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4 Ingredients to an Effective Recruiting Email


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In order for your recruiting emails to get opened, read, and ultimately make the recipients take action, there are four ingredients that need to be optimized. …

In order for your recruiting emails to get opened, read, and ultimately make the recipients take action, there are four ingredients that need to be optimized.

In this presentation, you'll learn the four ingredients and what to do (and not do) to make each one work.

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  • 1. 4 Ingredients of an Effective Recruiting Email
  • 2. Recruiting emails have become more impersonal thanks to the ability to send mass messages.
  • 3. As a result, your email is being tuned out.
  • 4. It’s time to get back to better communication. This presentation will provide you with the ingredients you need to create effective recruiting emails.
  • 5. 1) Click-worthy subject line 2) Tailored body content 3) Clear and simple Call to Action 4) Detailed signature line 4 Ingredients That Lead to Email Success
  • 6. 1) Click-Worthy Subject Line This is the difference between an opened email and the delete button.
  • 7. • Do hint towards the email contents • Do make it conversational • Do inspire action • Do make it as short as possible, while keeping important details intact • Combine candidate-specific information with a specific intent Subject Line Do’s
  • 8. Subject Line Don’ts • Don’t make it look like a mass email (e.g. “Looking for Talented Web Developers”) • Don’t be vague • Don’t leave out important details (e.g. a referral’s name, if relevant) • Don’t use all caps • Don’t use special characters
  • 9. 2) Tailored Body Content Now that you’ve grabbed their attention, you have to keep it with... tailored body content.
  • 10. Body Content Do’s • Do tailor the content to the recipient (e.g. coding projects you admired, a personal referral) • Do explain what you’re looking for • Do get to the point • Do provide details that will encourage response
  • 11. Body Content Don’ts • Don’t ramble on about your company • Don’t use generic email templates with vague language • Don’t overlook the details (e.g. why you’re contacting them) • Don’t add content that brings little value to the recipient; stay on track
  • 12. 3) Clear and Simple Call to Action What is the one action you want the person to take? • Contacting you? • Visiting a landing page? • Answering a question? Is it...
  • 13. That one action needs to be clear.
  • 14. Call to Action Do’s • Do make the Call to Action simple • Do have the recipient do one thing, not multiple things • Do make your Call to Action text standout from the body content • Do include relevant links (e.g. your LinkedIn profile)
  • 15. Call to Action Don’ts • Don’t hide your Call to Action in a large paragraph • Don’t use passive or vague language • Don’t link to your company homepage; if you want the recipient to find out more about your company, link to a specific landing page
  • 16. 4) Detailed Signature Line Your signature line is the last opportunity to make an impression.
  • 17. Signature Line Do’s • Do include your full name • Do link to your social profiles (e.g. LinkedIn) • Do include your email address and office number • Do include a link to your company’s career page (if applicable)
  • 18. Signature Line Don’ts • Don’t be overly casual (avoid using just your first name as your signature) • Don’t include too many graphics
  • 19. One last thing...
  • 20. Dramatically Improve Your Recruiting Emails Download Gild’s free eBook Building the Better Recruiting Email for more recruiting email tips:
  • 21. Learn  more  at: