Mysore ShilpiMysore ShilpiªÉÄʸÀÆgÀÄ ²°àªÉÄʸÀÆgÀÄ ²°àªÉÄʸÀÆgÀÄ ²°àªÉÄʸÀÆgÀÄ ²°à Mysore ShilpiMysore Shilpi
Flats & Sites
AUGUST 20132
Off.: Manasa Apts., 1114, JLB Road, Vidyaranyapuram, Mysore - 8
Fac.:#12B1, 3rd Stage, Indl. Su...
AUGUST 2013 3
#7/A, SERENE, A1 block, Vasu Layout,
Dattagalli, Mysore- 570022. Ph:9945248101
AUGUST 20134
Down the memory lane ...Year 1997-98
Chairman Sri. H. Vittal
of primary school education. In this regard, i...
AUGUST 2013 5
Year 1999-2001, Chairman Sri. D. Keerthi Kumar
Every one of us, in our own individual capacity, can do wonde...
AUGUST 20136
From The Editors' Desk ....................
Welcometoissue4of MysoreShilpiNewsLetter.
We have some marvellous...
AUGUST 2013 7
On 25th of July 2013 , all Spoorthians visited their “...
AUGUST 20138
DC(A Unit of PC.Darla&Co.,)
Danmal Darla
sanitary logistics
darla opus, 101, d.d.urs road, Myso...
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Mysore shilpi august


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Mysore shilpi august

  1. 1. Mysore ShilpiMysore ShilpiªÉÄʸÀÆgÀÄ ²°àªÉÄʸÀÆgÀÄ ²°àªÉÄʸÀÆgÀÄ ²°àªÉÄʸÀÆgÀÄ ²°à Mysore ShilpiMysore Shilpi Chairman Vishwanath N.P. Hon. Secretary Mahadevaswamy S. Editorial Team Yoga Narasimha A.S. & Latha Ramprasad AUGUST 2013AUGUST 2013VOLUME : 18VOLUME : 18 Monthly News Letter Of Builders Association Of India, Mysore Centre.Monthly News Letter Of Builders Association Of India, Mysore Centre. ISSUE : 05ISSUE : 05 BAI FELICITATES TOPPERS IN CIVIL AND CTM ENGINEERING BAI in association with Mysore Builders' Charitable trust (MBCT) had organised felicitation programme for the toppers in Civil and CTM branches from various colleges in Mysore on 27th of August 2013 at Rotary centre , JLB road ,Mysore. The programme commenced with a melodious invocation by our SHILPI student Ms.Chetana. Sri.N.P.Vishwanath,Chairman,BAI, Mysore centre ,gave a brief report about the activities of BAI and welcomed the gathering . Sri.C.N. Yadunandan, retired assistant professor, SJCE was the chief Guest and Sri. N.S.Muralidhara ,State Chairman BAI , was the guest of honour. Sri. Dinesh B.S. Joint Secretary, BAI Mysore introduced the chief guest and Sri.V. Srinath introduced the state Chairman to the gathering. About 10 toppers in Civil and CTM Engineering from various Engineering colleges were felicitated by the chief guest with a memento and a citation. Later, a few felicitated students lauded BAI for the services extended to them and praised SHILPI for all the activities done in their respective colleges. Sri.N.S. Muralidhara State chairman, BAI, and Chairman, MBCT, Mysore requested the meritorious students not to chase only the monetary benefits in life and urged them to do social service by becoming good Engineers. He said BAI is celebrating their success . Sri. C.N.Yadunandan who is also an advisor at NIRMITI Kendra Mysore appreciated the efforts of BAI, Mysore in conducting good programmes. He said rank holders know their capabilities and they are extremely focussed to make an achievement. He advised the students not to become race horses which are trained by men only to win. He said success and failure are two faces of the same coin and one should try to achieve the best. He requested them to build a better world for tomorrow. Sri.Mahadevaswamy , Secretary ,BAI Mysore proposed the vote of thanks. Two SHILPI students Mr.Sudhanva and Ms.Gana did a wonderful compering. The whole program was very well coordinated by SHILPI Coordinator Sri.K.M.Raghunath. By using the solar energy you can cut costs on your budget and save earth as well
