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Magazine presentation gilly

  1. 1. Fashion Magazine Initial Research By Gilly Genge
  2. 2. Vogue Men• Vogue was originally a fashion magazine aimed at the female audience however, it has since been expanded into a brand of products including; Vogue Men, Vogue living and Teen Vogue.
  3. 3. • In 2005, Conde Nast launched Men’s Vogue alongside announcing plans for an American version of Vogue Living to launch in late fall of 2006.• However, Men’s Vogue ceased publication in October 2008 and is now only a twice-yearly extract in Vogue (the main magazine).• Just like the original Vogue, Men’s Vogue was known for its sleek and sophisticated style and featured a wide range of articles from A-list men to tailored suits and designer watches.• The logo at the top of the page is the same colours as the insert of their website, showing the synergy between the two. Both the magazine and the website use the same typography, font and colours. The sleek style is carried out between the two.
  4. 4. • The website for their magazine is very similar to reading a magazine in the sense that you can just slide a page over. Their website is actually called ‘Men’s Vogue Jotter’. It is like a notebook with different sections. This is their subscription section – it has an image of their magazine with a well recognised male celebrity on the cover which immediately catches your eye. This is locates on their homepage which is simple yet sleek and sophisticated and just what you expect if you read their magazine.
  5. 5. GQ Magazine
  6. 6. GQ (originally named Gentlemen’s Quarterly) is a monthly men’smagazine that focuses on fashion, style, and culture for men. It looksat these through articles on food, movies, sex, fitness, travel, music,sports, books and technology. It is very much like Men’s Vogue (beforeit was ended) and is known as the male equivalent of Vogue.In appearance it does look very similar to the old covers of Men’sVogue. Using well-known male celebrities on the front cover, dressedin suits looking business like, targeting the business men audience.However, not all of GQ’s covers are of men in suits they also usesome very promiscuous shots of female celebrities half clothed. (andmale)One thing that is noticeable is that the cover uses more intimatephotography which allows the models personality to seep through.
  7. 7. GQ have also branched out and produced their own online magazinepage. Instantly you see the synergy between both the magazine andthe website, using the same fonts and sleek style layout you can seethey are related to one another. Their magazine gives you the sameinformation and stories as the magazine does but it allows you tosubscribe for monthly issues online which can be easier than doing itvia the post. It also makes turning pages easier as you just have toscroll down.
  8. 8. Men’s Health
  9. 9. Men’s Health magazine focuses on nutrition, exercise, fashion and sex.The magazine covers a large area of life issues and advices men onwhat to eat and how to exercise in order to look like the celebrity menon the front covers.Published by Rodale Inc. in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, United Sates, isthe world’s largest men’s magazine brand, with 44 editions around theworld.Men’s Health differs from the previous two magazines in that it has abroader range of stories and covers a wider range of subjects which islikely to attract a larger audience.With the bold red heading and the half clothed men with their musclesout (men want to look like this too!!) the magazine is instantly an eyecatcher. The variety of fonts and coverlines get people interested inwanting to read more.
  10. 10. Men’s Health magazinealso have an onlinewebsite set up.Just like the other onlinemagazines both thewebsite and the paperback magazine use thesame style, fonts andcolour scheme.However, the onlinemagazine is not actuallythe full magazine eachmonth it is justsupplements of articlesfrom within themagazine. The websitesmain use is forsubscribing to the actualmagazine, through thisyou can receive asubscription discount.
  11. 11. Esquire
  12. 12. Esquire magazine is a men’s magazine that was founded in1932 by editor Arnold Gingrich and David A. Smart. Itappeared for the first time in October 1933 and has sincebecome one the leading men’s
  13. 13. Esquire magazine also have their ownwebsite available which means you cancatch up on styles and women if youmiss an issue.Just like the other 3 magazinesEsquire’s website and magazine have asense of synergy between the two.Meaning the style, font and image styleare all the same. All of which are smart,sophisticated and fairly simple. Thefashion pages feature well dressed menand show you where to shop and whatto buy.