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Vignola Gazebo Assembly Manual
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Vignola Gazebo Assembly Manual


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  • 1. Owner’s Manual and Assembly Instructions “Vignola” Gazebo Item Num: PC-10811 Dimensions: 15’L x 15’W x 10.5’H
  • 2. ***Important***Use the parts list above and check the contents of your box for any missing parts.Do NOT return to place of purchase. Call the toll free number below for customer service and warranty information: 888-474-2770 Page 2
  • 3. Assembly InstructionsThank you for choosing a Pacific Currents Product! Please make sure you have carefully read and understood these assembly instructions before you begin. Prepare the work area First, choose and measure the final location where you would like to place the product so that it will fit a 15 x 15’ square with 11’ height clearance. Then, choose an assembly area as close as possible to this final location and large enough to layout and pre-as- semble all the parts for this Gazebo. Check all the parts with the parts list on the previous page and make sure that none are missing. If you discover any missing parts, please visit or call 888-474-2770. Save your sales receipt as you will need this to obtain replacement parts. It is highly recommended that you cover the work surface with a tarp or other fabric to prevent scratches to the finish during assembly. You will need these additional tools: 10mm socket, 10mm ratchet, combination wrench, and a ladder. Once a unit has been pre-assembled in each step, please set it aside until further instructions. IMPORTANT Do not completely tighten any bolts or nuts until the last step prior to attaching the canvas top. Step 1 - Assembling the Four “A” Panel Frames (see fig. 1) Parts you will need: Figure 1: 4 Decorative Panels (Part A4) 4 Panel Frame Bars (Part A5) 4 Panel Frame Columns (Part A2) 4 Panel Frame Columns (Part A1) 16 60 mm Bolt assemblies (Part X) 8 20 mm Bolt and Washer (Part S) Gather the required parts for this step. Fasten one Frame Column (A1 or A2) at a time to the Decorative Panel (A4) with the bolts and nuts provided (X). Do not fully tighten the bolts at this time. Finally, attach the top Frame Bar and secure loosely with the bolts (S) at both ends. Do not put on the plastic caps at this time. Repeat above for remaining 3 panels. Page 3
  • 4. Step 2 - Assembling the Four “B” Panel Frames (fig. 2) Parts you will need: Figure 2: 4 Decorative Panels (Part A4) 4 Panel Frame Columns (Part A1) 4 Panel Frame Columns (Part A3) 4 Panel Frame Bars (Part A5) 8 20 mm Bolt and Washer (Part S) 8 40 mm Bolt Assemblies (Part U) 8 60 mm Bolt Assemblies (Part X) Gather the required parts for this step. Fas- ten one Frame Column (A1 or A3) at a time to the Decorative Panel (A4) with the bolts and nuts provided (U and X). Do not fully tighten the bolts at this time. Finally, attach the top Frame Bar and secure loosely with the bolts (S) at both ends. Repeat above for remaining 3 panels.Step 3 - Assembling Frame Panels to Form Gazebo Leg (fig. 3, 4) Parts you will need: 4 Panel “A” (Step 1) Figure 3: 4 Panel “B” (Step 2) 8 52 mm Bolt Assemblies (Part L) Gather the 8 panels you’ve assembled in Steps 1 and 2. Take one panel frame A from Step 1 and one panel frame B from Step 2 and align the holes in the frames as show in fig. 3. Secure using bolts, washers, and nuts (L) but do not fully tighten. Repeat for the remaining 3 sets of A and B panels frames. You may now move the four gazebo “legs” to their final position as shown in fig. 4. Figure 4: Page 4