  2. 2. Flats & Sites AUGUST 20132 Off.: Manasa Apts., 1114, JLB Road, Vidyaranyapuram, Mysore - 8 Fac.:#12B1, 3rd Stage, Indl. Suburb, H.D.Kote Road, Next to Mittal Pride) Mysore South-8, Mobile : 8861005377, Ph : 0821-2485397, 2362265 Web: Diya Properties Harish Shenoy M.S No.1, “DiyaArcade”, Kantharaj Urs Road, Near Fire Brigade Saraswathipuram. Mysore - 570 009. Cell : 9845116123. Tel : 0821-4263336, CREDAI INSTALLATION In a glittering well attended installation ceremony of CREDAI Mysore that lasted for well over 90 minutes held on the evening of 11th August 2013 at Hotel Sandesh-the-prince at Mysore, the new team of CREDAI Members of the Mysore Centre for the year 2013-15 was sworn in with Sri K.Ajit Narayan as the New President, Sri S. Prakash as the Vice President, Sri Y. G. Chinnaswamy as Hon. Secretary,Sri S.R.Swamy as Hon.Treasurer and Sri Subramanya as Joint Secretary. Sri Sushil Mantri Vice-President, CREDAI (National) being the Chief Guest was the Installing Officer with Sri N. S. Muralidhara State Chairman, BAI Karnataka and Sri G. S. Phani Bhushan, HRTrainer, Bangalore being Guests of Honour for the occasion. Sri Sushil Mantri Vice-President, CREDAI (National) installed the President Sri K. Ajit Narayan and the other office bearers and also administered the oath. The outgoing President Sri M.B.Nagakumar gave a lucid account of the activities of the Mysore Centre during the year 2011-13 which drew applause from the 150 odd guests that had gathered for the function. The newly installed president, Sri K.Ajit Narayan in his acceptance speech said that he would strive to take the centre to new heights, and also address problems of builders on priority. Sri Sushil Mantri, Vice-President, CREDAI (National) and Sri. N. S. Muralidhara State Chairman, BAI Karnataka praised the efforts and activities of the centre and exhorted the newly elected members to achieve higher goals in meeting their obligations to the society and to ensure that the profession adheres to the basic ethics. Sri Phani Bhushan, human trainer, was the guest of honour. He addressed the gathering about human values and enthralled audience with humour.The function concluded with vote of thanks by Hon Secretary and with a gala dinner for all the invitees. - Sri. Y. G. Chinnaswamy ( Hon. Secretary, CREDAI Mysore)
  3. 3. AUGUST 2013 3 #7/A, SERENE, A1 block, Vasu Layout, Dattagalli, Mysore- 570022. Ph:9945248101 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY TREASURE CHEST series....4 A silent worker, an achiever, a scholar of his own kind, technically sound, mild and kind hearted : God must have been in a good mood while creating this person.Yes, we are talking about Mr. Sundara Murthy R. Construction has come in his blood as his father was also a well known builder. A civil engineering graduate from NIE, Mysore, he has acquired thorough knowledge of construction practices. He has been one of the important building blocks of BAI, Mysore, having chaired the centre in the year 1996-97. Not limiting his knowledge only to the technical field, he has also acquired a Master's degree in English. Avoracious reader, he gets great pleasure in gifting books to youngsters and friends. Mysore Shilpi has great pleasure in bringing you this article penned down by him. