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How to Increase Mobile Sales and Engagement with Google Wallet and Google+ Login
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How to Increase Mobile Sales and Engagement with Google Wallet and Google+ Login


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Mobile Commerce is Taking Off. …

Mobile Commerce is Taking Off.

By 2015, 21% of all online purchases will be made on a mobile device. In the next two years, developing an engaging and user-friendly mobile strategy will be critical for nearly every business. If you haven’t already started developing your mobile strategy, NOW is the time.

Join Steven Klebe, Head of Business Development - Google Wallet Instant Buy, and Amy Reams, Head of Business Development at Gigya, as they reveal how to leverage Google Wallet and login with Google+ to lift customer acquisition and get more mobile shopping cart conversions.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • From phones to tables to cars, today’s consumers are constantly connected. This presents an enormous opportunity for brands to connect and establish authentic relationships with consumers at nearly all times.Earlier this year, eMarketer predicted that, for the first time in history, US adults will spend more time on their mobile devices than their desktop and laptop computers ( growth curve is increasing quickly: Time spent w/ mobile phones and tablets, excluding voice calls, has nearly tripled since 2011 (eMarketer, of adult consumers under 35 visit websites on their mobile phones on a weekly basis (Experian, The 2013 Digital Marketer, page 27)
  • The keys to reaching these hyper-connected consumers it through relevancy and personalization.Relevancyand personalization start with gaining a comprehensive, actionable understanding of your consumers, including their backgrounds, interests, social graphs, locations, and moreOnce brands are able to obtain such information, they’re Results…40% of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize the shopping experience across channels (Monetate)
  • Results…40% of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize the shopping experience across channels (Monetate)
  • Personalization starts with getting to know your customers – who their friends are, where they reside, what their interested in, what product they use, etc.In the past this information has been a huge challenge for Marketers to get their hands on, but… with the advent of social networks and connected mobile devices we can now collect the data that will help us develop a relevant, meaningful relationship with them?
  • Tools like Social Login enable businesses to authenticate consumer identity in a permission-based way, and collectactionable user data in a streamlined, secure, manner.If you’ve shopped online in the few years,, you’ve probably come across the option to register or checkout with a social identity from Google+ or another identity provider. Social Login adoption is quickly becoming a preferred method of authentication. So much so, that Gartner predicts that more than half of retail logins will be with a social identity by 2015.Benefits of social login:User-friendly - Visitors can open up a site account and login using their social identities with a few clicks instead of having to fill out traditional registration forms, which is difficult to do on a mobile device - Social Login increases customer acquisition rates by up to 33% (Gigya data, Permission-based and transparent - Establish trust with users by authenticating their social profiles in a permission-based way that clearly communicates how their data will be used Higher conversion rates - Socially logged in users view 66.7% more pages and spend 56% more time on average interacting with the site (Gigya data,
  • Social Login acts as a gateway for other valuable points of interaction with your site: when users log in to your business’s website or app using their existing social profile, your business can begin acquiring actionable insight on them while leveraging their social graphs to boost brand awareness and facilitating authentic on-site community.Share plugins let socially logged in consumers share relevant content and site actions to their social networks, driving social referral traffic to your website or appRatings and Reviews, and Comments let users generate unique content on your web properties and actively engage with your brand by providing real-time feedback on your products, services, and contentGamification uses rewards like points, badges, and levels to incentivize users in taking such valuable actions -- example on next slide
  • When it comes to Social Login, Google+ is working it’s way to the top of consumer preferences. We see Google becoming a dominant player in the social login space because of Google’s ability to unify the user experience across one single Google identity. Steve will talk more about this, but a prime example of this is connecting login with Google+ with the ability to checkout with Google wallet. RueLaLa a joint Google Wallet and Gigya Client is using a combination of Google+ login and Google wallet to streamline the checkout process. They are seeing incredible results like 50% repeat purchases in the first 30 days of integration and mobile traffic spikes. Google+ login acts as the starting point of authenticating the user identity and reducing login friction, and Google Wallet finishes the conversion by doing the same for the checkout process.
