.60 a packages – then depending on how many packages they sell they can make up to $.70 per package (opt-out troops can make up to $0.75)Sliding scale goes into effect March 3rd at 10pm – do not pay the final balance until that date as the final bill may go down once the sliding scale goes into effectKeep the troop money in the troop – wait until March 4th to either on line and make a online payment for the final balance in SNAP or to bring a check to the Cookie Cupboard – don’t over pay for the troop cookies
  • GSEMThe sliding scale goes into effect on March 3rd at 10 pm A troop must have a minimum of 5 girls to qualify If the troop’s per girl average is between 120 – 199 – they will get an additional 5 cents per packageIf the per girl average is over 200 they get an additional 10 cents per package
  • GSEMPotential of 5 winnersTop troop within each Service Area that achieves the greatest % over 10 % of last years sales from the Initial Order will receive their choice of encampments and dates for 2015.
  • Troop Incentive by Service AreaPotential of 15 winnersTo win vouchers – which can be used in the store or towards a program in the Ultimate Guide1st $300 / 2nd $200 / $100Top three troops within each Service Area that achieves greatest % over 6% of last years sales More specific details in the Cookie Book on page 13
  • GSEMGirls start earning cookies credits when the sell 100 packagesThe cookie credits do have an expiration date and can not be replaced Girls can use their credits towards items in the store (not online) or towards programs – please see page 14 in the cookie book for specific details
  • GSEMLast year there were 217 girls who achieved membership in the 500 club We honored them at an end of cookie season celebration – We would love to see more girls achieve membership into this club this year The girls get to vote on next year’s recognitions – they receive a 500 club certificate And we have a party to celebrate their achievement
  • GSEM
  • GSEMTroops and the Girls are going to utilize the various resources available to sell cookies in the many options available to themIn no particular order – the various options available are:Order taking - Online marketing – Cookie Promises through COCO (Cookie Command)Direct sales – Door to DoorBooth sales – COBS or locally organizedThere are resources available from the girl, to the adult in the troops and the parent/guardians of the girls – the people can utilize one or all of the resources available.
  • GSEM
  • GSEMThe order card includes full page on all of the recognitions that the girls can earn – there is also a copy in the Cookie Book We based the recognition assortment on voting that was done amongst the girlsNew this year are choices at some of the lower levels – also there is a new online patch girls can earn when using COCO and collecting online Cookie promises
  • GSEMTown Specific booth sales are organized within the Service Unit footprint by the troop or the Service Unit Booth Sale CoordinatorThey work with local businesses to establish the best date and times for booth salesSales can last between one and four hoursThere are additional details about town specific booth sales on pages 21-25 of the Cookie BookWal-Marts – GSUSA has worked with Walmart Corporate – the Service Unit Cookie Manager in your Service Unit has already received a letter from GSEM about how to approach Wal-Mart to request booth sales dates – there are specific parameters in place – please to do approach Wal-Mart without having this letter in hand
  • GSEMBooth sales that are coordinated by Council and offered to Troops through a lottery system Council-run lottery where Troops sell at T-stations, Malls, and other locations Troops are responsible to be present at all COBS locations won in the lottery Council pays $25 for each 4-hour time slot at T-Stations and a leasing fee for each mall locationAfter your troop participates in a COBS we ask that you send over the selling information on that location so if can be assessed for next year’s sale
  • GSEMThe Product Sales Team is providing you with various selling tool options that will help increase your troops sales – these tools can be used anytime during the saleRoam Pay is an option to cash sales at booth sales. The device can be attached to a smart phone or iPhone to accept non PIN driven credit or debit card cookie purchases. American Express is not accepted.