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means the concern by the corporate world towards the society and the community. CSR is about how the companies manage their business processes to produce an overall positive impact on the society. It is the continuing commitment by businesses to behave ethically and contribute to sustainable economic development while improving the quality of life of the work-force and their families. In simple terms, it is giving back to the community or the society. There is an adage that says we will be happy only if people around us are happy. Pray for welfare to all, and you will be blessed. The more we are able to give of ourselves to a cause, in which we believe, the more others will connect with us. Thus each one of us is humbled, inspired and satisfied all at once. One type of CSR consists of corporations providing funding and resources for worthwhile social causes, such as donating money or employee - time to charities. For many people, this is the definition used when thinking about corporate responsibility. The second type of CSR involves putting together a real plan to produce products or provide services that are in the best interests of society. These include things like using safe materials in design and manufacture, corporate environmental initiatives, and other factors such as job creation and economic development. Businesses now have realised that good CSR initiatives bring in lot of goodwill and eventually end up with increase and improvement in respective businesses. CSR begins with the business houses being compliant in meeting all legal and social requirements of their own employees. Good working conditions and complying with labour legislations are integral components of CSR. CSR is to ensure that products manufactured by Business houses are safe for use by the consumer. CSR is for the businesses to be extremely sensitive to environmental issues. The recent statutory requirement that 2% of the profits need to be used for CSR by companies of a given size shows how important the policy makers view CSR. The corporate, round the globe, have taken many key initiatives for a better world. A few are narrated below: p Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation has been relentlessly working in the developing countries towards improving health of the citizens and reducing poverty. p Tata Group has been involved in many community improvement programmes. It is taking care of maternal and child care health services and family planning measures. It also endorses Sports, having established Football and Archery Academies besides promoting sports among employees. It has organised relief programmes during natural disasters. The group did a commendable job during Gujarat Earthquake and Orissa Floods. It also promotes Adult Literacy Programmes.
  4. 4. AUGUST 20134 Down the memory lane ...Year 1997-98 Chairman Sri. H. Vittal p of primary school education. In this regard, it is developing committed and creative professionals to impart education. The foundation also focuses towards Knowledge creation,Talent creation and many more. p The Infosys Foundation supports programmes and organizations devoted to the cause of the destitute, the rural poor, the mentally challenged, and the economically disadvantaged sections of the society. The Foundation helps preserve certain cultural forms and dying arts of India. The Foundation also organizes several educational programmes such as 'Catch Them Young', 'Train the Trainer' and many more. Working in the remote regions of our country, it is endeavoring to create an equitable society. p The Fourth Estate and the visual media, bridging the gap between the masses and the government, have not lagged behind. While projecting the news, they also inspire the citizens to act in the direction of routing out the social evils. They