Imperatives For Forming A National Coalition On Extractives

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Presentation i made a meeting with civil society organisations working on extractives and other natural resources. Makes a case for the need to form a national alliance on extractives and other …

Presentation i made a meeting with civil society organisations working on extractives and other natural resources. Makes a case for the need to form a national alliance on extractives and other natural resources inorder to effectively influence local, regional and global policy processes. Meeting was held on 17 March 2010

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  • 1. Imperatives for a national coalition
  • 2.
    • what necessitates the formation of a coalition on natural resources (what is the problem?)
    • The Tragic Paradox: Countries rich in natural resources are often those that suffer from extreme poverty
    • Natural Resources should help reduce poverty & promote economic development but mining, forestry and land investments/use frequently contribute to enviro degradation, conflict, human rights abuses.......
  • 3.
    • what is the problem??
    • Resource exploitation is characterised by corruption, social upheavals, social unrest and human rights violations
    • Poorest people live with the social, economic and environmental costs of natural resources exploitation and do not enjoy short term benefits.
  • 4.
    • the facts
    • 12 of the world’s 25 most mineral dependant countries and 6 of the world’s most oil dependent countries are classified as HIPCs
    • ¾ of the trade in Africa relates to natural resources
  • 5.
    • the ugly facts
    • In Angola, more than US$4 billion in state oil revenues ‘disappeared’ from state coffers between ’97 & ’02
    • Mali, whose top export is gold, is ranked 174 out of 177 countries in the UNDP HDI
    • Zimbabwe-Ditto
  • 6.
    • There is an absence of accountability and transparency in natural resources exploitation
    • We do not know the how mining claims/tenders are granted, the mining contracts, what companies pay and the revenues received by government
  • 7.
    • 2 nd dimension of the problem
    • Absence of a concerted/coordinated CSO effort to demand accountability and transparency
    • Solitary efforts that are often weak and narrow focused (sole human rights/environment/economic/social efforts)
  • 8.  
  • 9.
    • No more apparent than during the constitutional reform process
    • Environmental orgs and issues were and continue to be thrust back to the periphery
  • 10. so what is the proposition?
  • 11.
    • so what is the proposition?
    • Formation of a national coalition that cuts across specialised sectors. The nexus is natural resources but the issues that emerge relate to environmental degradation, community beneficiation, human rights violations, economic injustice, corruption etc etc
  • 12.
    • Formation of an ‘issue based’ coalition will enable CSO to act in unison and respond in a credible manner to national challenges;
    • A coalition would enhance the capacity of CS actors to engage gvt, international institutions and within political processes
  • 13.
    • Coalition would be one way of ensuring that CS actors move beyond debates and ad hoc mobilisations towards bridging narrow interests and forwarding broader goals
    • A coalition would give us a platform to demand and campaign for just gvt &/ corporate practices in mining, forestry, land, wildlife and support the right of communities to participate meaningfully in decisions abt the use of natural resources
  • 14.
    • why IANRA??
    • Decision making has transcended national boundaries and policies that affect citizens are formulated at the global level
    • It becomes difficult for local CSO to effectively respond to issues that evolve from global arena due to capacity and scope of work
    • IANRA=amplified voice & visibility
  • 15.
    • Have coalitions ever worked??
    • AIMES
    • CSO actors during KP enquiry
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  • 17.
    • Thank You
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