  • GSEMOver 6000 entries were received last year – based on that the team decided the promotions worked well and we should bring it backWhat is “5 for Five”? This is a contest designed to increase your cookie sales. You ask customers who might have planned to only purchase two or three packages of cookies to purchase 5 packages; it’s a win for everyone! You sell more cookies and the customer has a chance to win 5 cases of cookies that’s 60 packages! How does “5 for Five” work? ¨ Customers who buy five (or more) packages of cookies will fill out an entry form with their contact info. The more cookies a customer buys, the more chances they have to win! That’s because for every five packages they buy, they receive an entry form. For example, if a customer buys 20 packages of cookies they receive 4 entry forms and therefore 4 chances to win!¨ Troops will collect the entry forms from the customer and mail or drop off to any Council office ¨ All entries must be received at a council office by March 7, 2014 Cookies for a cause – Troops can pick their own cause or they can just have Council donated them by dropping off their Cookies for a cause at the council office cupboards or using cShare
  • GSEMCookie for a Cause – there are 4ways a troop can participate Cshare is how Cookies for a Cause is referred to on the order card and in SNAP – the troop can order CShare (cookies for a cause) cookies any time during the sale and not have to pick-them up through the re-order function in SNAP (re-order is a new option this year and will be discussed later- it is also discussed in the webinar Initial order and planned ordersThe 2nd way a Troops can participate is to order Cshare cookies during the Initial Order phase of the sale When troops order CSHare cookies this way – the troop is responsible for payment, the girl receives recognitions and Council will arrange for delivery to one of the 5 locations we work with
  • GSEMCouncil will be working with Operation troop SupportHelping our troopsThe Greater Boston Food BankNew England Center for Homeless VeteransCarepacksPackages that are donated through initial orders using cshare, re-orders throughout the sale and any packages dropped off during the sale at the council offices (waltham, North Andover, Middlebro) We donated over 40,000 packages in total to this organizations last year
  • GSEMThe third way troop can participate in Cookies for a Cause is to pick a cause and collect packages at booth sales and through their door to door selling for that specific organizationThe fourth way is the troop can have a cookies for a cause sign at their booth sale and collect the packages and then bring them to any council cookie cupboard and drop them off between December 13th – March 4th and Council will delivery them to the 5 organizations that we work with
  • CINDY - ABCCOCO is a great communication tool to be used between the adult running the troop and the girls in the troop – It can be used for setting troop goals and individual goals Let’s talk about the girl side firstWhen the girl logs in – she is going to set a goal on the number of packages she wants sell – that will show up on her troop page once the troop sets up their account
  • CINDY - ABCThe girl can send e-cards to customers and collect on-line cookie promisesWhen sending the e-cards – if a girl collects 24 online cookies promises through the COCO system – the girl earns an online patch – this is tracked through a report that council can pull An automatic thank you is sent to the customer when they place their cookie promise – the girl is responsible for delivery of the product and collection of the moneyThe advantage to using COCO is if the girl is a long time girl scout – she can build her online database and email her customers each year and the emails are saved each year
  • CINDY_ ABCIf the girls have aniphone, or tablet – they can down load COCO mobile and utilize the same online features Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.A free mobile app for girls participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program through ABC Bakers. To use this app, Girl Scouts must have a valid username and password on COCO (ABC Bakers’ Cookie Command Center), available exclusively at COCOmobile allows girls to sell Girl Scout Cookies and track sale progress right from their mobile device! ABC Bakers is an original licensed baker of Girl Scout Cookies.Features:- Girls can set and track goals- Take and manage cookie orders- See a summary of orders and item totals- View nutritional information with product images- Track order payment and delivery status- Email confirmations automatically sent to customers upon new order or updates of order - View recognitions, identify level achieved, track sales needed for next level and celebrate recognition achievement along the way- Automatically sync with their online COCO information (available at
  • GSEMONLINE resource – GSEM Cookies & more page – there will be links in this page for SNAP, ONLINE Payment site, webinars, current happensABC Smart Cookies – our partner in cookies, our baker – great resource for product infromation, activities for each age level, resource for troops, families, links to COCO, flicker (for art work), Smart Cookie U – Cookie University – cookie webinars are your finger tips – on top of the cookie clinics we are offering at council we will be posting short 10 -15 minute topic specific webinars on SMART COOKIE U – very specific and details trainings GSEM Cookie Resource Library – forms, informational booklets,(Cookie Rookie) , information for Independently Registered Girls, GSUSA Cookie Infromational Sheets,
  • GSEMThere are more resources this year – than ever before – you talked – we listenedYou know how some people say – we have an APP for that – well in Product Sales – we can say we have RESOURCE for that
  • GSEMWhen paying for Planned Orders during the sale or the Initial Order on March 4, 2014 – a troop has 5 options from which to choose in regards to how to pay for the cookiesThe online payment system (please note that this is independent of SNAP – so the person paying the bill must get the balance due from SNAP before going into this system – as the two systems do not speak to each other)The troop can use a cookie deposit slip- which can be acquired at the cookie cupboard when picking up their order – The cookie deposit slip is to be used at Citizens Bank and a validated deposit slip must be returned to the cupboard so the transaction can be completedThe troop can also use a troop check, a money order or a bank check to pay for their cookies
