Issue : 10Vol. : 33 11-09-2013Date : Pages : 04
Speaker of the day Rtn. S.Saravanan
September is a significant month in Ro...
Dr.Apoorva S was born in Konanur, a small village in Hassan district in 1983 and
grew up in Mysor...
'Rotary Amaravani' Award 2013
The tradition of identifying excellence in academia
continuedonWednesdayatRotary Midtown.The...
Birthday Wishes
Rotary Quiz
The first Rotary Club meeting
was held in Ne...
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Issue 10


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Issue 10

  1. 1. Issue : 10Vol. : 33 11-09-2013Date : Pages : 04 Speaker of the day Rtn. S.Saravanan September is a significant month in Rotary, it is that time of the year when Rotary clubs get busier than ever in bringing new members. Clubs are expected toinductnewmembersandspreadthetruespiritofRotary.EachRotarydistrict hasasignificantpostfortheverypurpose;thechairmanhasaHerculeantaskof adding as many members as possible. The chairman in R.I.Dist.3180 holding this responsible position currently is today's speaker Rtn.S.Saravanan. Here is a briefintroductionofthespeaker. Rtn.Saravanan is the General Manager of Hotel Coorg International and Heritage Resort in Coorg. He joined Rotary movement in 2001 and since then he has served the club in various capacities. He was the Centennial President of Rotary Madikeri during which period he was successful in collecting $1000 from M/s Coorg International as corporate contribution towards TRF, installing the Rotary centenary clock in front of Madikeri Post office, forming a new club in Madikeri called “Rotary Mistyhills Madikeri” (for which he was rewarded with the District Governor`s Citation and Presidential Citation), forming community based “Rotaract club of Madikeri hills”, forming two RCCs out of which one has all lady members. A dedicated Rotarian, he is a cent percenter since 2001. He served as Zonal Chairman for TRF during 2006-08, and Zone-06 contributed $ 25,763 during 2006-07 towards TRF. He also served as the member of District training team during 2007-08 and 2012-13. Rtn.Saravanan also served as the Vice Chairman for Website activities during 2007-08. During his tenure as Bulletin Editor Rotary Madikeri he started e- Mercarian which was mailed to over 300 Rotarians every week for which Rotary Madikeri received the District awardforBulletin.HeiscurrentlyChairmanforExtensionofNewClubs. Rtn.Saravanan holds a Hotel Management course and an MBA in Human Resources Management from Chennai. He has 29 years of experience in Hospitality industry. His father R.V.Subbaraman is a retired headmaster and mother late Seethalakshmi was a teacher. He is married to Ann.Ramya and the couple is blessed with a son Annette.Karpagamurthy and a daughter Annette.Nandhika. Both the children are studying in BVB-Kodagu Vidyalaya.BeingahomemakerRamyaisamemberofInnerWheelMadikeriandservedastheSecretaryoftheclub fortwoyears. New Rotaract club installed at Saradavilas Sarada Vilas College Rotaract club sponsored by Rotary Mysore Midtown was installed on 7th September 2013 at Audio Visual auditorium in the presence of Chief guest Mr. B.S.Parthasarthy-President S.V.E.I. Installing officer AG Rtn. Nandakumar installed the President and members of the new Rotaract Club. Principal of the college Mr. Nagabhushana was the guest of honour. Midtown president Rtn.Bhanuchandran, Secretary Rtn. Prahlad, Director-Youth Service Rtn.Sanjay P, Chairman Rtn.Bhaskar, Teacher co-ordinator Madam Chetana & other midtown members were present on the occasion. A warmwelcometotheyoungmindsintoRotaryfold.
