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2014-04-16 Gilles Betis SoL London
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2014-04-16 Gilles Betis SoL London


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Presentation done at the London Summit of the Leaders the 16th April 2014. …

Presentation done at the London Summit of the Leaders the 16th April 2014.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Urban Life & Mobility “How ICT technologies can support citizen empowerment and better mobility services in the Cities of the Future” Gilles Betis – EIT ICT Labs Action Line Leader London, Summit of the Leaders, 16/04/2014
  • 2. Introduction Gilles BETIS Mobility & Smart City Product Line Manager Urban Life & Mobility Action Line Leader IEEE Smart Cities Initiative Lead – IEEE member
  • 3. EIT ICT Labs – Who are we ? EIT ICT LabsClimate KIC KIC InnoEnergy 2009 : The first three Knowledge Innovation Communities (KIC) are selected 2008 : EIT was established in as an independent agency within the EU EIT ICT Labs Co-location Centers Education, Research & Business è  From student to entrepreneur è  From laboratory to market è  From idea to product
  • 4. Urban Life & Mobility Mission
  • 5. Urban challenges At least some of them… Housing Pollution Traffic Water & Energy Health & Wellbeing Crime
  • 6. Citizenship & Democracy New forms of bottom-up initiatives become visible Vote Hacktivism Riots Associations Demonstrations Participation
  • 7. The Emergent Economy Collaborative & open Shared Cars Crowdfunding Open Currency Swap Collaboration Peer-to-peer
  • 8. A matter of transition Behaviour Governance Business
  • 9. Cardinal Objectives of Smart Cities SMART ? Attractive for People & Business Inclusive Sustainable Resilient Agile & Adaptive Support Stable & Robust Process Is it just a matter of TECHNOLOGY ?
  • 10. Value chains in the ecosystem Citizens & Users Urban Services Providers Governance Bodies Economical Actors External value internalization Internal value exchange
  • 11. The Mobility Paridigm Shift From people transit to remote value access The daily seamless mobility §  The mobility market place : inform, plan and drive mobility §  A holistic approach integrating multiple transport means and a financial clearing §  Crowd sourced information and services §  Goods mobility and third places Mobility metrics §  For the users, for governance, for service providers §  Assess the value created by new practices §  Measure other indicators (time spend, green-house gaz emission, traffic jam, use of mobility services…) Empower cities, regions & citizens §  Create the conditions of a successful behavioural transition in mobility §  Up-scale at territorial level to set-up and calibrate sustainable business models
  • 12. Urban Data & Information Platform Sense and see the heartbeat of the city For citizens §  A trusted & semantic access to the information §  Consumer & producer : rate, react, enrich For governance bodies §  Dash-board for special events or day-to-day city life §  Polling and interaction with citizens or visitors §  Probe from big data and social networks §  For mobility, access to city services, security, public health, staff training, etc. §  Collect metrics and data for performance analysis, prospective and planification For urban services providers §  Efficient way of marketing own services, specialize and focus on core service business. For all the economic actors §  Efficient, fluid and smooth environment §  Allowing value creation in an attractive environment. §  Get information for decision making or trade-off.
  • 13. The IEEE Smart Cities Initiative 10 cities to be selected worldwide § Associate local government leaders, city planners, universities and local industries to explore the issues of the ever-increasing urban population growth § Engaging and interacting with local inhabitants § Increase awareness of urban environment § In cooperation with ITU, McLuhan Foundation and EIT ICT Labs Guadalajara, the pilot city A call is open to select 9 more cities § See initiative.html § Closure on the 16th of May
  • 14. Thank you for your kind attention Gilles BETIS Urban Life & Mobility Action Line Leader