  • About Gigya for perspective on where we are coming from750+ clients, including 45% of the comScore top 100, and 8 of the top 10 media websites Technology reaches 1.5 billion consumers monthly Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer 2013ZDNet CRM Watchlist Winner CRM Rising Star Winner We offer an end-to-end solution for consumer management that includes everything you need to connect with consumers across different channels, collect and manage data, and convert insights into actionable marketing
  • • Mobile commerce is growing strongly. • Even though checking out on mobile is more difficult than on desktop, third party research indicates that, within 2 years, 1 out of 5 purchases will be on mobile, with over 100 M US consumers transacting on mobile.
  • • Clearly, mobile commerce is growing extremely fast—up over 80% last year—and this is expected to continue, so it’s worth getting the mobile buying experience right. • Still, it’s interesting to note that, while mobile purchases account for nearly 15% of overall online commerce this year, mobile usage is already 21% of all internet usage. (source:• So, mobile commerce is growing strongly, but still not even growing as fast as mobile internet use itself.
  • • Given time already spent on mobile, we believe mobile commerce could be an even more important, if transacting on mobile weren’t so painful.• The average site requires about 24 steps to complete a checkout, which is even harder on a mobile device with a tiny keyboard• Most users are also checking out as a guest, depriving merchants of an opportunity to customize their shopping experience. We solve this problem as well, as we’ll cover during the product overview.
  • • Because of the difficulty of completing so many steps on a small form factor, sales conversion on mobile is about 1/10th than of desktop[Interaction point with merchant: is this typical of what you see?]• Huge untapped opportunity for incremental sales!
  • So let’s talk about how Google Wallet Instant Buy can increase conversion across all platforms, and especially on mobile.
  • Before we dive into details, here is a brief overview of what our product actually does, and how it’s different from other online wallets.• Like other online Wallets, it stores user payment credentials in the cloud, and allows them to check out on your site with one or two clicks. We have over a billion Google accounts, and our long term goal is that all of them will have a Wallet so that they can easily transact online.• Unlike all other Wallets, we do not process payments, but instead send the data on our servers—including card credentials—directly to your servers to use with you existing systems. • Think of it almost as a form auto-fill: just as if the user had typed the information themselves but without requiring them to do so.• Because we don’t process payments, there’s no complicated backend integration work and we do not charge any fees—you continue to work with your existing processor as normal. To them it looks like any other card transaction.• As we’ll see shortly, we also designed Instant Buy from the ground up to be as transparent as possible, never coming between your relationship with your customers such as by transferring to a Google site mid-transaction. You retain full access to the user data provided and can use it with your existing systems• There are only a couple of limitations as we continue roll out since our recent launch: it’s US only for now, and there is a $2000 per-transaction limit. We hope to lift both of these limitations by next year.