  2. 2. NEW MEMBERS join MIDTOWN Dr.Apoorva S was born in Konanur, a small village in Hassan district in 1983 and grew up in Mysore. Baby footsteps started in St. Ann's Convent School and continued in Chinmaya Vidyalaya and then higher secondary in SBRRM College. In his own words – “Similar to the movie 3 Idiots, my family members wanted me to pursue MBBS;IcompletedmyMBBSatSriDevarajaUrsMedicalCollege,Kolar.LookingbackI am thankful to my family for guiding me in the right path”. He later pursued DNB- Internal medicine from NBE, New Delhi, followed by Fellowship from American collegeofchestphysicians,USA. Born to Mr.Srijayadeva and Ms.Shashikala, Dr.Apoorva has one younger brother, an engineer who is currently working in Bangalore. Dr.Apporva's father is currently theprincipalofSriGanapathiSachidanandaVidyaSmasthae. Much to the respite of Midtown cricket team Dr.Apporva is a cricketer, but also plays basketball and loves travelling.Heisalsoanamateurnumismatist(collectorofcoinsandcurrency).Apartfromthesepassionsthe eligiblebachelorlovesbirdwatchingandswimming. Dr.ApoorvaisintroducedtotheclubbyRtn.Dr.Prahlad Dr. Pramod Kumar Sidramappa Gubbi was was born in Gulbarga. He did his schooling at St. Joseph's Convent School, Gulbarga & completed MBBS at Mahadevappa Rampure Medical College, Gulbarga before moving to Bangalore for post graduation in E.N.T. speciality. Dr.Pramod shares his experiencein Bangalore as – “ Initially I felt lost in a very big city and remember crossing days on the calendar as to when I would return back to Gulbarga. However as the months passed by, I did managetomakemanyfriendswitheaseandlovedtheircompany.” He married Dr.Gayathri in 2003 and the couple relocated to UK in 2005. While in UK for 3 years, the couple decided to come back to India and settle in Mysore after rave reviews of the city from Dr.Gayathri who had spent her college days in Mysore. ThecouplearenownestledinMysoreandpracticeatApolloHospitals. Dr.Pramod spends his spare time watching TV. He follows cricket and loves playing Chess. When asked about his thoughts and passions, he responds – “I also ponder about the mysteries of the universe, in particular about its boundaries. If given a chance or if time permits, I would like toassociatemyselfinpropagatingtheuseofrenewablesourcesofenergy.” Dr.PramodGubbiisintroducedtotheclubbyRtn.Dr.Prahlad Midtown extends a very warm welcome to the Doctors, Midtown is now more 'Healthier' – pun intended Have you ever wondered how some people are always happy and some people are not ? Some are for ever grumpy and some always sport a smile. Have you ever wondered what could be the secret of people who always smile? Well some people have a natural talent to keep themselves happy. Whatever may be the situation they are bright and positive and see the sunny side of things. Even though all of us are not born with such optimism it is definitely possible to keep yourselves happy if you make up your mind. To do so first of all we should shun all our complexes and stop being judgemental about people and circumstances .We should stop associating things i.e. now that this is happened this is going to follow [and usually we imagine the worst]. Let things and people around us not disturb our inner peace and happiness. This can only be possible if we make up our mind and take a firm decision to keep ourselves and people around us happy. On the occasion of GANESH CHATURTHI let us the Rotary family pray to lord GANESHA to bless us and our families unlimited happiness and we in turn buildabettersociety. –Ann.Vyjayanthi B e H a p p y ! ! !
