Les Néréides North America Branch Launch Plan


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Les Néréides North America Branch Launch Plan

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Les Néréides North America Branch Launch Plan

  1. 1. Brand Accent
  2. 2. Brand Accent
  3. 3. Mission StatementOur mission is to introduce the French costume jewelry brand,Les Néréides, into the United States costume jewelry market toheighten brand awareness and gain a new customer base.
  4. 4. Business Goals and Objectives Business Goals and Objectives Business Goals and Objectives To enter the costume jewelry industry in the United States, and to gain brand awareness in the market. To satisfy women who desire to wear French style jewelry. To create a dreamy and innocent image which women expect. To offer another choice for women who are not trend followers but want something really different in their jewelry. To provide attractive and romantic jewelry designs that can make women feel beautiful and feminine.
  5. 5. SWOT Analysis
  6. 6. Key Success Factors Art of details Les Néréides continuously offers impressive collections of French costume jewelry that are whimsical and flea market inspired Every piece is handmade and not mass produced Ability to attract women who are not trendy followers but need and want something special Les Néréides allows women to immerse themselves in a romantic and seductive atmosphere when wearing these jewels
  7. 7. Key Information 7 boutiques and 25 corners around the world More than 700 selective retailers worldwide Design studio based in Paris Over 15 different lines each season
  8. 8. Icon Goods
  9. 9. Background
  10. 10. Distribution
  11. 11. PressLes Néréides jewelry has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire aswell as others.
  12. 12. Costume Jewelry Industry In U.S.A. Costume jewelry began in the 1930s as an inexpensive and disposable accessory and used to be worn with a specific outfit. Costume jewelry has been part of western culture for almost 300 years. The real golden era for costume jewelry began in the middle of the 20th century. The new middle-class desired to have beautiful but affordable jewelry.Many designers in the middle of the 20th century made costume jewelrypopular. Like Coco Chanel, Kenneth Jay Lane, etc..
  13. 13. Market Research
  14. 14. Market ResearchNew Variations of jewelry such as designer jewelry and imitation jewelry aremore stylish and trendy than the original gemstone jewelry.
  15. 15. Market Research
  16. 16. North America – Los Angeles OverviewThe City of Los Angeles, California is the second most populous city in theUnited States, after New York City.It is a world center of business, international trade, culture, media,entertainment, fashion, science, technology, education, and sports.It has been rated the third richest city and fifth most powerful and influential cityin the world. Known as the Entertainment Capital of the World .
  17. 17. Market Research
  18. 18. Positive Forces through 2011 and 2012The Los Angeles economy seems to have passed the worst of the recessionand started up the road to recovery.A positive increase of international trade is expected in 2011 with more comingin 2012. Job opportunities will also rise correspondingly.Retail sales have also increased in 2010 after being hit hard by 2008 – 2009downturn.
  19. 19. Market Research
  20. 20. Beverly Hills, California OverviewSurrounded by the cities of Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Santa Monica andCulver City. Beverly Hills is one of the most wealthy cities in the world. Beverly Hills is a world-class community, offering an extraordinary environment, activities, and events.Beverly Hills is known internationally for its alluring and distinctive hotels, retailstores, restaurants, entertainment and headquarter business.
  21. 21. Market Research
  22. 22. Market Research
  23. 23. Market Research
  24. 24. Market Research
  25. 25. Market Research
  26. 26. Target Market Analysis
  27. 27. Target Market Analysis
  28. 28. Target Market Analysis
  29. 29. Positive Forces through Analysis 2012Competitive Advantage 2011 and According to 2011 – 2012 Economic Forecast and Industry Outlook , the Los Angeles economy seems to have passed the worst of the recession and started up the road to recovery.A positive increase of international trade is expected with more coming in 2011.Retail sales have also increased in 2010 after being hit hard by the 2008 –2009 downturn.
  30. 30. Marketing Objectives
  31. 31. Price Strategy
  32. 32. Product Strategy Les Néréides is not a fast fashion jewelry brand so every piece can be worn consistently by our customers. In other words, there is no limitation of any trends or styles our customers can were Les Néréides in their daily life. Les Néréides is not only famous for its feminine flower-themed series, but also childish, chic or graceful elements and styles in our designs. Over 15 different lines each season, there would be a variety of choices for our customers.
  33. 33. Place Strategy
  34. 34. Advertising
  35. 35. Brand Identification
  36. 36. Brand Identification
  37. 37. Product Information and Timeline
  38. 38. Location
  39. 39. Organizational Chart
  40. 40. Store Design
  41. 41. Store Design
  42. 42. Financial Summary
  43. 43. Financial Summary