  • So to recap the benefits of Google Wallet Instant Buy:• You get the same no-forms checkout experience as with other Wallets, but even more streamlined and with fewer steps• You get more than just payment credentials, but can request access to any other Google account data (with user permission), and use it for site customization, marketing, and user account creation.• Nearly all your customers are already Google users, and will be able to use the service. • Because we’re not a payment processor but simply pass data to use in your existing systems, integration is far more lightweight than setting up a new processor, and we will not charge you any fees to use the API(If asked why Google is doing this without charging any fees:You’re getting access to the same Wallet service we use across all of our own sites and products, from Android music and app downloads, to Google Offers and the new paid Youtube channels. We want to expand users’ use of Google Wallet to buy things online by making it useful everywhere our users visit, and in turn they’ll also buy more things on Google’s own sites, for which we make a profit.Fundamentally, Google is an ads business. Wallet improves checkout conversion on sites that implement it, which means any ads you run with us will convert more highly and therefore be worth more per click. So it’s win-win as far as improving the efficiency of your marketing spend.As mentioned, Google Wallet can pass far more than just a payment credential. One of the things we’re integrating soon is the ability to pass a saved offer or coupon alongside the payment card—Google is fundamentally an advertising company, and we hope to sell Offer ads that will be more useful due to the Wallet integration. So while we might try to sell Offer ads to you later as part of your Google ad campaign spending, and those will work better if you have Wallet installed, there’s certainly no obligation at all to buy such ads to use this free API)
  • • (While we used a generic merchant site here), one thing to notice here is that your site UX is fundamentally unchanged. The only difference from the existing site is that you would add the Buy with Google button to the cart page as shown in the far-left screen.• When the user clicks this button, if it’s the very first time they’ve used google wallet on your site, we of course have to pop up a permission screen to make sure it’s ok to send their personal information and card information over to you.• Assuming they click continue, we send over all their data in the background. You can then incorporate that data into your existing UX. Here you see on the far right screen that you can echo back to the user the card they’re about to use, presented in your own format, and all they have to do is click place order to be checked out. We also provide API calls that you can use to have a “change payment” option, for the user to either cancel out of Wallet entirely, or choose from any other payment instrument or shipping address stored in their Wallet account (we would then send you the updated data, you update your screen, and the user is again good to go).• But the really cool thing to note on this slide is the pre-checked option on the initial confirmation screen to “use google wallet for future purchases. Unless the user un-checks this, we store the fact that they’ve given you permission to access their Wallet account. The next time they visit your site—even on an entirely different device, and they click “buy” on the first screen, we can look up in the background that the user has already given you access, and we’ll immediately send the latest payment information for them, so you skip right to the last screen without any google popup.
  • • As mentioned earlier, the Instant Buy API is fully integrated into the Google Sign In API, so you can get much more than just payment information from the user.• Using the sign in with Google button, you can request effectively any information in a user’s Google account, from profile picture, to gender and birthdate, and even access to their Google calendar, and contacts with autocomplete functionality built in• You can use this to create new user accounts, market to the user, customize the site, or just increase the number of signed in users by making it a matter of 1 or 2 clicks to sign in or sign up the first time, with persistent sign in across all devices forever after • Works in much the same way as the Buy button, with a permission screen the first time only. In this case, the permission screen will list whatever info you decide to request with the API, and assuming the user clicks allow, you can then always pull this info down when the user visits any of your sites, unless the user revokes the permission from their Google account settings• As you can see, Google Wallet is just another listed permission, so if the user signs up or logs in with this service, you don’t even have to ask permission for Google Wallet access when they do finally check out—on the previous screen you would simply jump right to the final confirmation screen after pulling down the Wallet data in the background, since you’ve already been granted access• There’s also a ton more you can do with the Sign In API, such as post data back to their G+ stream to generate organic referral traffic, and if you’re interested, we have specialists that can talk to you. But even just using this for automatic, persistent, sign in across devices is very cool and will increase your number of signed in users while giving you one-click checkout with Wallet
  • • The Sign In API we just discussed is available across all platforms—desktop, mobile web, iOS native apps, and Android native apps, and Wallet is currently available across all of those except in native iOS apps—which we expect to add around the end of this year.• We believe in the best experience across every platform the customer wants to use, and on Android native we were able to create an especially great experience—not available with any other wallet—since we also build the OS• Flows on the prior slides assumed the user was logged into at least one Google service—Gmail, youtube, whatever—if they were not, a password prompt would have automatically come up. This is rare since a majority of users are likely to stay logged into at least one Google service; however on Android, the user is logged in 100% of the time, so there will of course never be a password prompt (unless our risk algorithms detect suspicious activity, in which case we do a password challenge for security reasons)• In addition, the permission screens are all native OS dialog elements, so it’s the same trusted experience the user is used to from downloading songs or apps from Google’s own services such as the Play store. They can buy your product as seamlessly as purchasing a song with one click.
