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Introduction to Internet Marketing Success, Modiin 2009
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Introduction to Internet Marketing Success, Modiin 2009


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Published in: Education

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  • Welcome to the first session of Building a Successful Business Using the Internet. I 'm _____________________________________ your instructor. Over the next 10 weeks you're going to learn and understand how to create a highly successful and profitable home-based Internet business… or grow your existing business with a Web site that WORKS. What's more, we're going to have fun doing it.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Building a Successful Business Using the Internet
    • 2. Your Instructor
      • Gidon Ariel
        • Web-based Business Consultant and Trainer
        • Owner, ,
        • Marketing consultant, MATI
        • SiteSell Certified trainer, Israel
        • Chronic Procrastinator
    • 3. Understand and Achieve
      • Upon completion of this presentation, you will understand...
      • The significance of CTPM
      • The concept of PREselling (vs. Selling)
      • The need to prepare a solid foundation
      • The importance of persistence
      • How to use certain tools to achieve essential business goals
      • How to generate traffic to your website
      • How to build relationships with your visitors/customers
      • The importance of diversified monetization models
    • 4. 3 Biggest Online Dangers
      • Building Web sites that don't work.
      • Believing you make money overnight.
      • Having an offline business mentality.
    • 5. What Works Online?
      • Quality relevant information.
      • Targeted traffic.
      • Trust and credibility.
    • 6. Content Is The Key To Success
      • High-value content related to your business.
      • Content written to please your visitors.
      • Content written to please Search Engines.
      • Content that connects and builds relationships.
    • 7. Opportunity For Success
      • Follow a proven process.
      • Identify and develop your best Site Concept.
      • Write original site content based on your passion.
      • Implement proven money-generating techniques.
    • 8. The Process Is Simple
      • C-T-P-M
    • 9. C-T-P-M
      • C ontent
      • T raffic
      • P REsell
      • M onetize
      • "Building Income Through Content"
    • 10. Successful Business-Building Basics
      • Emulate countless other successes.
      • Take it one step (day, week) at a time.
      • Prepare a solid foundation.
      • Create high-value content.
      • Follow basic best Search Engine practices.
      • Develop relationships with your customers.
      • Track your progress and statistics.
      • Diversify monetization streams.
    • 11. The Building Process $ Track Progress Build Solid Relationships Building Traffic for Profitability Your Look And Feel Strategies Build a Site that Gets the Click Investigate the Best Monetization Options Brainstorm for Profitable Topics Develop the Best Site Concept Master the Business Basics
    • 12. Your Web Business Process Cycle
      • Do precise market research.
      • Develop your best Site Concept.
      • Create CONTENT people want.
      • Attract targeted TRAFFIC.
      • Build and nurture RELATIONSHIPS.
      • PRESELL visitors/prospects.
      • MONETIZE (I.e., generate income).
    • 13. The PROCESS is C-T-P-M
      • C ontent
      • T raffic
      • P REsell
      • M onetization
    • 14. What Makes Good CONTENT?
      • Related to your theme.
      • Written to please your visitors.
      • Written to please Search Engines.
      • Builds positive relationships.
    • 15.
    • 16.
    • 17. Best Anguilla Restaurants
    • 18. World Class Dining
    • 19. How Do You Get TRAFFIC?
      • The r ight keywords help people find you.
      • Quality Content attracts targeted traffic.
      • More Content attracts even more Traffic.
      • Traffic is the lifeblood of a good site.
    • 20. Making The Search Engines Happy
      • Anguilla Alexa rating: 51,945
      • Anguilla tourist board Alexa rating: 371,996
      • The lower the rating, the better.
    • 21. What is PREselling?
      • PREselling is the online version of offline relationship building.
      • PREselling warms up your prospects by building their trust and respect for you.
      • PREselling is giving visitors what they want without "selling" them.
    • 22. Ways To PREsell
      • Provide quality content pages.
      • Offer a free e-book.
      • Set up a free e-course.
      • Publish a free newsletter.
      • Announce a weekly free surprise.
      • Be real. Be yourself on social media (e.g. Facebook)
    • 23. How To MONETIZE
      • Do not rush into it.
      • Don't sell or prod your visitors to buy.
      • Do gently lead your visitors to click through to one of your income streams.
