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  • Hinds shakara live_eventproject

    1. 1. Laugh at My Pain Tour Encore ShowFriday, June 10, 2011 Kevin Hart at 8:30 pm Wells Fargo Center
    2. 2. Biography Kevin Hart is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Has been featured in over 30 films Known for comedy specials “I’m a Big Little Man” and “Seriously Funny” Sold out previous shows
    3. 3. VenueWells Fargo Center (formerly Wachovia Center) inPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaCapacity: 20,444Kevin Hart’s HometownLarge venue for one showHost more than 250 events a year
    4. 4. Merchandise White Women’s Gray Women’sWhite Standard Gray Standard Baby Tee Baby Tee Say It Wit Ya Chest T-shirts & Hoodies $25.00 per shirt (S-XL) $27 per shirt (2X-4X) .00
    5. 5. Venue’s Schedule8:00 am- Prepare room for Walk through entire venue &Kevin Hart check on artist10:00 am- Greet artist and 4:30 pm- Prepare Kevin’smeet with entire team requested meal11:00 am- Prep venue & main 6:00 pm- Set Stage withentrance for merchandise artist requestsales, snacks & drinks 7:30 pm- Sound check with1:00 pm- Lunch artist2:00 pm- Lighting check 8:30 pm- Showtime!3:00 pm- Sound checkwithout artist
    6. 6. Kevin Hart’s Schedule8:00 am- Interview with 2:30 pm- LunchPower 99 FM 3:30 pm-Arrive back at9:00 am- Depart for Wells venueFargo Center 4:00 pm- Break9:30 am- Breakfast 5:00 pm- Get ready for10:00 am- Arrive at venue concert11:00 am- Depart for JFK 6:00 pm- DinnerPlaza (Love Park) 7:30 pm- Sound Check12:00 pm- Meet & Greetwith fans at Love Park 8:30 pm- Showtime!
    7. 7. Kevin Hart’s Rider KEVIN HART PERSONAL APPEARANCE RIDER Contract BSE - ____________ Bass/Schuler Entertainment, 4001 W. Devon Ave., Suite 510, Chicago, IL 60649 Phone (773) 481-2600 * Fax (773) 481-2601This rider is an integral part of all Kevin Hart contracts. If this Rider contradicts a portion of the contract to which it is appended, then thestatements in this Rider supersede any agreements or commitments stated in the contract.Kevin will be allowed to cancel his performance with no prior notice in the event that he is hired to appear on a Television show, in a feature film, ora Television commercial at a time that conflicts with his scheduled performance. In the event that Kevin cancels his performance, Kevin or theagency representing Kevin for that performance will supply a suitable replacement.Purchaser to provide:· Overnight accommodations in a non-smoking room (if necessary).· Bottled water for the performance· Flat stool on stage· One meal· Sound check one (1) hour prior to performanceAGREED AND ACCEPTED:Purchaser DateArtist Date
    8. 8. Risk Assumptions Risk Consequences Avoidance Mitigation Acceptance Transference Seek medical No show, late show Keep Kevin well Start show late, treatments ContractKevin gets sick Impact- High feed and cancel show, Trigger Alarm- Agreement Occurrence- Low dehydrated replacement artist serious illness Provide directions Late show Allow enough timeTransportation Trigger Alarm- Start show late, Contract Impact- Low for traffic, issues inform managers replacement artist Agreement Occurrence- Low accidents, etc. of venue Give away tickets Lost of money & Strong promotions on radio Reschedule show, sponsorships ContractLow Ticket Sales within the week of Trigger Alarm- add more similar Impact- High Agreement the event sales aren’t met artists to event Occurrence- Low month in advance
    9. 9. FinancialsIncome Gross Sales Revenue $150,000 Net Sales $150,000Expenses Venue & Staff $4,500 Performer Salary $75,000 Rider Accommodations $100 Stage Equipment $3,500 Security $1,500 Transportation $500 Management Fee &7,500Total Expenses $92,600Net Profit $57,400
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