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Custom Gazebo Canopy.pdf

  1. 1. Garden LawnmowerGardening and Landscaping at Your Fingertips Home Privacy Policy Contact Garden Landscaping Design Video RSS Custom Gazebo Canopy Posted on February 6, 2012 by Mr.Green | Edit No comments Leave a comment Coolaroo Shade Fabric Heavy 84% to 90% UV Block 6 Feet by 15 Feet Wheat Product Type: Lawn & Patio Click Here for more details Sale Price: $28.00 Average Rating: Usually ships in 1-2 business days Description Coolaroo... Features Unique Coolaroo knitted fabric, measures 3-feet when folded 84% to 90% UV Block! Resists mold and mildew Protects from heat and sun damage Double cooling factor to reduce energy costs How To Personalize Outdoor Canopies Outdoor canopies and awnings can be very useful for homeowners. They provide sun protection and shade on hot summer afternoons. For outdoor dogs and other animals, they make great shelters as well. Whatever you use the canopies for, decorating them can be a way to personalize them and make them feel more like an area of your home. One quick and easy way to decorate the canopies is to paint the poles. Choose a color that matches or goes well with the exterior of your house. You could even use smaller brushes and paint pictures and designs onto them. Personalize them however you see fit. Using mosquito netting, you could also enclose the canopy. This will create a bug free atmosphere where youll be free to relax or read in peace. Use sturdy rope to tie the netting to the top of the poles. You could also use Velcro to affix the two to each other. This method will ensure that bugs have a harder time getting in. Add patio chairs and other furniture to make the area more relaxing. A hammock will give you a comfortable place to enjoy your yard from underneath the canopys protection. A sturdy table and some chairs will allow you and your friends to have a small cookout without worrying about sunburns. To give the outdoor canopy an even more personalized feel, add small stones or gravel underneath it. Spreading the rocks around will create the illusion of a floor. If applied evenly, they will also allow any furniture that is used a more sturdy ground. There are thousands of different colored stones to choose from, pick some that will accentuate your yard. Lastly, add some light to the area by installing lanterns and other fixtures. You could hang some around the canopys support beams or hang a few lanterns from its poles. If yours is up against the home, use certain hooks to install solar powered lights. Adding light to the space will make sure that it can be utilized at night too. There are many various advantages to installing outdoor canopies in a yard. If youre looking for shade and protection for your outdoor parties and relaxing afternoons, look no further. They can also be decorated in order to mesh better with your home and yard. In just a few short hours the structures poles can be painted or a few lights can be hung. About the Author:
  2. 2. The variety of weather makes outdoor canopies Milwaukee area a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Outdoor canopies provide both protection from the rain and shade from the sun. Source: Categories: Gazebo | Tags: custom gazebo canopy Garden Mowers Canvas Gazebo CanopyLeave a ReplyLogged in as Mr.Green. Log out? Post Comment (Ctrl + Enter)© Garden Lawnmower. Proudly Powered by WordPress | Nest Theme by YChong