  • GSEMThe online payment system is available for Troops and Service Units who are paying for cookies – the system is independent of the SNAP system so the person paying the cookie bill must get the amount due from SNAP, they can use the Troop Balance Summary Report, prior to going into this system.When a troop is ready to use the online payment system, they set up their own user name and password; each year the data is erased for security reasons, so if the troop had an account established last year they will have to create a new account this year. Once a troop makes the payment – please bring a copy of the email confirmation to the cupboard if the troop is making the payment within 1-2- days of a pick-up. It takes 2-3 days from the day you input your payment to when it is posted in SNAP. Bringing the confirmation page will be your proof of payment at the cupboard. See page 31 in the Troop Cookie Book for additional details
  • GSEMDeposit slips can be picked up at any of the cookie cupboards when you pick up your cookie order. The Cookie bank account in located at Citizen’s Bank. If the troop is depositing funds into the Cookie Account, please deposit cash and /or a troop check. Please keep in mind that, if depositing a troop check, it can take 5-7 days for checks to clear before funds are available. Please make sure funds are available before depositing the troop check into the cookie account.There is a $20 fee if a troop check is returned to council for any reason – Validated deposit slips – must have the electronic stamp as seen in this example – with the date of the deposit & the amount – if the deposit slip is not validated it will not be accepted as a form of payment at the cookie cupboard and the troop will not receive credit. Once validated the deposit slip must be returned to the cupboard so the payment can be entered into SNAP – this is the only way the troop will receive credit.Citizen’s bank is moving to a new form on receipt – it looks like a grocery receipt – the same process still applies – put the troop number on it and return it to the cookie cupboard
  • GSEMTroop checks are also an acceptable form of payment to pay a troop’s cookie billIf you need assistance in setting up a troop account please see Volunteer Essentials on how to set-up a troop account Money orders and bank checks are also acceptable forms of payments – these can be purchased at local banks, post offices and some stores – they will have the amount pre-printed on them – Please make all troop, bank checks and money orders payable to GSEM
  • TRAVIS – CINDY/ABCBackbutton in browser – if you press the back button in your browser and you are a single user you will be sent back to the log in screen - if you are a multi-user you will be sent back to a screen with a pull down menu to choose which user you would like to change toTimer – starts counting down from 25 minutes on all order screens; make sure you save frequently or you will lose any unsaved information after the timer runs outAdd/delete girls – SUCM’s have the ability to add / delete girls – do not add a girl unless you know she is registered and her paperwork has been handed it – if she is not registered by the end of the sale she will be removed from the system and her cookie packages reassigned –If you are adding a girl please notify Product Sales – so we are aware that is she in SNAP and not in the Girl Scout database – we will be keeping track and watching for her registration –if her paperwork does not come through her assigned packages will be removed Do not delete a girl just because she is not selling – if she is no longer with girl scouts – please notify CES and your troop pathway specialist and then you may remove her – CES and the Pathway Specialist will remove her from the system so the next time we do a girl upload she will not come throughUnregistered girls will not receive recognitions
  • TRAVIS – CINDY/ABCNew SNAP homepage – everything at a GLANCECalendar – if there is an x on the date - something is going on within Council specific to cookiesMy Tasks – reminders set by councilReviews – these are items that have unresolved issuesMessages – these are messages from council and Service Unit users
  • TRAVIS – CINDY/ABCReview Tab - This tab gives you a list of reminders. In this case, the Troop has no Early Recognition Order, no Initial Order, and no Main Recognition Order. At different times of the sale, this list will be added onto, or taken away from, depending on different tasks that have been started and are incomplete.
  • TRAVIS – CINDY/ABCSales Tab - The “Sales” tab gives you general sales information, such as total sales (@ $4/pkg.), amount due, deposits, payments, etc.
  • TRAVIS – CINDY/ABCFinance Tab - The “Finance” tab shows all financial information associated with your Troop, much like the “Sales” tab
  • TRAVIS – CINDY/ABCInitial order is orders at the girl level in packages – the orders at the flavor level will the will be rounded to the nearest caseThe CShare column will not be rounded as the troop does not pick-up these cookies – the troop is still financially responsible for the cookies and the girls do get recognitions; but the troop does not need to take possession – Council will delivery the cookiesTroops should consider ordering cookies for upcoming booth sales (point out Booths/Extras row) as the payment for initial order cookies is not due until March 4th – Cookies ordered through initial order are not returnable but they are exchangeable. Click “Save” when you are done with your order. DO NOT click “Commit” at any time, as the order will be unavailable for editing. The order will automatically be committed when the Initial Order/Town Delivery deadline passes.Troops can click save and go back and edit the order anytime prior to January 13th at 10 pm Once you have saved your order, SNAP will automatically take you to the “Manage Orders” screen.
  • TRAVIS – CINDY/ABCYou have always been able to pick up more of the standard variety of cookies throughout the sale by creating Planned Orders. Now, you will also be able to add more “Cookies for a Cause” cookies into your Troop as well, by using Reorders.Reminder – Reorder cookies are not picked up by Troops, however girls do receive credit for recognitions and the Troop is responsible for payment of these cookiesIf you click “Save”, the order will remain in the system for editing, but the packages will not be assigned to the girl until it is committed.