  • 5. Step 4 - Assemble the Roof Frame Crossbars (fig. 5) Figure 5: Parts you will need: 8 Roof Crossbars (Part H) 4 Crossbar Sleeve Connectors (Part E) 16 32 mm Bolt Assemblies (Part R)Join two Roof Crossbars (H) with a crossbarsleeve connector (E) and loosely secure with32 mm Bolt, washers, and nut (R). Repeatabove for remaining 3 sides of gazebo. Setassembled parts aside until further instruc-tions.Step 5- Attaching Roof Crossbars to Gazebo Frame (fig. 6) Gather the required parts for this step. Place theParts you will need: assembled crossbar (Step 4) over the two gazebo legs (Step 3). Slide one corner connector (C) over4 Assembled Gazebo Legs (Step 3) the end and line up the pre-drilled holes. Loosely4 Assembled Roof Frame Cross Bars (Step 4) tighten with bolt, washers, and nut (L). Slide the4 Corner Connectors (Part C) Roof Frame Connector (G2) over the holes in the4 Roof Frame Connectors (Part G1) crossbar and panel frame. Loosely fasten with4 Roof Frame Connectors (Part G2) bolt/washer/nut assemblies (L and R). Next,8 32mm Bolt Assemblies (Part R) attach G1 and the other corner connector in the16 52mm Bolt Assemblies (Part L) same fashion. Repeat the above for the other 3 sides. Figure 6: Page 5
  • 6. Step 6 - Assemble the Roof Frame Corner Bars (fig. 7)Parts you will need for this step: Figure 7:4 Roof Frame Corner Bars (Part J)4 Roof Frame Corner Bars (Part K)4 Roof Frame Corner Bars (Part P1)4 Roof Frame Corner Bars (Part P2)32 32 mm Bolt Assemblies (Part R)8 Corner Bar Sleeve Connectors (Part Z)Insert Roof Frame Corner Bar (J) into end of RoofFrame Corner Bar (K) and line up the pre-drilledholes. Add the Corner Bar Sleeve Connector andloosely fasten using 4 sets of Bolts/Washers/Nuts(R). Repeat for remaining 3 sets of Roof FrameCorner Bars.Insert Roof Vent Support Bars (P1) into end of Roof Vent Support Bars (P2) and line up the pre-drilledholes. Join P1 and P2 with a corner bar sleeve connector (Part Z) and loosely secure with 4 sets ofBolts/Washers/Nuts/ (Part R). Repeat the above for remaining 3 sets of Roof Frame Corner Bars.Step 7 - Assemble the Roof Frame (fig. 8, 9) Figure 8:Parts you will need for this step:1 Top Connector (Part D)4 Assembled Roof Frame Corner Bars (Step 6)8 Roof Vent Support Bars (Part P)12 32 mm Bolt Assemblies (Part R)Gather the parts needed for this step. Insert oneFrame Corner Bar (Step 6) into the Corner Connec-tor (C) and the other end into the Top Connector (D). Step 6 (P1+P2)Loosely fasten with Bolts/Washer/Nuts (R) as shown in Fig.8 and 9.Attach a Roof Vent Support Bar (P)in the same manner. Repeat for all Figure 9:Roof Vent Support Bars and CornerBars until the Roof Frame is As-sembled. You May need to movethe gazebo legs to allow for properfit. Page 6
  • 7. Step 8 - Attach Vent Support Bars to Gazebo Roof (fig. 10) Figure 10:Parts you will need for this step:4 Vent Opening Support Bars (part I1)4 Vent Opening Support Bars (part I2)4 Vent Opening Support Bars (part I3)16 32mm Bolt Assemblies (part R)1 Assembled Gazebo Roof Top (Step 7)8 32mm Bolt Assemblies (Part R)16 25mm Bolt/Washer/Nut/Plastic Cap(part Y)Connect one Roof Vent Support Bar (I1) to the Roof Frame (Step 7) and loosely fasten using oneBolt/Washer/Nut assembly (R) for each end. Repeat for the other Roof Vent Support Bar (I2). UseI3 to connect I1 and I2 with Bolt/Washer/Nut assembly (R) provided. Repeat for remaining 3 vents.Your gazebo should now resemble the image below. Please check to make sure all parts are in their respective locations.Step 9 - Tightening all Nuts and Bolts You may tighten all bolts and nuts in the gazebo frame at this time. Tighten just enough so that the parts are no longer loose. Caution! Do not overtighten as this may bend or damage the steel frame. Plastic end caps are also provided to protect the nuts at each connection. You may attach those at this time.Step 10 - Attach Canvas Top and/or Bug Screen Carefully pull the canvas top over the gazebo roof frame and slide the vent bars into each respec- tive vent opening in the canvas. The fit will be very snug. You may need to reposition the gazebo legs slightly in order to pull the canvas top into position. Use the velcro straps to secure the can- vas top to the gazebo frame. If you purchased a bug screen, you may attach it now using the velcro straps provided. Also, you may use Part F to help you secure the gazebo to the ground. The spikes are not intended to permanently mount the gazebo to any surface. Page 7
