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Toro Zero Turn Mowers.pdf

  1. 1. Garden LawnmowerGardening and Landscaping at Your Fingertips Home Privacy Policy Contact Garden Landscaping Design Video RSS Toro Zero Turn Mowers Posted on February 26, 2012 by Mr.Green | Edit 4 comments Leave a comment Classic Accessories Zero Turn Mower Cover 73997 Product Type: Lawn & Patio Click Here for more details Sale Price: $32.67 Average Rating: Usually ships in 1-2 business days Description Classic... Features Weather Protected fabric resists mildew and wont shrink or stretch Elastic shock cord in bottom hem for a quick and custom-like fit Protects your tractor against sun damage, rain, dust, birds and tree sap Reinforced air vent lets air circulate and helps prevent ballooning in winds Handy storage bag included Toro Lawnmowers - A Review Of Toro Riding Mowers And Lawn Tractors. Toro lawnmowers are well known for their outstanding quality and durability and win many awards in the annual Consumer Reports review articles. Toros product range includes, walk-behind lawnmowers, zero turn lawnmowers and riding lawnmowers and tractors. We will take look at their riding mower and lawn tractor range, compare features and note the advantages and disadvantages of each model range. The LX Lawn Tractor Series. Manufacturers Suggested List Price: ,499 - ,049 USD Features Kohler Engines Premium engines are carefully matched to the model. The LX 425 sports a 20hp Kohler Courage Twin Cam OHV Engine, top of the range LX 500 has a 22 hp Kohler Courage Twin Cylinder Engine. Kohler engines have been manufactured for the commercial market and the durability and quality are excellent. The Kohler twin-cylinder engines have reduced noise, less vibration and are easy starters. These engines also have an increased fuel efficiency and are clean burning. Automatic CVT Transmission with Cruise Control All models have a continuously variable transmission to allow you to easily change speed up to a maximum 6.4 mph. Set the cruise control to maintain a constant speed. 3-in-1 Cutting Decks Easily switch between mulching, bagging and side discharge. Mowing Deck Between 42" and 50" mowing decks, depending on the model. Attachments One of the big advantages in buying a lawn tractor is the large range of attachments available. Attachments can turn your lawn tractor into a snowblower, a lawn sweeper, an aerator, a dethatcher and a mulcher. A front blade can be attached to easily to move soil, rocks or even snow. Transport materials around your yard
  2. 2. with the 10 cu ft or the 17 cu ft poly cart. Toros Attach-a-Matic hitch system makes changing attachments quick and easy.ComfortThe LX series has a soft touch rubber steering wheel, much better than plastic on a hot day! Comfort is also ensured by the high back seats, the side handlesand rubber foot rests.AdvantagesExcellent engines that should give years of use. Good range of attachment and comfortable to ride.DisadvantagesAttachments tend to be expensive. No anti-scalp rollers on the cheaper models.GT2000 Series Garden TractorsManufacturers Suggested List Price: ,499-,899 USDFeaturesPremium Kohler Courage Engines. 23 or 25 hp Kohler® Courage Twin Cylinder Engines. Excellent engines for years of use.Automatic and Hydrostatic TransmissionsAutomatic or foot controlled transmission for variable mowing speeds. Cruise control for constant speed.3-in-1 Mowing DeckThe 50" mowing deck has anti-scalp wheels and allows mulching, bagging or side discharge.Comfortable to RideThe GT2000 series has the same comfort features as the LX range.Easily Variable Cutting HeightCutting height can be set between 1.5 and 4 inches.AttachmentsUsing Toros Attach-a-Matic hitch system changing attachments is easy. Not such a large range as for the LX series, attachments include a snowblower, loadingramps, triple bagger and front blade.AdvantagesExcellent powerful Kohler engines. Time saving 50" deck. Comfortable ride.DisadvantagesFewer attachments than the LX range.Overall value for MoneyToro has an enviable reputation is delivering quality products at an affordable price. The LX and GT2000 series are no exception. Lawn tractors from either ofthese ranges will give years of hard work and be comfortable to use. Their durability and excellent workmanship makes secondhand Toro lawnmowers and gardentractors good buys.About the author: Read more about Toro lawnmowers and find some great deals in used Toro Lawnmowers and Toro Snowblowers at Janets websiteSource:
  3. 3. Categories: Lawn Mower | Tags: toro zero turn mowers Small Storage Sheds Zero Turn Lawn Tractor4 Responses to “Toro Zero Turn Mowers” DB1 Reply February 26, 2012 at 9:38 pm (Edit) Toro zero turn mower with 17 HP B&S engine smoking badly, losing power? Wonderful 5 year old mower well maintained but my son recently overfilled oil resulting in significant gray smoke and loss of engine power. I can no longer use it, what could be the problem? I mentioned previously that it was smoking badly and losing power, it also is leaking oil dramatically on the deck but hard to pinpoint location of leak…. southarkansas Reply February 27, 2012 at 12:34 pm (Edit) drain oil down to proper level-clean air filter or replace should cure problem after it burns out excess oil in carb Tommy Reply February 26, 2012 at 11:13 pm (Edit) how long does the rear wheels on zero turn mowers last? so, looking at getting a zero turn mower, a toro in particular. just wondering what the average life span of the rear wheels are? will it last upwards of 5 years like traditional mowers? thanks so much! links would be awesome as well, thanks again!! Jr K Reply February 27, 2012 at 10:40 am (Edit) I have a Toro Zseries zero turn mower that ran over a string and can’t get started.? I have a Toro Zseries zero turn mower. I accidentally ran over a hay bail string that wrapped around my blades and stalled out my mower. I was able to cut the string loose, but now I can’t get it to start at all. Could you please give some advice to help out? ThanksLeave a ReplyLogged in as Mr.Green. Log out? Post Comment (Ctrl + Enter)