  • • We also recognize that, while Android now has a larger install base than iOS as of last year—with over 900 million Android installs to date—iOS had a headstart and many merchants still see a lot more usage from their iOS apps.• Given our large install base, this is a huge new market opportunity for you, so I wanted to briefly cover one of the other cool features of the Sign In API that can help you increase your penetration of Android users.• Let’s say the user is signing up or signing in for the first time with one click on your mobile web site, or even on desktop. We know whether or not that user happens to use an Android device because Android devices are linked to their Google account. If so, we can provide a default option to automatically push your Android app to their device over the air!• So if the user signs in on desktop, they don’t even have to be near their phone, but the next time they pick it up, your app will be pre-installed. And of course, when they open it for the first time, they’ll already be logged in and you can immediately recognize and give them a great, logged in experience.
  • • So as discussed, most of your users are probably already Google users, and more and more of them already have Wallet set up. (Even if they don’t, we can pre-fill whatever info we do know, such as name and billing address, so adding a card for the first time is still fewer steps than going through a standard checkout flow)• Since we unified all our various checkout experiences under Wallet a couple years ago to make it seamless for users, strategy has paid off enormously with 3X growth in the number of Wallets last year• Moreover, transaction volume actually grew 4X—so we’re not only seeing more users but each user is transacting more and more, which is what we want to see happen.
  • At Rue La La, members “compete” over a limited inventory of coveted styles.With Google Wallet Instant Buy, sign-up, sign-in, and checkout processes were all streamlined giving Android users the option to link Google Wallet to Rue La La with a single click.
  • Finally, we can go into a little detail on how the secure payment processing works.• All the data we discussed is sent to you “in the clear” (once you decrypt it), with the one exception of the user’s actual credit card account number.• For security, we use a service called a “virtual one time card service” to generate a new card number for each Wallet transaction• This number currently comes through as a Mastercard Debit card, since Mastercard is our partner for the virtual card service. However it is linked to the user’s original backing instrument on whichever network they use (Amex, Visa, MC, or Discover)• So when you request a Wallet credential, we send you the user’s actual name, billing address, and other information, but instead of the backing card number, we send you an identifier string that you can use in your UX or for customer service purchases—e.g. “Visa ending in 1234”• In addition, we send you a full, 16 digit mastercard debit card number that is generated anew for each transaction. This functions just like any other mastercard, and all existing processors will accept and process it as normal (including auths, re-auths, multiple charges, and refunds)• However, the final charge will show up on the user’s actual backing card statement, and of course, if the virtual card number is compromised, the user’s account is still secure because it can’t be used to run up charges at other merchants
  • At Rue La La, members “compete” over a limited inventory of coveted styles.With Google Wallet Instant Buy, sign-up, sign-in, and checkout processes were all streamlined giving Android users the option to link Google Wallet to Rue La La with a single click.
  • Tabbedout removes the hassle for friends of settling payments after meals and libations.With Google Wallet Instant Buy, Tabbedout was able to give its consumers and even faster and more trustworthy way to pay.
  • Fancy is a unique crowd-curated storefront, bursting with eye-catching wares that appeal to the impulse buyer.With Google Wallet Instant Buy, sign-up, sign-in, users are able to purchase items with one-click and eliminate clunky payment forms that left items in mobile carts instead of in users hands.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Google Wallet Instant Buy Streamline your mobile checkout Google Confidential and Proprietary 1
    • 2. Agenda 1 Increasing Engagement On Mobile 2 Mobile Commerce Overview 3 Google Wallet Instant Buy Google Confidential and Proprietary 2
    • 3. Today’s Consumers are More Connected than Ever Note: Compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) shown are from 2012 to 2015 Source: eMarketer January 2013 Google Confidential and Proprietary 3
