Twitter: Why constraints breed creativity

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  • 1. ESL408 R E T E ITUAG TWNG LA &
  • 2. Educated Twitteracy Differentiate Microblogging TWEET TWEET Illiterate Is Twitter Killing Literacy? Highcosts Telegraphusers Technology StandardEnglish Workplace Microblogging Abbreviations DialectofEnglish 19th Century Social Media TwitterTalk Choice Evolution of Language 140 Tweep S.E Language #whatwecando Code-switch Creativity comes from constraint Society
  • 3. { } Subject Audience Purpose
  • 4. ( What’s  happening?   @myenglishprofessor  –  Used  to  address  a  fellow  tweeter   RT  –  Retweet     #commontopics  –  Used  for  common  topics   For  example:     @myenglishprofessor  RT  @herlovelystudent  Imma  get  your   heart  racing!  ;)    #KatyPerry   140   Tweet Twitter Conventions 1.  Symbols   2.  Followers  &   Following     3.  AbbreviaFons   )
  • 5. st Dr. Ple Yet er : argues r stronge ws a rch sho tween text sea ewer re tionship be N lls. rela acy ski liter causal ns and iatio abbrev ) o, (Petrill 2006 uage mal lang f or Use of in , not an ice or is a cho lliteracy on of i indicati sloth. ts: ponen Op lling tter Ki Is Twi ? y Literac tor: cation Sece jargons and Edu at thes th Insisted th s were affecting bo ion bility of abbreviat ognitive a and c . language ssy, 2008) Shaughne children ( annot eeps c Tw guish om distin alk fr itter t Tw lish. rd Eng tanda S
  • 6. (Choice) (Standard English 3 arguments (Evolution of language) ) defined by norm (Conclusion)
  • 7. Definition Standard English [stan-derding-glish]n. “ the English that with respect to spelling, grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary is substantially uniform though not devoid of ” regional differences. “ it is well established by usage in the formal & informal speech & writing of the educated, and is widely recognized as acceptable whenever English is (Merriam-Webster) spoken & understood. ”
  • 8. #2 S.E. defined by nor m IS TWITTER KILLING L I T E R AC Y ? Standard English Assume S.E. = English S.E. is the Right language S.E. is the right language Anything else is NOT English By the definition: S.E≠ English Standard English is the language accepted by the norm. Formal & informal S.E. used by the educated S.E. used by literate TWIITER IS NOT KILLING LITERACY!
  • 9. ( Evolution of language#3 ) 1.  Technology Costs of Communication More convenient to to use abbreviations, with choppy grammar. raph r the teleg Remembe th tury? in 19 cen dialect of shortened a They used ott, 2009). ge too (Sch langua TWITTER IS NOT DESTROYING LITERACY!
  • 10. AGAINST TWITTER KILLING LITERACY. Use of informal S.E. definition: dependent on dialect is a norm. choice. { Evaluation Evolution of language } While critiques believe that Twitter is crippling free expression, being able to express yourself concisely and clearly takes effort and creativity.
  • 11. { This is what I would’ve said if Twitter wasn’t being so #@*! }
  • 12. { So instead.. Constraints breed creativity. }
  • 13. { } Q&A