also come to the aid of the afflicted by motivating people to contribute towards rescue operations and relief measures whenever a calamity strikes. Besides creating employment, the corporate world has also been promoting Green Initiatives towards a better and safer environment. The corporate world has been a trend-setter in this regard serving the society at large by setting apart a portion of their profits to discharge its social responsibility. Our own chapter, the Mysore Centre of Builders'Association of India (BAI), has set an exemplary model by taking a number of initiatives towards serving the society. The centre has been organising educational and public awareness programmes. The Mysore Builders' Charitable Trust and SPOORTHI –the Ladies Wing of BAI have been organising a series of Training Programmes for the artisans, supervisory and managerial personnel besides taking care of the welfare of the construction workers. Regular medical check-up camps are held for screening the workers and their families. The children of workers are encouraged to pursue education and necessary support is given in this regard. The Pratibha Puraskara programme, organised every year, is to felicitate the meritorious among them. This endeavour is aimed at encouraging the children of construction workers for their achievement and wishing them for further success in their career. Education is the power which can transform lives !. It is an everlasting encouragement for such children. Every new batch of beneficiaries brings new hope and determination to all at BAI and SPOORTHI.Such programs that serve a segment of the local population offer an unique opportunity to give back to the community in which we have lived and worked. We should never forget about giving others the appreciation they deserve. The corporate world has been a trend-setter, serving the society at large by setting apart a portion of their profits to discharge its social responsibility. Few lines from Mrs. J.A. Carney's poem are worth quoting here. Azim Premji Foundation has pledged huge money towards the cause of education, especially towards the development Little drops of water Little grains of sand Make the mighty ocean And the beauteous land Little deeds of kindness, Little words of love, Make our earth an Eden, Like the heaven above Year 1998-99, Chairman Sri. M. S. Nandakumar
  5. 5. AUGUST 2013 5 Year 1999-2001, Chairman Sri. D. Keerthi Kumar Every one of us, in our own individual capacity, can do wonders and create a beautiful world for a better tomorrow. Any act of service, kindness or charity rendered every day will go a long way. Judicious use of water, harvesting rain water, using solar energy, segregating garbage, planting trees, using naturally available materials for construction, re-cycling of materials, strictly adhering to stipulated building construction bye-laws and such other measures will definitely result in a cleaner and a safer environment. They all form an integral part of social responsibilities. Let us commit ourselves to show concern and serve the society. Let us foster peace and amity to see a better and happier world. ? ??? ?? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ?? ? ?? ?? ???? ? ??? ? ??? ?? ????? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ??? ?? ? ?? ?? ????? ? ?? ?? ? ?? ?? Meaning: Happiness be unto all, Perfect health be unto all. May all see good in everyone, May all be free from suffering. INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONSINDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS The 67th Independence day was celebrated at our B A I office premises on 15th of August. Around 15 BAI members attended the function. Our beloved State chairman and chairman of M B C T, Sri. Muralidhara N.S. unfurled the tricolour. Centre Chairman Sri.N.P.Vishwanath, Hon. secretary Sri. Mahadevswamy, C R E D A I President Sri. Ajith narayan , Secretary Sri.Chinnaswamy , incoming chairman of our centre Sri. M. C. Mallikarjun and other B A I members were present on the occasion. The tradition of celebrating independence day at our B A I office was started from last year when Sri. A V Sridhar was the chairman of our centre .It was celebrated this year with great zeal and enthusiasm Crores of Indians got Independence 66 years back as a result of supreme sacrifices made by thousands of freedom fighters. Freedom was not given to us as a gift. It is our duty to remember those great souls on this day who sacrificed their lives to a great cause. This is an opportunity for all of us to participate in Independence day celebrations and sing our national anthem in front of our national flag with pride. I sincerely request our fellow BAI members not to miss this proud privilege to celebrate independence day . Let's attend in good numbers and celebrate independence day in a grand manner in future. JAI HIND. Sri . V. Srinath And the little moments, Humble though they be, Make the mighty ages Of eternity Freedom is not worth having if it doesn't include the freedom to make mistakes. – Mohandas K. Gandhi
  6. 6. AUGUST 20136 From The Editors' Desk .................... Welcometoissue4of MysoreShilpiNewsLetter. We have some marvellous works for you this month. The past chairman of BAI , Mysore , Sri. R. Sundara Murthy's article in the Treasure Chest series entwines corporate social responsibility. We are grateful to this great soul for providing the writeupintime. SPOORTHI, ladies wing of BAI Mysore is scaling new heights year after year .It is doing great job in furthering the cause of BAI and what it is striving to achieve. It is becoming very difficult for Mysore shilpi to reserve just one page for SPOORTHI activitiesnowadays!!Sospaceisextendedforonemorepage. As all of you know Mysore Shilpi is financially a self-sustaining Newsletter of BAI Mysore . These past five months , we have worked diligently to provide you with the top quality articles . Knowledge is power and we want to educate readers with our vitalinformation.Ofcourseweagreethattherewerefewmistakeswhichoccurredfor which we beg your pardon. While it's a privilege to provide you with the resourceful write-ups, we need your help to grow. Last month was a testing time for the editorial board of Mysore Shilpi since we couldn't find the mega sponsor. We aren't sure how we would have managed to get through this trying time without the able assistance of MYREALTY team and SPOORTHI and not to forget our regular sponsors . This Newsletter of eight pages wouldn't have been possible without the amazing generosity and support given by these two teams. We hope you will consider getting involvedtoday,andstaywithusfortomorrowforagoodcause. FORTH COMING EVENTS 1. ENGINEERS AND TEACHERS DAY 2Oth of September 2013 at BAI premises. 2. ARTISANS TRAINING PROGRAMME 23rd of September 2013 at BAI premises. “Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. We owedeepestthankstothosewhohaverekindledthislight.” -Ed. Spoorthian Smt. Pratibha Achaar donating toys to kids of anganvaadi Myrealty 2013-14 Chairman Sri. S.R. Swamy giving the cheque to SPOORTHI fund. Shilpi Students of PES Mandya were taken to Hot mix plant in Mandya to learn about mixing of BM, BBM, BC, SDBC Smt. Latha Ramprasad Sri A. S. Yoga Narasimha