    • 4. The Keys to Reaching These Hyper-Connected Consumers? Relevancy and Personalization Google Confidential and Proprietary 4
    • 5. The Keys to Reaching These Hyper-Connected Consumers? Relevancy and Personalization Results: 40% of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize the shopping experience Google Confidential and Proprietary 5
    • 6. Relevancy and Personalization Start with Identity Note: Compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) shown are from 2012 to 2015 Source: eMarketer January 2013 Google Confidential and Proprietary 6
    • 7. Social Login Powers Consumer Identity Note: Compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) shown are from 2012 to 2015 Source: eMarketer January 2013 Google Confidential and Proprietary 7
    • 8. Driving Engagement and Loyalty with Social Plugins Note: Compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) shown are from 2012 to 2015 Source: eMarketer January 2013 Google Confidential and Proprietary 8
    • 9. Instant Buy Case Study: Rue La La Retailer gained more shoppers and revenue with Google Wallet ● Mobile traffic spike of nearly 50% in the weeks following launch ● >50% repeat purchases in the first 30 days ● Drove thousands of app downloads* and new memberships *Via Google Play store Google Confidential and Proprietary 9
    • 10. Gigya: Leader in Connected Consumer Management Gigya Highlights Awards/Recognition • 700+ clients, including 45% of the comScore top 100 • Technology reaches 1.5 billion consumers monthly • Implemented in more than 40 countries Google Confidential and Proprietary 10
    • 11. 2 Mobile Commerce Overview Google Confidential and Proprietary 11
    • 12. Mobile commerce is taking off By 2015: % 21 of online purchases will be on mobile Note: Compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) shown are from 2012 to 2015 Source: eMarketer January 2013 100M+ US consumers will buy on mobile Google Confidential and Proprietary 12
    • 13. Mobile commerce is taking off US ecommerce Retail Sales ($B) 400 US mobile commerce sales US desktop commerce sales 68 Mobile sales 52 300 40% 38 CAGR 25 200 100 14 181 200 218 2012 2013 238 257 Desktop 9% CAGR 0 2011 53M Mobile Buyers Note: Compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) shown are from 2012 to 2015 Source: eMarketer January 2013 2014 2015 105M Mobile Buyers Google Confidential and Proprietary 13
    • 14. But painful mobile shopping experiences are holding back growth • Typical mobile checkout requires 24+ steps • Many checkout flows are not mobile-optimized • Majority of users checkout as guest 1 2 3 4 Shopping cart Confirm order Fill out forms Order complete Source: SeeWhy October 2012 Google Confidential and Proprietary 14
    • 15. Resulting in only 3% of mCommerce purchases completed 28% of desktop carts complete a purchase 3% of mobile carts complete a purchase Source: SeeWhy October 2012 Google Confidential and Proprietary 15
    • 16. 3 Google Wallet Instant Buy Google Confidential and Proprietary 16
    • 17. Optimize the full-funnel with Google Stand out in search Stand out to high-potential customers in search with the Buy with Google badge Search Engage your guests Register guests instantly and personalize their experience with Google Sign-In Make checkouts easy Shop Buy Let your mobile customers check out in just two clicks Google Confidential and Proprietary 17
    • 18. What is Google Wallet Instant Buy? Free Instant Buy API Users’ account and payment details sent directly to your servers with no forms to fill out Works with any Google Wallet account 1 Billion+ Google accounts exist today. It is NOT… A payment processor Going to interfere with direct relationship between you and your customers Google Confidential and Proprietary 18
    • 19. Instant Buy offers superior benefits to other cloud wallets with easier integration 1 2-click checkout without filling in any fields 2 Frictionless account creation and login 3 Exceptional Google reach 4 Lightweight integration and no fees Customer stays in context on your site or app More logged in users across all platforms 1B+ Google accounts and 1B+ Android devices. Use your existing processing infrastructure; most integrations done in ~3 weeks Google Confidential and Proprietary 19
    • 20. Fast and easy checkout experience Camera XY000 $ 800.00 $ 15.00 $ 48.95 $ 863.95 $800.00 $ 15.00 $ 48.95 $ 863.95 Camera XY000 1. Checkout Authorization Returning users skip this step $800.00 2. Complete Purchase Google Confidential and Proprietary 20