    • 24. MONETIZATION Example – 1
    • 25. MONETIZATION Example – 2
    • 26. MONETIZATION Example – 3b
    • 27. MONETIZATION Example – 3d
    • 28. Meet Tobi, Budding Online Entrepreneur
      • Tobi's Objective s :
      • B uild an online business.
      • B e independent.
      • Avoid "get-rich-quick."
      • M ake money now and in the future.
    • 29. Possible Income Streams
      • Sell your services ( ex., cake - baking or cake- decorating service s ).
      • Sell a hard good or e-book (ex., a collection of ( T obi ’s ) favorite recipes) .
      • Earn income with the likes of Google AdSense or by selling advertising directly . ( A s your site grows, advertisers will approach you).
      • Represent the products/services of related, non-competing online businesses and earn affiliate income (ex., b aking supplies, cakes , etc.).
      • Partner with an offline business, sending customers on a pay-per-click, per-lead, per-sale, or per-month basis ( ex., s end visitors to a local bakery).
      • Supplement/build a local offline business (ex., a cake bakery ).
    • 30. Deciding On A Site Concept – Finding the Right Niche
      • Your Site Concept must:
      • Be on a subject that's i n demand.
      • Not be too competitive .
      • Not be too broad .
      • Be s omething that excites you.
      • Offer high ROI potential .
    • 31. The Site Concept Process
      • Choose 3 themes/concepts that interest you.
      • Do market research on all three.
      • Choose the one with the most profit potential.
    • 32. Offline vs Online Market Research
      • Offline...
      • Research what people are buying.
      • Research possible store locations.
      • Open the business at the right location.
    • 33. Online Market Research
      • Find out what people are searching for.
      • Find out what other sites are offering what they are looking for .
      • Discover the most profitable keywords (search terms).
      • Create a site based on what they're seeking (one theme).
    • 34. What Keyword Research Will Reveal
      • The type of information people are looking for.
      • How often people search for th at information.
      • What competitors provide and how they do it .
      • What content you'll need to deliver and how.
    • 35. Google Keyword Research Tool
    • 36. BrainStorm It! Keyword Research Tool
    • 37. Tobi 's Three Concepts
      • Food
      • Cake
      • Carbs
    • 38. The Long Tail An example of a power law graph being used to demonstrate ranking of popularity. To the right is the long tail, to the left are the few that dominate. http ://
    • 39. The Site Blueprint
    • 40. The Perfect Domain Name
      • Short and sharp
      • Includes Keyword
      • Branding
      • To Dash or Not To Dash
      • .com or or ...
      • VPP (Valuable PREselling Proposition)
    • 41. Valuable PREselling Proposition (" VPP ")
      • A Valuable PREselling Proposition (" VPP ") answers, in very few words and with a touch of character, two critical questions about your Site Concept...
      • What specific and high-value information does your site deliver?
      • What is your unique positioning for this delivery (i.e., your angle of approach)?
    • 42. What Do You Know And Love?
      • What are you passionate about?
      • What do you love to talk about?
      • What have you learned on the job?
      • What do family and friends say you ' re good at?
      • What ' s your favorite hobby?
    • 43. What Are Your Possible Concepts?
      • What activities do you enjoy most about your current occupation?
      • What bugs you?
      • Do you have solution s to everyday problem s that would be of value to a lot of people?
      • Write them down !
    • 44. Smart Solution, Smart Business
    • 45. Already Have A Business?
      • What is your business concept?
      • What "solution" does your business provide?
      • Do you target a particular market segment?
      • How do you position your business? What angle do you take that makes you unique?
      • Write it down!
    • 46. From Business To Better Business
    • 47. A Good Theme for a Website? Practically ANYTHING!
    • 48. Tonight’s Walk-away-withs
      • Alexa/Google Page Rank
      • Free e-Books and Master Courses
      • http ://
      • http :// /
    • 49. Your Business-Building Homework
      • Complete registration for this course and SiteBuildIt!
      • Read / watch INTRO, DAY 1 & 2 of the Action Guide.
      • Log into Brainstorm It! and explore. Click on the question marks for related help.
      • Identify 3 potential Site Concepts, write them down and bring them to the next class.
      • Any Questions? E-mail or call me!
      • [email_address]
      • 02-5354586, 054-5665037