  3. 3. 'Rotary Amaravani' Award 2013 The tradition of identifying excellence in academia continuedonWednesdayatRotary Midtown.The'Amaravani– 2013” was awarded to Prof.N.S.Taranath. The awarded was presented by veteran PDG Rtn.Vasudevamurthy in the presence of AG Rtn.M.N.Bheemesh and a large gathering including press & media. The award is instituted by Rtn.Bheemesh's family and has a legacy of presenting the award to eminent personalities. In his short & crisp address, Acharya Devo Bhava – Teachers' Day Celebrated At RMA It is indeed nostalgic for each one of us to remember the contributions of our dear teachers in shaping our lives and what better day can we think of to express our gratitude to all those teachers who have imparted the right values in our lives than observing Teachers' day. September 5th, this year too was a special day at RMA School as both Rotary and Innerwheel Midtown joined hands to celebrate Teachers' Day amidst students, Rotarians and IW members. The IW programme started with a fashion show by RMA teachers depicting the Costumes of India which was well received by the audience especially the students who cheered their teachers when they walked the ramp. Principal was in all sport with a Lambani dress and walked the ramp to the applause of her students. Teachers' enthusiasm and sportiveness was well appreciated by everyone. 3 teachers were adjudged winners by the jury comprising of Mrs. Sudha Vishwanath, Mrs. Sheela Urs and Mrs. Pushpa Gangesh. Background music to this was provided by our tech-savvy Mrs.Lavanya Srinivasan. Prizes were distributed to the winners. IW on this occasion also honoured Ms.Manasa, a teacher working at Nireekshe special school. IW president Mrs.Uma Vivek and Secretary Mrs.Geetha Krishna did the felicitation. Also Mrs. Kajal of RMA was the recipient of the cash award instituted by Mrs.Roopa Yadav. Mrs. AnupamaRavindranathdidthehonours. It was time now for Rotary Midtown to take over the proceedings. President Bhanuchandran welcomed the gathering. Invocation was sung by Mrs. Sharada. Mr.Niranjan Vanalli, professor in the Journalism department and Director CPDPS, Mysore University was the chief guest who was introduced by Secretary Dr.Prahlad. Mr.Niranjan addressed the teachers in style by giving a pep talk to his colleagues quoting from his own personal experiences. He raised a question to the audience as to how many of us would like our children to become teachers when we want our own children to be tutored by good teachers. He stressed the fact that a teacher who can bring a smile on their students' faces and who is more understanding would be considered a good teacher. Teaching should bring in more self satisfaction than the monetary benefit as they are the role models who are responsible for shaping the future citizens of a country. It was surely an inspiring talk which was well taken by everyone present. It was followed by cake cutting by the senior students of the school and honouring of the teachers by President Bhanu and Mr.Niranjan. Rotary midtown foundation also honored the teachers with a token gift of appreciation.VoteofThankswasbythePrincipalMrs. Dr. Vanitha Bhat. Sumptuous lunch for all was served at the end. Thus the joint project turned out to be a goodonewhichwasenjoyedbyall. -Ann. Prabha Prahlad Chief guest for the day Rtn.Vasudevamurthy lauded the achievements of Prof. Tarnath and recalled the yesteryears. Later Prof. Taranath shared his feelings with the audience, his speech was replete with humbleness & gratitude. He said that more than getting awards, it was the opportunity to enjoy the immense depth of Kannada literature that inspires him. Thanks toBhemmannaandfamilyforhostingsuchameaningfulaward.
  4. 4. Birthday Wishes Rotary Quiz Answer:b.false-ThefirstmeetingwasheldinChicago,IL The first Rotary Club meeting was held in New York City on a dark and stormy night. a.True b.False 1. Is it the TRUTH ? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned ? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ? Rotary Information Anniversary Wishes Rtn. Chengappa P. S. - 14th September Visit to Community Center Date : 18-09-2013 Time: 6.30 pm Next Week ‘ECO SPANDANA’ A New Rotary record for Foundation giving!!! 2012-13 contributions to the Annual Fund reached an all-time high, exceeding US$115 million for the first time ever! Achieving annual contributions of this magnitude is a reflection of the extraordinary work of Rotary leaders, like you, around the world. Thank you! Please spread the word about how every Rotarian can make an impact in their communities and around the world, by supporting our Rotary Foundation every year. With your help, we can reach our visionary goalofUS$120millionby30June2014. Ÿ RCC Vinyas-Koorgalli Conducted an awareness programme on Basic Hygiene at Koorgally Government school on 6th September 2013 and distributed slippers to all students on the occasion. Ÿ RCC Vinyas Celebrated Teachers Day at Vinyas IT facility. Rtn.M.S. Raghu gave inputs to Teachers on the occasion & Mr. Ram Aiyappa differently abled employee of Vinyas distributed mementostoTeachers Projects at RCC-Koorgalli Wake up!! Picture Courtesy : Rtn.Aiyanna Venue: Near KRS Road, Pump House Jn. Please Attend Rtn. Nagaraj 14th September Rtn. Mahesh V. Murthy 15th September Rtn. Gopinath 18th September Rtn.Farooq-E- Azaam Today's Tea Host: