Office Politics Revenge


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The story of an employee, who is denied a promotion that he deserves. He takes his revenge from his manager in a very creative way.

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Office Politics Revenge

  1. 1. Revenge in a Cubicle The Story of a humiliated employee and his revenge from his manager...
  2. 2. The Cubicle Company The profits are huge... The salaries are nominal.. Life is moving, some time slow, some times fast, sometimes dull, some times full and it is just another day every day. But it is great..because it is the only thing that keeps he life running... There is a company, like the one at every nook and corner. Started by the Tom and Jerry, may be Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, or may be Larry Page or what so ever you think and where so ever you work. Like the modern companies, it has hundreds of cubicles on every floor of the organization where there are employees, there are supervisors , there are managers all sitting in front of a computer doing this or doing that.
  3. 3. The Cubicle Fun There is a lot of fun in the cubicle. You never feel alone. You can always call and ask for help. You can see wonderful faces. You can see friends and foes – all one at a time. Just lift your head, you can see the world around you. It inspires you..
  4. 4. The Cubicle Curse There is a water cooler. You can hear whispers. You can see the rolling eyes. There are fake smiles. There is a Satan. That hates the peace of the cubicle.
  5. 5. Steve Gris is honest, disciplined, creative, Innovative, & dedicated employee. Works tirelessly Enjoys work. Look up! You find Steve, everywhere. He is the soul of the company The Cubicle Hero
  6. 6. The Cubicle Ring Master He is smart, he is intelligent, he is supposed to be helpful, he is supposed to be the leader. He is trusted. Turn your back. You know him well. He is the Manager.
  7. 7. The Cubicle Motive Money Profits Prosperity For Owners Stake Holders Employees Society
  8. 8. The Cubicle Race Promotion Growth Respect Responsibilities
  9. 9. Efforts in the Cubicle Steve, the Employee, works harder and harder. Makes money for the company. Makes Innovations and creates value to the company.
  10. 10. The Cubicle Satan 9 to 5 Oriented Lazy Work Skipping Always Pretending Boss Flatterer Gossip Monger Employee You can see Satan having fun while you work!
  11. 11. And one day in the Cubicle There is a Prize There is a Reward. There is a Promotion Opportunity.
  12. 12. Cubicle thinks Steve Deserves He worked hard. He took the pains. He took no breaks. He took no leaves. Just worked hard. He helped growth.
  13. 13. Satan is Active in the Cubicle Satan Flatters Manager Satan takes Manager on Dinner. Satan steals Steve's Ideas. Satan spreads rumours.
  14. 14. Cubicle Manger Is intoxicated He ate the apple. The apple of ego. The apple of rumours. He drink for Satan's health. Looses senses. Looses decision making power. Is dishonest to himself.
  15. 15. Satan wins The Cubicle Game
  16. 16. The Cubicle is Shocked. It regrets. It consoles Steve. It shed tears. It whispers. You can feel emotions right under your feet. And it knows the Cubicle God is intoxicated.
  17. 17. Steve Broken and Shattered in Cubicle
  18. 18. The Paths in Cubicle 1. Quit and Self Destroy. 2. Stay and Fight Back. 3. Be Positive and Do Positive.
  19. 19. Steve chooses Revenge Be Positive Do Positive
  20. 20. Shares His Story with Rest of the World
  21. 21. Revenge can be Positive
  22. 22. Revenge can be Creative
  23. 23. Revenge can be Beneficial
  24. 24. My Revenge My Book My name is Gireesh. What you read is my own story. I could convert my frustration into a whole book, which I feel was the best way of taking revenge. And the book that I wrote is ...
  25. 25. How to Win Office Politics