Replacement Canopy for Clayton Gazebo D71 M12209


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Replacement Canopy for Clayton Gazebo D71 M12209

  1. 1. OWNER’S Product code: D71 M12209 UPC code: 769455 761194 MANUAL Vendor Item: C-I-138-2NGZReplacement Canopyfor Grandview Gazebo Date of purchase: _____/ _____/ _____ 1 Gazebo Replacement Canopy
  2. 2. PARTS Read through all the instructions before beginning assembly. Unpack and identify all the parts. Place them on a flat, non-abrasive surface. Assembly by two people is recommended. A1 (1) A2 (1) B (1) C (1) Original Short Original Long New Wind New Large Canopy Canopy Frame Canopy Frame Vent Canopy (not included in (not included in this package) this package) ACCESSORIESUse the following parts from your original gazebo Use the following parts from the hardware Da (6) Dd (1) Bolt Assembly Instructions Sheet Db (12) De (1) Metal Washer Allen Wrench Dc (6) Df (1) Nut Open Hex Wrench 2 Gazebo Replacement Canopy
  3. 3. Special WarningAssemble your gazebo on a soft, non-abrasive surface to avoid damage. The gazebo is heavy. Use care when handling.Assembly by six adults is recommended. The gazebo is not intended to be a permanent structure. Take it down duringhigh winds or it may be damaged.KEEP ALL FLAME AND HEAT SOURCES AWAY FROM CANOPY FABRICThe canopy is made with flame-resistant fabric which meets CPAI-84 specifications. It is not fireproof. The canopy fabricwill burn if left in continuous contact with flame source. The application of any foreign substance to the canopy fabricmay render the flame-resistant properties ineffective.ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Fig. 2 Fig. 1 Process of removing gazebo canopy1 Release the hooks and pull out the long canopy frame bars (A2) from the canopy corner pockets. See Fig. 1 and Fig. 2.2 Remove all of the bolts, metal washers and nuts which are attached on the long canopy frame bars. Fig. 3 See Fig. 3. Fig. 5 Fig. 63 Pull out the short canopy frame bars (A1) from the wind vent canopy corner pockets and open the Velcro tabs which connected the canopies. See Fig. 4. Press the pushpin in the cylinder that connects the top and bottom canopy supports and lift evenly to remove canopy support bars. See Fig. 5. Remove the short canopy frame from the large canopy frame. See Fig. 6. Fig. 4 3 Gazebo Replacement Canopy
  4. 4. Fig. 74 Remove the old wind vent canopy from short canopy frame bars (A1). See Fig. 7. Remove the old large canopy from the long canopy frame bars (A2). See Fig. 8. Fig. 8Process of replacing new gazebo canopy Fig. 95 Place the new large canopy (C) over the long canopy frame (A2) and spread to the location. See Fig. 9. Place the new wind vent canopy (B) over the short canopy frame (A1). See Fig. 10. Fig. 106 Attach the assembled short canopy frame (B&A1) to the assembled long canopy frame (C&A2). Push Fig. 12 Fig. 11 down the button and insert long canopy frame center (A2) into the short canopy frame center piece (A1), make sure the button fits securely into the hole. See Fig. 11. At the same time, insert long canopy frame bars (A2) into short frame bars (A1). See Fig. 12. From inside of the canopy, fasten Velcro tabs to connect the wind vent canopy (B) with the large canopy (C). Insert each end of the short canopy frame bars (A1) into the pockets of the wind vent canopy (B). See Fig. 13. Fig. 13 4 Gazebo Replacement Canopy
  5. 5. 7 Place the completed canopy onto the top of assembled leg posts. Line up the holes, Fig. 14 insert a bolt (Da) through a metal washer (Db), through a long canopy frame bar (A2), through the bracket, through another metal washer (Db) and secure with a nut (Dc). Don’t tighten completely. Repeat procedure for the remaining five canopy frame bars (A2). Tighten all bolts and nuts. See Fig. 14.8 Pull down the edges of the canopy fabric and insert each tip of the canopy frame bar (A2) into the pocket of the canopy fabric. See Fig. 15. Fasten the canopy and net to the leg posts with Fig. 15 the hooks. See Fig. 16. Fig. 16 Your gazebo with new canopy is now ready for use.CARE INSTRUCTIONSWash with a mild solution of soap and water; rinse thoroughly. Dry completely. Do not use bleach or solvents.Cover furniture with outdoor furniture covers when not in use. Please refer to part numbers when reordering For questions or comments about product: Call toll-free: 800-457-4652 Made in / Hech en CHINA Distributed by Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 See our extensive assortment of outdoor living products on-line at and 5 Gazebo Replacement Canopy