  • TRAVIS – CINDY/ABCWhen placing a planned orderPick the cupboard the troop would like to pick-up fromThe dates available will populate in the pull down menuIn the order reference field you must fill in the name of the person picking up and their phone number – without this information – the cookies can not be released to that person (even if it is you) – this is for your troops safety (you don’t want just anyone walking away with $600 worth of cookies under your name)Place the order in cases (there are 12 packages per case)All Planned/Cupboard Orders not picked up within 48 hours of the original planned pickup date will be deleted by Council. After which time, Troops will need to resubmit their order. If the order was scheduled for pickup on Saturday, the order will be deleted on the following Tuesday at the end of the day if it has not been picked up.Planned Orders must be in place by 10pm on Sunday for the upcoming week. If your order has not been placed by this time, the next available pickup dates for orders will be the following week. For a last minute booth sale, please contact the cupboard to see if an order can be placed for the current week.
  • All orders will be placed in this table. You are able to filter the results using the drop-downs above the table, in case you just want to see particular orders or if you want to see orders in packages or cases (if cases is selected, all incomplete cases will be rounded up).The table shows you what type of order it is (‘P’ for Planned, ‘I’ for Initial, etc.), the totals for each individual cookies (units and dollars), and whether or not the order has been committed/approved.If you happen to commit an order, you are unable to edit after that time and will need to contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager or Council to edit or un-commit the order.
  • TRAVIS – CINDY/ABCTransfer Orders are created when packages need to be assigned to a girl so they may receive credit for recognitions, or for a Troop leader to transfer packages from one girl to another. Be aware that every time a Transfer Order is entered and saved, the system will take you to the “Manage Orders” page. This is done each time you do ANY transfer, so if you have multiple girl transfers to accomplish, you will need to navigate back to the “Transfer Order” page each time you save.As a Troop, you will need to select what type of transfer to do in the drop-down box; either “Girl to Troop”, or “Troop to Girl”, depending on what you would want to accomplish. Your Troop will be selected by default, so you will need to select the girl you are transferring to in the second row. Then, you will need to put the number you are transferring to in the “Booth” box for transfers (circled above).The “Quantity” box appears if a girl’s balance needs to be added along with the packages, such as if a girl is giving another girl packages from her Initial Order that she could not sell for some reason. Since most transfers focus on assigning packages from cupboard orders without any money involved, the “Booth” box will be used more frequently. Once done, click “Save & Go to Manage” and SNAP will take you to the “Manage Orders” screen, which will show you the transfer you just completed.The “Girl to Troop Transfer” (selected in the drop-down box) is the same exact process as the “Troop to Girl Transfer” except that you chose the girl in the first row instead of the second row. This transfer will need to be done if you accidentally transferred packages to the incorrect girl; in which case you will need to do a “Girl to Troop Transfer”, then a “Troop to Girl Transfer” in order to rectify this.
  • You will be able to create your own recognition order based on what has currently been assigned to your girls at any given time. Throughout the sale, you will be able to update this order and make choices as well.The “Early” Recognition (Eco-Tote) received at Town Delivery is NOT calculated automatically in SNAP. Council will be compiling this information and sending it to your SUCM.A girl’s name will appear in the box below even if there are no packages assigned to her.If a choice needs to be made, click the radio button corresponding to the girl’s choice and click “Save and Exit”. If the order needs to be updated for any reason, you would click “Review Order” to update.In the case of selecting a size, such as with the T-Shirt, you will need to click the link that appears below the recognition and select the size using radio buttons. The size will already have a default value in it, which makes the box appear green. Make sure the correct size has been chosen!When updating the order, it will update each girl’s individual recognitions list. It will not delete any decisions that have been made prior.
  • TRAVIS – CINDY/ABCDo NOT commit your recognition order! Council will be committing all of these orders when the deadline passes on March 7th at 10pm. Be aware that if this is done early, either Council or your SUCM (if you have one) will have to un-commit/edit the order for you, if time allows.
  • TRAVIS – CINDY/ABCEntering Town Specific booth sales for viewing in the Booth Sale Locator and appRequired information – noted with an asteriskFollow along with the steps that are numbered1. Fill in Location information“Chain/Store” – Name of the store where the sale is occurring“Location Name” – information about the location’s area (e.g., Plaza, Mall); can be the same as “Chain/Store”2. Fill in Contact Information3. Fill in Sale Date and Time4. Click “Add Time”Make sure to click “Add Time”; the date and time should appear below where you entered them5. Click “Save”
  • TRAVIS – CINDY/ABCTroops will receive an email if they did, or did not, win a lottery slot. This will come directly to the email address entered in the “Troop Information” section of SNAP.Council will notify Troops in SNAP and Service Unit Cookie Managers on the Yahoo! Group whenever the First-Come, First Serve (FCFS) period is open. This usually occurs 2-3 days after the lottery has been run. The process of reserving FCFS booth sales is the same as requesting the lottery locations, the only difference is that the first Troop to select the location’s date and time will get that booth sale automatically.
  • TRAVIS – CINDY/ABCThis is where you will find all the financial transactions that have occurred during the Cookie Sale, for your Troop. You will also be able to see all the girl transactions you have entered.
  • TRAVIS – CINDY/ABCSNAP shows all updated information through reports; the one exception being the finance page, which automatically updates. You will be able to view summary reports, in case you want to see all orders your Troop has placed, or financial reports to see how much each girl and your Troop owes. Reports often pop-up in new windows or tabs, so make sure your pop-up blocker allows pop-ups from SNAP.Reminder – Before you pull any report, check the “Review” tab on the Snapshot page (refer to pg. 3) to make sure the needed information is not already thereArchive reports -If the Troop took part in the Cookie Sale last year (2012-13), you will be able to view reports from the previous sales year. This is for reference only and some of the data may not format properly.
  • TRAVIS – CINDY/ABCTroop Balance Summary report is the Go To Finance report
  • GSEM
  • Transcript

    • 1. Welcome to Girl Scout Troop Cookie Program Training
    • 2. Results 2013 2,537,280 packages of cookies Troop Proceeds $1,545,001 Participation (88%) 26,903 girls 2866 troops PGA = 90.77
    • 3. Goals for 2014 100 PGA (per girl average) Total # of packages owned by troops divided by total # of registered girls in the troop 100% Troop and Girl Participation 2,595,294 of Packages sold +58,014 over last year
    • 4. What’s New? National Girl Scout Weekend: February 7th-9th New Cookie: Cranberry Citrus Crisp ABC Cookie Pilot Program – Gluten Free Service Unit Bonus Earlier Town Delivery: January 25-February 1 COCO: Cookie Command Updates Cookie Promise Online Patch
    • 5. What Does a Troop Receive from SU Cookie Manager…… One of each of the following: Troop Cookie Book Sample Package of Cookies Goal Tracking Poster Receipt Booklet Troop Worksheet (usage by troop is optional) One of the following for each girl: Order Card Money Envelope
    • 6. KEY DATES
    • 7. S W T F S 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Special Council Cookie Cupboard Hours 23rd : 10-4 24th : 10-12 T 1 16th:Mini Clinics 18th : Webinar M 30 Cookie Rally & Cookie Training 31 Gluten Free Deadline See Page 1 in Cookie Book for more dates and specifics 1st Day of Cookie Season Deadline for COBS request for January 10 p.m. GSEM Council Offices Closed
    • 8. S M T Deadline for COBS request for February 10 p.m. Mini Clinics W T F S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Troops Initial Order due 10 p.m. Council Cupboards Re-open 27 28 29 30 31 Service Units Initial Order due 10 p.m. Town Delivery Week 1/25-2/01 See Page 1 in Cookie Book for more dates and specifics GSEM Council Offices Closed
    • 9. Deadline to request COBS for March – 10 p.m. S M T W T F S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last day Town Delivery 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 National Girl Scout Weekend 7th- 9th 22 Massachusetts School Vacation Week 23 24 25 26 27 28 See Page 1 in Cookie Book for more dates and specifics GSEM Council Offices Closed
    • 10. Final day for troop to troop transfers 10 p.m. S M T W T F S Last day of Cookie Sale Cookie Balance Due by 4 p.m. 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 Sliding scale goes into effect 10 p.m. 3 10 11 12 13 14 15 Sell Down 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 See Page 1 in Cookie Book for more dates and specifics Deadline to transfer(assign) packages to girls 10 p.m.
    • 11. Who Can Sell Girl Scout Cookies ?
    • 13. America’s Best Cookies Thanks-A-Lot™ Shortbread cookies dipped in rich fudge and topped with an embossed thank you message in one of 5 languages. Cranberry Citrus Crisps Crispy cookie, made with whole grain, full of tangy cranberry bits and zesty citrus flavors. Lemonades™ Shortbread Savory slices of shortbread with a refreshingly tangy lemon flavored icing. Traditional shortbread cookies. Thin Mints Peanut Butter Patties® Caramel deLites® Crispy chocolate wafers dipped in a mint chocolaty coating. Crispy vanilla cookies layered with peanut butter and covered with a chocolaty coating. Vanilla cookies topped with caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut, and laced with chocolaty stripes. Peanut Butter Sandwich Crisp and crunchy oatmeal cookies with creamy peanut butter filling.
    • 14. ABC Pilot Program Chocolate Chip Shortbread Gluten Free Cookie $5.00 per package  $1.50 proceed for troop  no recognitions earned Not Available on the Order Card or in SNAP  Pre-order: November 4th–December 31st Form to order on the Resource Library and in Troop Cookie Book (pg. 42) Available for Pick-up starting January 23rd at Council Cupboards only Not returnable Additional Details on page 3 of Cookie book
    • 15. Troop Earning Power
    • 16. Troop Earning Power Proceeds (price per package) •Troop Proceeds starts at $0.60 per package price- which could go up if the PGA (per girl average) is over 120 packages •Sliding Scale goes into effect March 3rd at 10pm Details available in Cookie Book – page 13
    • 17. Troop Earning Power SLIDING SCALE Per Girl Average (PGA) effective – March 3, 2014 at 10p.m. Per Girl Average (PGA) Opt Out 000-119 packages 120-199 packages     Troop Proceeds $0.60 per package $0.65 per package Troop Proceeds w/ $0.65 per package $0.70 per package 200+ packages $0.70 per package $0.75 per package Do not pay the troops initial order cookie bill until March 4, 2014 Sliding scale goes into effect in March 3, 2014 after 10 p.m. Eligibility: Troops must have a minimum of 5 girls to receive the benefit of the sliding scale Opt-out available forCookie Book for specific details See page 13 in the Cadette, Seniors and Ambassadors only
    • 18. Troop Earning Power Initial Order Troop Incentive by Service Area* Top troop within each Service Area that achieves the greatest % over 10% of last year‟s sales for the Initial Order will receive their choice of encampment sites and dates for 2015. Total of 5 potential winners Details available in Cookie Book – page 13
    • 19. Troop Earning Power Troop Incentive by Service Area* Top three participating troops within each Service Area that achieves greatest % over 6% of last year‟s sales will receive a voucher to be redeemed at GSEM stores or to be used towards Ultimate Guide. 1st:$300 2nd: $200 3rd: $100 Total of 15 potential winners *All registered girls must be selling and the troop cookie balance paid by March 4, 2014 Details available in Cookie Book – page 13
    • 20. Girl Earning Power Cookie Credits Starts at 100 Packages Can be used towards GSEM Programs, camps or store purchases (excludes online), plus GSEM and GSUSA destination programs Cookie Credits good until Friday, May 29, 2015 Cannot be replaced Cookie Credits Levels/Money Earned: Level 1: 100 pkgs. $0.05 per pkg. Level 2: 101-200 pkgs. $0.10 per pkg. Level 3: 201-500 pkgs. $0.15 per pkg. Level 4: 501+ pkgs. $0.20 per pkg. See Page 14 in the Cookie Book for specific details
    • 21. Girl Earning Power Girls who sell 500 packages or more become members of the 500 CLUB! Last year 217 girls achieved membership into the 500 CLUB 500 CLUB members are honored at an end of cookie sale exclusive celebration Sunday, April 27, 2014 2-4 p.m. at Camp Wind in the Pines Plymouth Sunday, May 4, 2014 2-4 p.m. at Camp Cedar Hill Waltham Charm Bracelet is earned when a girl sells 500 packages of cookies
    • 22. Selling Methods & Tools
    • 23. How Do We Sell Cookies? Online Marketing Booth Sales Order Taking Direct Sales
    • 24. Order Card  Large Order Card  Pocket Order Card included  Cookies for a Cause (cShare)  Features recognition program  Nutritional Information  QR Reader
    • 25. Recognition Plan
    • 26. Town-Specific Booth Sales Organized by the Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator or Troop Cookie Advisor Troops/Coordinator work with local businesses to establish the best dates & times for sales Sales last between one to four hours in length  Troops should only sell cookies within their Service Unit Additional details available in Cookie Book – page 21-25
    • 27. COBS Council Organized Booth Sales Booth sales that are coordinated by Council and offered to Troops through a lottery system  Council-run lottery where Troops sell at T-stations, Malls, and other locations  Troops are responsible to be present at all COBS locations won in the lottery  Council pays $25 for each 4-hour time slot at T-Stations and a leasing fee for each mall location Pre-recorded webinar available on e-learning and links from Cookies & more page on COBS Additional details available in Cookie Book – page 26-27
    • 28. Selling Tools Answer for when a customer says: “I’m sorry I don’t have any cash on me” Do you have a Smartphone or Tablet with WIFI access?  You can rent a Roampay devices from a Council Cupboard Available to all troops Can be used for booth sales & direct sales Details on page 28 of Cookie Book