    • 21. Account registration and personalized marketing Engage customers and personalize the shopping experience TableReserver • Increase new account registration: – Users register instantly with Google credentials • Engage with registered customers: – Users automatically logged in across all devices • Access valuable user data: – Including profile picture, gender, location, email, date of birth, contacts and much more 1. User Signs in with Google 2. User authorizes merchant to access account info Google Confidential and Proprietary 21
    • 22. Integrated into Android OS Unlock untapped opportunity of retail sales from within Android apps • Instant reach – Google Wallet is deeply integrated into the OS on hundreds of millions Android devices • Zero logins XYZ Inc. – All users are already logged into Android • Superior experience – Native Android UI increases user trust Google Confidential and Proprietary 22
    • 23. Drive app downloads with automatic over-air installs 1 User signs in with Google Flow page 2 User prompted to install app 3 App automatically pushed to phone Table Reserver Table Reserver Google Confidential and Proprietary 23
    • 24. Google Wallet has extensive reach and growth Active Mobile Google Wallets 3x growth in past year (4x transaction growth) June 2010 1.5 Million+ December 2012 New Android activations per day Google Confidential and Proprietary 24
    • 25. Selected launched merchants and supporting platforms Google Confidential and Proprietary 25
    • 26. Instant Buy Case Study: Rue La La Retailer gained more shoppers and revenue with Google Wallet ● Mobile traffic spike of nearly 50% in the weeks following launch ● >50% repeat purchases in the first 30 days ● Drove thousands of app downloads* and new memberships *Via Google Play store Google Confidential and Proprietary 26
    • 27. Instant Buy Retail Partners Have Seen Tremendous Success Quick, straightforward integrations and uplift in key metrics 50% customers Google Wallet made repeat purchases within 30 days on Rue La La 50% Loyal Customers 70% opted for Fancy customers Google Wallet in app (2/3s on desktop) Rue La La saw a traffic spike upon launching Googl Wallet; Fancy also saw traffic and transaction vol uplift Traffic & Transaction Volume 1,000s New Rue La La app downloads Conversions & Basket 2X Newegg conversions increased to a rate of other payment methods on mobile, and +20% on desktop 5X Fancy saw app conversions increase , and an average basket grow +14% with Google Wallet Google Confidential and Proprietary Source: Rue La La, Newegg and Fancy Case Studies, Q3’13 27 Google Confidential and Proprietary 27
    • 28. Q&A + Next Steps Link to site that has full Case Studies; Contact info; Steve Klebe, Google Confidential and Proprietary 28
    • 29. 4 Appendix Google Confidential and Proprietary 29
    • 30. No changes to your payment processing • No need to change existing processing infrastructure and relationships • Google does not charge any fees (you continue to pay your existing processor) • One-time use virtual card – Google generates a one-time use debit card number for each purchase – Enhances security because virtual card can only be used for the intended transaction – Normal functions (auth, re-auth, refunds, etc) work as with any other payment card – Limitations (through EOY): US-only and $2000 transaction limit XYZ, Inc Merchant Acquirer MasterCard Google Cloud Google’s Acquirer User’s Credit Card User’s Credit Card Issuer Google Confidential and Proprietary 30
    • 31. Instant Buy Case Study: Rue La La Retailer gained more shoppers and revenue with Google Wallet ● Mobile traffic spike of nearly 50% in the weeks following launch ● >50% repeat purchases in the first 30 days ● Drove thousands of app downloads* and new memberships *Via Google Play store Google Confidential and Proprietary 31
    • 32. Instant Buy Case Study: Tabbedout Tabbedout app downloads skyrocketed after Google Wallet launch ● Record number of app downloads on Google Play ● 25% of Android users paid with Wallet ● Users have been exponentially more likely to complete transactions using their mobile device ● Results point to repeat usage, a leading indicator of continued loyalty Google Confidential and Proprietary 32
    • 33. Instant Buy Case Study: Fancy Social web store saw immediate life in both traffic and transaction volume after integrating Google Wallet. ● 7 out of 10 Android users took advantage of the Buy with Google option ● 20% increase in purchase conversion ● Orders were ~14% higher when purchasing with Google Wallet ● Android users 5X more likely to buy with Google Wallet then alternate payment methods. Google Confidential and Proprietary 33