Cookie Dinner presentation 2013


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  • Last year – was a great year – the weather cooperated – the selling was good This year – we know we can do better – we have developed tools and secured resources that will help us all meet and exceed our goalsThe Product Sales Team has spend the latter part of last Spring and all Summer working on this coming Cookie Program – we will outline the changes and then review them throughout this presentation – we will warn you – the list might seem long – but they are interconnected – so when we made one change/improvement it made sense to adjust something else to improvement the overall process Our goal was always how do we make the cookies program more productive for all involved
  • Through the cookie program the girls have the opportunity to learn and enhance 5 key skills – Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, Business Ethics – As Volunteers, you may not focus on every skill each year, but through the program each skill is touched upon
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  • Cookie Dinner presentation 2013

    1. 1. GSEM’s Goal for 2013 3.5% increase over last year’s sale!We know your How many MORE boxesdying to know….. need to be sold to reach this goal? 92,535!!
    2. 2. Teamwork is the ability to work togethertoward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is thefuel that allows common people to obtain uncommon results.
    3. 3. GSEM’s Goal for 2013Increase girl participation to 91% Can you guess how many more girls are needed? 1,917!!
    4. 4. America’s Best Cookies! Thanks-A-Lot™ Mango Crèmes Shortbread Lemonades™ Savory slices of shortbread with aShortbread cookies dipped in rich with NutriFusion™ Traditional shortbread refreshingly tangy lemon flavored fudge and topped with an Vanilla and coconut cookies cookies. icing.embossed thank you message in filled with a tangy mango one of 5 languages. flavored crème enhanced with nutrients derived from fruits. Peanut Butter Caramel deLites® Sandwich Thin Mints Peanut Butter Patties® Vanilla cookies coated in Crisp and crunchy oatmeal Crispy chocolate wafers Crispy vanilla cookies layered with caramel, sprinkled with cookies with creamy peanut dipped in a mint chocolaty peanut butter and covered with a toasted coconut, and laced butter filling. coating. chocolaty coating. with chocolaty stripes.
    5. 5. Smart Cookie UVolunteers train on their own time withunlimited online access to cookie programinfo.
    6. 6. The Girl Scout Cookie Sale 5 Key Skills
    7. 7. COCO is a new on line "Cookie Command" centerfor your troop’s cookie business! COCO helps girls…. - Set a goal of how many packages of cookies they want to sell - Make plans for how they will reach their goals - Check how they are doing along the way -Send eCards to their friends and family to tell them its cookie time and ask for their support.
    8. 8. Dolphin Fact Dolphins sleep with one half of their brain plus one eye closed, then switching to the other side of the brain and the other eye closed during other parts of the day -- slowing down everything inside their bodies and moving very little.
    9. 9. Troop Recognition Program Adopt a Dolphin When every registered girl in your troop sells at least 24 boxes, your troop will receive a certificate of adoption!
    10. 10. Troop Recognition Program The top 3 troops within each At anyPlace store or towards a 1st GSEM $300 voucher Service Area who exceed total program in the Ultimate Guide!!!!! 2nd Place $200 voucher sales from last year’s cookie 3rd Place $100 voucher sale by 6% earn a voucher to be used: Note: Troops MUST have participated in the Initial Order (Town Delivery) portion of the program to qualify
    11. 11. Service Unit Initial Order Recognition One troop from each Service Area who can achieve the greatest percentage over 10% of last year’s Initial Order sales will receive first choice of……. Encampment Site and dates for 2014!!!
    12. 12. How many Thin Mints did girls sell in 2012???? 807,840
    14. 14. I said, get out there and sell cookies!
    15. 15. Girl Scout Cookie app!!
    16. 16. Cookie MaterialsDelivered Week of November 12 toService Unit Cookie Managers: • 2013 Cookie Book • Girl Order Forms • Receipt Books • M-10 Forms • Troop Worksheets
    17. 17. How many Caramel DeLites did girls sell in 2012???? 608,343
    18. 18. Cookie Materials Available Online inResource Library • SNAP User Guide (s) • Cookie Rookie Guide • Individually Registered Girl Guide • Quick Tips: Cookie Cupboard, Town Delivery • Troop Cookie Advisor Agreement Forms • Delinquent Forms
    19. 19. New Art GalleryDownload excitingimages in high orlow resolutionfrom our newonline art gallery!!
    20. 20. Do you know of aHowPlease talkextra you have with Do about filling that large empty location your in your garage Product Salesspacecould be used for spacewith cookies asthat Specialist for morea Cookie house? your or Cupboard for Service Unit? information your Service Unit?
    21. 21. Dolphin Fact A Dolphins flipper has five digits and nearly the same bone structure as a human arm and hand. A dolphins dorsal fin is as distinctive as a persons face.
    22. 22. Recognition Program Based on feedback from the girls andvolunteers - changes have been made to the Cookie Program
    23. 23. Recognition Program Eco-Tote 87+ Initial Order boxes assigned to girl in SNAP
    24. 24. Recognition Program We have added 2 new earning levels! 120 box level!!48 box level!!
    25. 25. Our Recognition Program 36+ Boxes 24+ Boxes 48+ Boxes
    26. 26. Our Recognition Program 60+ Boxes 84+ Boxes 100+ Boxes
    27. 27. Our Recognition Program 150+ Boxes120+ Boxes 200+ Boxes
    28. 28. Our Recognition Program 400+ Boxes300+ Boxes 500+ Boxes 600+ Boxes
    29. 29. Our Recognition Program 750+ Boxes + OR + Tote Bag Crazy Straw Tumbler Beach Towel 5 Wit’s-Patriots Place, Foxboro Gift Card for Admission of 1 girl and 1 adult
    30. 30. Our Recognition Program 850+ Boxes 1000+ Boxes OR June 9, 2013 Dolphin Ear Buds 10:00 a.m. Docking Station with Speakers iTunes with $10 Admission for 1 girl Gift Card and 1 adult
    31. 31. Our Recognition Program 1200+ Boxes 1500+ Boxes Video Camera $50 Restaurant Gift Card and $25 Movie Gift Card
    32. 32. Our Recognition Program 2000+ Boxes OR Kindle Fire Nintendo Wii
    33. 33. Dolphin Fact Bonds form between individual dolphins that may last a lifetime. Theyve been observed physically supporting sick or dying pod members.
    34. 34. Our Recognition Program 2400+ Boxes ORGSEM/GSUSA Destination Credit ($300) iPad 2 WiFi Week of GSEM OR Day Camp (up to $295)
    35. 35. Our Recognition Program 3000+ Boxes!!! Week of GSEM Resident Camp OR (up to $530) Laptop OR GSEM/GSUSA Destination Credit ($500)
    36. 36. Interested in getting some exercise? Volunteer in your local council cupboard!Please talk to your Product Sales Specialist for more details.