    • 29. 5 FOR FIVE Girls can up-sell to 5 packages when a customer is buying less 5 for Five! Girls ask customers who might be purchasing 2-3 packages if they want to by 5  Customer gets entered into drawing for 5 cases (60 packages) of the top 5 selling cookies  Entry forms in Resource Library, Cookie Book or a Council Cupboard Details on page 39 of Cookie Book
    • 30. Selling Tools Answer to when a customer says: Cookies “I don’t need any cookies right now” for a or “I don’t eat cookies.” Cause CShare Cookies: Initial Order/Reorders: Cookies entered under this designation will be donated by Council on behalf of the girls Girls get recognitions Troops responsible for paying for cookies Council handles delivery Additional Details in Cookie Book page 12
    • 31. Locations that Council will be donating to on behalf of the girls with packages either ordered through: CShare Re-orders Dropped off at Council Offices from December 13- March 4th
    • 32. Selling Tools Cookies for a Cause Thank you for your donations Troops can collect on their own and donate locally to their own cause Troops research the organization Girls can create posters about the “cause” they are supporting  Girls can visit the organization when the delivery the cookies Girls get recognitions Troops responsible for paying and delivering cookies *** Do Not enter into C Share
    • 33. Online “Cookie Command” center for girls and troops Set & Track Goals  Cookie Calculator Marketing Tools  Girls can send e-cards Communication building  Send Cheers
    • 34. Consumer Marketing  Send e-cards to friends and families about purchasing cookies (cookie promises)  Collect 24 + online cookie promises- earn online patch  Automatic Thank You card generation  Maintain contact database for use next year
    • 35. New Mobile App for Girls! Set and track goals Take and manage cookie orders See a summary of orders and item totals Available for Apple Products
    • 36. Online Resources for Easy Access GSEM Cookies & More ABC Smart Cookies Smart Cookie U* GSEM Cookie Resource Library* ml?cat=8500 * Smart Cookie U & GSEM Resource Library will have recorded topic specific webinars available 24/7
    • 38. Forms of Payment to Council for Cookies Online Payment  Validated Deposit Slip Troop Check Money Order Bank Check $20 fee for checks that are returned to Council
    • 39. Online Payment System  The options available to you are:  “Home” – this takes you back to the home page wherever you are in the system  “Log In” – gain access to your account and make payments  “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” – common concerns from users  “Contact Us” – contact GSEM with any questions/concerns that pertain to the system FYI: SNAP and Online payment are NOT linked
    • 40. Validated Deposit Slip  This Troop deposited cash, plus one troop check – this is an example of how to make a deposit into the Cookie account  The deposit slip will have the date of the deposit and the amount deposited electronically stamped on the slip There is a webinar specific to financial procedures on ABC Smart Cookie e-learning site
    • 41. Troop Check & Money Order TROOP CHECK See Volunteer Essentials for details on how to set up a Troop account: MONEY ORDER Payable to: GSEM The amount will be pre-printed based on the amount of money you paid the establishment where you purchased the money order
    • 42. Goes Live November 15th
    • 43. Important Things BACK BUTTON IN BROWSER - Does not work the conventional way – use ICONS to navigate around SNAP TIMER – On certain pages there is a 25 minute timer-watch the time- save to reset +/-  ADD/DELETE GIRLS – Service Unit Cookies Managers have the ability – use it only if……
    • 44. SNAP – ENHANCEMENTS Use the Snapshot tabs to review specific information more quickly Council/Service Unit messages will be displayed here Tasks/Reminders set by Council The calendar is very important! This is where you will see due dates Council has set for things like Booth Sales, Recognition Orders, Planned and Initial Orders, or any other dates of note Review is a reminder of any unfinished business, updated throughout sale
    • 45. SNAP – ENHANCEMENTS Review Tab NEW! You can export this report into Excel for your records
    • 46. SNAP – ENHANCEMENTS Sales Tab Girl Payments Payments Received by Council “Deposits” – Online, Deposit Slips, Money Orders & Checks “Payments” – Public Cash Sales @ $4/pkg. Refer to “Troop Balance Summary” Net Sales w/ proceeds removed Balance Due (as of now)
    • 47. SNAP – ENHANCEMENTS Finance Tab
