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LinkedIn getting started
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    LinkedIn getting started LinkedIn getting started Presentation Transcript

    • LinkedIn: Getting Started and then some… Gina Mintzer, CMP, MHA ACCVB DOS Meeting November 13, 2012
    • You’re On LinkedIn – Now What?
    • LinkedIn – You’re here to get found, connect and prospect?
    • 7 Benefits of LinkedIn1) Make smart, right connections. Only the serious apply here. This is where the professional community engages, interacts, connects and refers. Start your process on LinkedIn if you want to get a company or person to notice you. Develop your profile, put up a professional head shot, link your blog, and post good content as often as you can and respond to other people’s posts.2) Who do you want to meet? Make a target list of who you want to meet- companies and people. Make LinkedIn a prospecting, research and engagement tool. Use the information you gather to send thoughtful, smart messages.3) Who do you want to meet you? This is where “mutual magnetism” works both ways. There are people we all want to meet for the value they bring to us, but there is value in what you bring to others too. Use your connections, wisdom, experience and personality to both meet people and initiate people meeting you. Develop your profile and keep it up to date!
    • 4) Link up on LinkedIn: Identify people in your sphere and community thatwould be great to meet each other and make introductions. When you wantto be connected, those connections you made can come in very handy!5) The Rules of Engagement: There is an etiquette on all the socialplatforms, but especially LinkedIn. Just because we connect doesn’t giveanyone permission to start sending frequent, non-permission based salesemails. Spend some time interacting with people, supporting their content,causes and company before launching into salesy stuff.6) Use brand power — your brand, your company brand, your industrybrand: LinkedIn is the perfect environment to leverage ‘brand power’.Remember there’s your brand, your company brand and your industry brand.Promote and connect all three and watch relationships grow.7) You + new media = smart connections: Your strategic, consistent andvalue driven communications used in a thoughtful way on LinkedIn can andwill open doors. LinkedIn is a great place to start, it makes it easy to addTwitter, your blog and other sites that all work together to professionallypresent you in a single page snapshot.
    • Overcome LinkedIn Challenges What do I do? Where do I start? I don’t know how to write a bio. I have experienced a loss of job security and am looking foropportunities online I’m having a hard time finding customers online. I don’t understand how LinkedIn can specifically help me or mybusiness. This takes too much time! I can’t do this all by myself
    • Get Found!
    • Get Found! Create Your Headline (120 characters or less) AFTERBEFORE
    • Create Your Headline (120 Characters or Less) Business Owners: Your LinkedIn headline should be clear yet compelling marketing statement about your unique experience, something that sets you apart from your competitors.Career Builders: Your headline will automatically be displayed as your current jobor the last job you’ve had, unless you change it manually. Here is a great placeto brand you. Think Different: instead of saying “Marketing Director of AcmeParts” you might say “Social Media and Internet Expert for Fortune 500company.” Remember to position YOU for future potential work while honoringyou current job within your LinkedIn profiles.
    • Another way to think of yourself Example: Sharon Smith is a secret agent-ninja known for her ability to infiltrate organizations, gain access to valuable date and make targets into un-persons. Sharon is passionate about ridding the world of crime, one double-agent at a time and has worked with prestigious firms including Toys R Us, Pottery Barn and Denny’s- frequent criminal hideouts.(Your name) is a _________________________________________Known For: ______________________________________________And is passionate about: ____________________________________And has worked with:_______________________________________ Use parts of your defining statement to create your headline and sprinkle it through your summary.
    • Before After
    • To Really Supercharge your profile, use bulletsor special characters via your computer’scharacter map! Here’s how you find bullets:Windows: Point to Start > Programs > Accessories > SystemTools > Character MapMac: Apple > System Preferences > Search > “CharacterPallete”
    • Part 1: Insert Defining Statement.Part 2: List projects/ areas of expertise as bullet pointswith brief descriptions.Part 3: Why is (your name) on LinkedIn? (Answer)OptionalPart 4: (Your Name) Believes- this is a great place to putyour core beliefs and that of your company. (Optional)
    • Specialties: (List Keywords)ExperienceWhen listing current and past experience on LinkedIn, only post those positions that are in alignment with your future goals.
    • Get Connected!
    • All About Groups
    • Power Posting - What to Post?Show your expertise! Below are items to post.• Blogs• Events• Links to books, articles, and slideshares• Needs• Quotes• Travel
    • Ideas To Post To Groups
    • Results = Engagement
    • Recommendations
    • Here are some tips on how to write a great LinkedIn recommendation• Write recommendations that are genuine, earnest, detailed and descriptive.• Be very specific and tell us why the person is outstanding.• If possible, support a person’s personal brand.• Tell us what they do: what makes them different and better than the rest.• Throw in a call to action if possible.• Mention any transferable skills. For instance, everyone wants to work with leaders who have strong problem solving skills, great work habits, and continues to learn!• 60-100 words• Follow the rule of threes - Choose three adjectives and make them interesting, not just nice!
    • Prospecting/ Search
    • What I learned: Searched 1-2-3 LinkedIn contacts from groups, now Iwill compare to our CRM and reach out to them with a prospectingmessage …
    • LinkedIn – Get found, connect, prospect and PROSPER!1. LinkedIn is a place to brag.2. LinkedIn is reputation management.3. Use Keywords to get found. Be interesting.4. Connect, Communicate, Convert!
    • EXTRAS1. Do you have a Social Media strategy?2. Make a plan to be consistent across all your Social Media outlets3. Create Social Media calendar4. Google yourself and check your profiles everywhere5. Here’s what I found – Gina Mintzer has many different profiles, different photos, make the time to update all and/or delete some
    • Google Yourself
    • Notes & ExtrasContact Gina Mintzer, CMP, MHA, ACCVB Director of Sales gmintzer@albany.org 518-434-1217 X301