  • 8. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)Q: Will the gazebo frame ever rust?A: The powder coated finish of the metal frame prevents rusting so long as the metal itself is notexposed. Exposure of the metal may occur due to accidental scratches or long-term wear and tear.Occasional touch ups to affected areas with weatherproof paint will ensure many years of continuedenjoyment from your gazebo.Q: Does the gazebo include the fabric top?A: Yes! All our gazebos are sold with a weather and UV light resistant polyester fabric top.Q: Will the gazebo move or blow away in strong winds?A: Several features of our design were considered to allow the gazebo to remain very stable acrossa wide range of weather conditions. The four vents in the canopy top help to allow low to mediumwinds to pass through the covering.However, if you install the gazebo in an area where strong winds are persistent, it is advisable to takefurther steps to fasten the gazebo to the ground. If the gazebo is installed over a soft natural surface(grass or dirt), you may drive metal stakes (included) through the holes located at the bottom of thepanels and into the ground. If the gazebo is installed over a hard surface (wooden decks or concretepatios) it will be necessary to separately purchase screws or bolts and nuts to affix the frame to yourinstallation surface. Please visit your local hardware store for more options.For all customers, we highly recommend that you remove your canopy top in cases of severeinclement weather such as thunderstorms. Please exercise good judgement.Q: I like being outdoors, but cannot stay for long because of mosquitoes. Are bug screensavailable for my gazebo?A: Yes! Bug screens for all gazebo models are available separately for purchase as an accessory.Q: I live in an area that snows in the winter. Should I be concerned about the weight of snowon my gazebo?A: You do not have to disassemble the gazebo during winter months. However, to prevent damageto your gazebo frame from heavy snow loads, remove the canvas top and store it in a dry locationuntil spring. Your satisfaction is very important to us. Please contact us at if you have any questions or visit for more information. Page 8
  • 9. Care Instructions:The polyester top (Canvas Top) can be machine washed using a small amount of detergent. Do notmachine dry or use bleach. Top may also be spray rinsed while attached to Gazebo and lightly scrubbedwith a soft broom. Do not use hard abrasive cleansers to scrub.1 Year Limited Warranty:Purchaser assumes all risk in the assembly and use of this unit.All components carry a one year limited warranty from date of purchase against defects in material andworkmanship arising under normal use. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, norweathering due to climate and other environmental factors, nor does it cover failure resulting fromaccident, misuse, abuse, neglect , mishandling, alteration or modification, failure to maintain, or damagethat is attributed to acts of nature. This warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damagesresulting from use of product, or losses arising out of any breach of this warranty other than thereplacement parts. Fulfillments of this warrant shall only include replacement of parts damaged whileinside original packing materials or a defective allowance with the place of purchase to be arranged atthe discretion of Pacific Currents Inc.This warranty only extends to the original purchaser. Proof of purchase (such as sales receipt) willbe required before warranty performance is rendered.Customer Service:Please contact us should you have any questions concerning assembly, care information, warrantycoverage, and missing or defective parts. Call Toll Free: 888-474-2770 Customer Service Contact: Cherree Theisen, CT Sales Associates., Inc. Email: Website: Thank you for choosing a Pacific Currents Inc. product! Page 9