    • 48. Initial Order Delivery Town Troops can utilize the Cshare column in SNAP to place the girls orders for “Cookies for a Cause” if a troop does not have a specific local cause they are supporting. •The girls will earn recognitions • Troops will be financially responsible. • Council will deliver cookies to organization. There is a webinar with Initial orders addressed–view the Initial & Planned Order Webinar on ABC Smart Cookie elearning and GSEM’s site
    • 49. Reorder IMPORTANT! INITIAL ORDER – DO NOT COMMIT REORDER – OK TO COMMIT IGNORE IGNORE There is a webinar with Reorders within it–view the Initial & Planned Order Webinar on ABC Smart Cookie e-learning and GSEM’s site
    • 50. Planned Orders Cupboard Orders Phone # First & Last Name of Person Picking Up Cookies There is a webinar with Planned Orders within it–view the Initial & Planned Order Webinar on ABC Smart Cookie elearning and GSEM’s site
    • 51. Manage Orders Report Filters Make sure UOM is “Packages” Click to hide girl transfers – less clutter on report Type Legend Status Legend •„I‟ - Initial Order •„U‟ - Uncommitted „P‟ - Planned Order „T‟ (e.g. „C2T‟) - Transfer Order „R‟ - Reorder „D‟ – Committed by District/SU „T‟ – Committed by Troop „R‟ – Order Needs Review
    • 52. Transfer Order Assigning packages to girls for recognitions Quantity – money moves with the packages Booth – money DOES NOT move with the packages There is a webinar specific to transferring packages – view the Recognitions Webinar on ABC Smart Cookie e-learning and GSEM’s site
    • 53. Creating Recognition Order Recognition Confirmed (GREEN) • Level does not require choice Choice has been made previously Choice Pending (RED) Requires choice to be made
    • 54. Viewing Recognition Order To edit/update order, double-click the order Status Legend U - Uncommitted T – Committed by Troop C – Committed by Council R – Needs Review The red „X‟ that appears next to the checkmark is for deleting the created order
    • 55. Town-Specific Booth Sales Town-Specific Booth Sale Entry: There is a webinar specific to planned orders – view the Initial & Planned Order Webinar on ABC Smart Cookie e-learning and GSEM’s site 1. Fill in Location information 1 2. 3. 4 3 5 Click “Add Time” 5. 2 Fill in Sale Date and Time 4. Troop’s Contact Information Fill in Contact information Click “Save”
    • 56. COBS Council Organized Booth Sale · Log into SNAP and scroll to “Booth Scheduler” · Click “Schedule a Booth OR Lottery Request” · A table with the COBS locations will appear · Double-click on the site where you would like to sell · A calendar will appear with date availability - select the date you want, then click “Request”; you will only be able to submit a maximum of 30 booth sale locations per month orders – view the Initial There is a webinar specific to planned & Planned Order Webinar on ABC Smart Cookie learning and GSEM’s site e-
    • 57. Finances Click the “Troop Balance Summary Report” link to view your Troop‟s financial summary, including your Balance Due Click the “Girl Balance Summary Report” link to see each girl‟s Balance Due throughout the sale
    • 58. Important Reports Troop Balance Summary – reviewed on next slide Troop Initial Order – shows totals for your Initial Order/Town Delivery Girl Cookie Order Detail Summary – shows all of the orders associated with girls Recognition Order Summary by Girl – shows what recognitions were earned, broken down by each girl Total Troop Sales & Finances by Troop – View 3 – shows all of the proceeds/balances related to your troop Troop Order Summary – complete breakdown of all orders for your troop throughout the entire sale
    • 59. Reports How to Read the Troop Balance Summary Report 1. Contact Information: If this information is not correct, please fix it by going under the My Troop icon 2. Troop Statistic:    Troop # / Level # Girls Registered within Troop Troops Per Girl Average (PGA) 3. Initial Order/Reorder(Cshare) 4. Cupboard Transactions (Planned Orders and any transfers to/off other troops (each is transaction is dated) 5. Cumulative Troop Proceeds and cumulative total due council (before any payments) 6. Payments that the troop has made to Council 7. Balance due Council (balance due from #5 – payment #6) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. After 1/14/14 when the Initial order is placed this balance will include the Initial order-do not pay initial order unit 3/4/14
    • 60. Pre-Recorded Webinar Links Initial & Planned Orders Webinar (18:32) psid=2013-10-14.1313.M.373F44CAB16D231B15E578E4F92BA0.vcr Booth Sales Webinar (15:35) psid=2013-10-14.0926.M.373F44CAB16D231B15E578E4F92BA0.vcr Recognitions Webinar (16:10) psid=2013-10-14.1247.M.373F44CAB16D231B15E578E4F92BA0.vcr Financial Procedures Webinar (14:03) psid=2013-10-14.1002.M.373F44CAB16D231B15E578E4F92BA0.vcr
    • 61. Questions