  7. 7. AUGUST 2013 7 IN THE “SAADHANA KERI ” OF SPOORTHI ................. On 25th of July 2013 , all Spoorthians visited their “SAADHANA KERI” a name aptly given to the high school of Mooganahundi which is adopted by Spoorthi, ladies wing of BAI ,Mysore centre. Around 90 students of vivekananda high school of Mooganahundi gathered in a room to listen to a talk presented by Sri.Balakrishnaiah, a high school teacher. The topic chosen was Kannada Bhaasha Saahitya Samvahana . The topic which seemed to be very complicated was delivered in such a simple manner that the students thoroughly enjoyed it. Sri.Balakrishnaiah, a renowned kannada scholar covered the importance of speaking and learning kannada language . He explained about the difference between hearing and listening with good realistic examples. Through examples he narrated how one can learn a language and master it . It was a motivational talk. After the talk, there was an interaction with the students wherein they were asked to answer a few questions put by Sri. Balakrishnaiah. The children brilliantly answered all the questions and thoroughly enjoyed the interactive session. Each student who answered correctly received a book as a gift from him. Indeed a noble gesture fit for a scholar !!. Spoorthi believes that this kind of “Talk and Interact” sessions are going to make the student's learning process easy. Indeed this was a very satisfying project by Spoorthi. On the same day Spoorthian Smt. Pratibha Achaar donated toys to the children of anganavadi of Vivekananda High school , Mooganahundi. The tiny tots were so happy and were eager to play with the toys. It was a beholding sight to see the twinkle in their eyes !!!!.
  8. 8. AUGUST 20138 DC(A Unit of PC.Darla&Co.,) Danmal Darla DARLAceramics sanitary logistics darla opus, 101, d.d.urs road, Mysore-1 Ph : 0821-2422402/2422403, Fax :0821-426991 Email: BAI AND SPOORTHI CONGRATULATES......................... These two dynamic ladies of Spoorthi and wish them success . Smt. Anuradha Nagakumar is the president of Sri Sharada Mahila Seva Samaja Smt. Vani Subramanya is the President of Lions Club of Mysore Garden City ªÀÄÆgÀÄ ªÀµÀðUÀ½AzÀ ¸ÀºÁAiÀÄ ªÀiÁqÀÄwÛgÀĪÀ ¸ÀÆàwð ¸ÀA¸ÉÜAiÀĪÀjAzÀ £Á£ÀÄ FUÀ JAf¤AiÀÄjAUï ªÉÆzÀ®£Éà ªÀµÀðzÀ°è J£ïLE PÀA¥ÀÇålgï ¸ÉÊ£ïì «¨sÁUÀzÀ°è ªÀÄÄAzÀĪÀj¸ÀÄwÛzÉÝãÉ. EzÀPÁÌV ¸ÀÆàwðAiÀÄ J¯Áè ¸ÀzÀ¸ÀåjUÀÆ C£ÀAvÁ£ÀAvÀ zsÀ£ÀåªÁzÀUÀ¼ÀÄ. PÀlÖqÀ PÁ«ÄðPÀgÁVzÀÝ vÀAzÉAiÀÄ£ÀÄß PÀ¼ÉzÀÄPÉÆAqÀ £À£ÀUÉ vÁ¬ÄAiÀÄ£ÀÄß ZÉ£ÁßV £ÉÆÃrPÉƼÀî¨ÉÃPÉA§ D¸É¬ÄAzÀ 10£Éà vÀgÀUÀwAiÀÄ°è AiÀiÁªÀ lÆåµÀ£ïUÀÆ ºÉÆÃUÀzÉ 625PÉÌ 586 CAPÀUÀ½¹ (93.75%) vÉÃUÀðqÉAiÀiÁzÉ. ªÀÄÄA¢£À «zÁå¨sÁå¸À ºÉÃUÉ ªÀiÁqÀĪÀÅzÀÄ JAzÀÄ AiÉÆÃa¸ÀÄwÛzÁÝUÀ, ¸ÀÆàwð ¸ÀA¸ÉÜ £À£Àß £ÉgÀ«UÉ §AvÀÄ CªÀjAzÁV £Á£ÀÄ J¸ï«EL PÁ¯ÉÃf£À°è «eÁÕ£À «µÀAiÀÄ vÉUÉzÀÄPÉÆAqÀÄ £À£Àß «zÁå¨sÁå¸À ªÀÄÄAzÀĪÀgɹzÉ. PÀ£ÀßqÀ ªÀiÁzsÀåªÀÄ¢AzÀ DAUÀè ªÀiÁzsÀåªÀÄPÉÌ §AzÀ £À£ÀUÉ ªÉÆzÀ®Ä PÀµÀÖªÁzÀgÀÆ £ÀAvÀgÀ ¸ÀÄ®¨sÀªÁ¬ÄvÀÄ. ¥ÀæxÀªÀÄ ¦.AiÀÄÄ.¹.AiÀÄ°è 600PÉÌ 458 (76%) CAPÀUÀ½¹zÉ. EzÀ£ÀÄß ¸ÀÆàwð ¸ÀA¸ÉÜUÉ w½¹zÁUÀ CªÀgÀÄ £À£ÀUÉ ¢éwÃAiÀÄ ¦AiÀÄĹ ¸ÉÃgÀ®Ä ¸ÀºÁAiÀÄ ªÀiÁrzÀgÀÄ. £Á£ÀÄ PÀµÀÖ¥ÀlÄÖ N¢zÀÝgÀ ¥ÀjuÁªÀĪÁV 600PÉÌ 522 (87%) CAPÀUÀ½¹ ¢éwÃAiÀÄ ¦AiÀÄĹ vÉÃUÀðqÉAiÀiÁzÉ. ¹En ¥ÀjÃPÉëAiÀÄ°è 8606 gÁåAPï ¥ÀqÉzÀ £À£ÀUÉ J£ïLE PÁ¯ÉÃf£À°è PÀA¥ÀÇålgï ¸ÉÊ£ïì «¨sÁUÀ zÉÆgÉwzÉ. ¸ÀÆàwð ¸ÀA¸ÉÜ £À£ÀUÉ ¸ÀÆàwðAiÀÄ a®ÄªÉÄAiÀiÁVzÉ. ªÀµÀð¢AzÀ ªÀµÀðPÉÌ ºÉaÑ£À CAPÀ UÀ½¸À®Ä ¥ÉæÃgÉÃ¥ÀuÉAiÀiÁVzÉ. ¸ÀÆàwð ªÀiÁrzÀ ¸ÀºÁAiÀÄ ªÀÄgÉAiÀÄzÉ £À£Àß «zÁå¨sÁå¸À ªÀÄÄAzÀĪÀgɸÀÄvÉÛãÉ. £À£ÀUÉ ¸ÀºÁAiÀÄ ªÀiÁrzÀ ¸ÀÆàwðUÉ £Á£ÀÄ agÀIÄtÂ. - C²é¤ “¸ÀÆàwð”AiÉÄà £À£ÀUÉ ¸ÀÆàwð!!