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Internet marketing for businesses



Engaging potential customers online is more important than ever. This course gives you tools to reach prospects when they Google your product or service, and build an ongoing relationship with them ...

Engaging potential customers online is more important than ever. This course gives you tools to reach prospects when they Google your product or service, and build an ongoing relationship with them using Social Media. Grow your business using Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs. Learn how to leverage social media to drive revenue. We’ll show you how to promote your brand, increase customer engagement, create a community, promote events, reward loyal customers, and have a positive impact on the bottom line. Target the right audience at the right time with search engine optimization (keywords that push you on top of Google results), pay-per-click ads, map optimization, and analytics – so you know what works.



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Internet marketing for businesses Internet marketing for businesses Presentation Transcript

  • 1  
  • Topics   — Social  Media     — Search  Engine  Op4miza4on   2  
  • Social  Media   — Why  Use  it?   — Social  Media  Plan   — We’ll  cover   •  Facebook   •  TwiFer   •  LinkedIn   •  Pinterest   •  Blogs   •  YouTube   3  
  • Why use it? 4  
  • It’s  the  new  SEO   —  Social  Media  Op4miza4on  (SMO)  is  the  new  SEO,  or   rather  two  halves  of  a  whole.   —  SMO  is  the  distribu4on  of  social  objects  (videos,  blog   posts,  tweets,  Facebook  updates)  so  that  they’re   op4mized  to  rise  to  the  top  of  any  related  search   query,  where  and  when  it  is  performed.     —  Social  media  is  included  in  Google’s  algorithm  for   search  engine  results   —  SEO  +  SMO  =  Amplified  findability  in  the  tradi4onal   and  social  web.     5  
  • It’s  Huge   —  Facebook:  1.15  billion  ac4ve  users     —  TwiFer:  500  million  ac4ve  users   —  LinkedIn:    238  million  users   —  Pinterest:    70  million  users   —  YouTube:  1  billion  users  (4  billion  views  per  day!)   —  Blogs:  66  million  blogs,  346  million  people  readers   each  day   6  
  • It’s  Effec4ve   7  
  • It’s  Growing     —  U.S.  adults  who  use  social  media  sites  has  risen  from  8%   to  72%  since  2005.  That’s  an  800%  increase.    (Pew  Research  Center)   —  Social  media  adop4on  among  U.S.  small  businesses   doubled  in  the  past  year  from  12%  to  24%   —  61%  of  small  business  owners  use  social  media  to  iden4fy   and  aFract  new  customers.   —  75%  surveyed  have  a  company  page  on  a  social  networking   site.   —  45%  expect  social  media  to  be  profitable  in  the  next  12   months.   According  to  survey  conducted  by  University  of  Maryland's  Smith  School  of  Business  with  Network  SoluCons   8  
  • It’s  Real-­‐Time   —  Reveal  the  human  side  of  a  company,  give  it  personality   —  Provide  useful  informa4on  that  people  won’t  get   elsewhere  (or  at  least  not  as  quickly)   —  Respond  to  comments,  complaints,  requests  real-­‐4me   —  Have  a  plagorm  for  announcing  news,  promo4ons,   events   —  Generate  new  business  leads   9  
  • Gehng  Started  –  Key  Steps   —  Define  the  goals  for  social  media   —  increasing  sales,  brand  awareness  /  engagement  or  simply   more  people  who  “like”  or  “follow”  your  business   —  Create  your  plan  –  align  with  marke4ng  calendar   —  Iden4fy  the  most  important  keywords  for  your  business.     Use  these  consistently  in  all  posts,  tweets,  updates.       —  Set-­‐up  your  profiles  and  pages  and  start  pos4ng   —  Ensure  you  have  a  consistent  design/branding  across  all   plagorms   —  Measure  and  adjust  –  traffic,  comments,  leads,  etc.   10  
  • Social  Media  Plan   —  Listen  to  what’s  already  out  there:   —  Set-­‐up  Google  Alerts  for  all  your  keywords,  your   compe4tors,  your  own  company  name,  your  personal   name,  etc.   —  Use  Social  Men4on  to  search  social  media  for  men4ons  of   your  organiza4on  /  compe44on   —  Use  Google  Search  and  Google  Blog  Search  to  find  bloggers   and  other  content  creators  in  your  space   —  Use  Muck  Rack  to  find  journalists   11  
  • Social  Media  Plan   —  Create  your  Content  Calendar  For  Pos4ng   —  Define  5-­‐6  content  categories   —  Set-­‐up  a  3-­‐month  calendar   —  Add  your  key  offline  events  and  any  milestones,  holidays,   etc.,     —  Align  with  your  marke4ng  calendar   —  Content  should  be  a  mix  of  original  content/images,  news   updates  and  curated  content/images   12  
  • 13  
  • Social  Media  Plan   —  Set-­‐up  your  profiles  and  pages  and  start  pos4ng   —  Ensure  you  have  a  consistent  design/branding  across  all   plagorms   —  Set-­‐up  Google  Analy4cs  to  monitor  web  traffic   —  Measure  and  adjust  –  traffic,  comments,  leads,  etc.   —  Set-­‐up  and  use  a  dashboard  (Hootsuite,  etc.)  to  manage   your  social  media  updates   14  
  • Why  Use  Facebook   —  Increase  visibility   —  Connect  with  customers     —  Increase  engagement   —  Promote  your  brand   —  Create  a  community   —  Promote  and  manage  events   —  Give  back  to  loyal  customers  through  special  offers  and   discounts   15  
  • Engage  and  grow  your  following   —  Write  interes4ng  and  relevant  posts  will  encourage   followers  to  engage  with  your  posts   —  Liking,  commen4ng  and  sharing  are  important     —  Facebook  uses  the  level  of  engagement  to  determine  how   many  people  see  your  posts   —  Reveal  the  human  side  of  a  company,  give  it  personality   —  Provide  useful  informa4on  that  people  won’t  get   elsewhere  (or  at  least  not  as  quickly)   —  Respond  to  comments,  complaints,  requests  real-­‐4me   —  Have  a  plagorm  for  announcing  news,  promo4ons,   events   16  
  • 17  
  • Engage  and  grow  your  following   —  Like  complimentary  businesses,  clients,  prospec4ve   clients     —  Hold  contests/sweepstakes/giveaways/refer-­‐a-­‐friend   —  Upload  and  invite  your  email  list   —  Invite  your  friends   —  Run  Facebook  Ads   18  
  • Engage  and  grow  your  following   —  Build  community  and  it  will  grow  organically   —  Join  relevant  Facebook  groups     —  Contact  the  group  owners  and  ask  if  they’ll  cross  promote   —  Post  on  other  relevant,  related  FB  pages   19  
  • Facebook  -­‐  Gehng  Started 20  
  • Facebook  -­‐  Gehng  Started   21  
  • 22  
  • 23  
  • 24  
  • 25  
  • 26  
  • 27  
  • TwiFer   —  Microblogging  site  that  enables  users  to  send  and  read   other  users’  updates  (known  as  tweets)   —  Text  based  posts   —  160  characters  total   —  20  for  username,  140  for  message  text   —  Updates  appear  on  the  user’s  profile  page  and  are   delivered  to  other  users  who  have  signed  up  to  receive   them  (followers)   28  
  • TwiFer   —  An  informa4onal  tool  –  provides  informa4on  to  others   —  A  conversa4onal  tool  –  respond  to  other  people’s  tweets   and  engage  in  dialogue   —  Great  way  to  network  and  communicate  with  new  and   old  contacts   —  You  choose  the  message,  not  the  recipient   29  
  • TwiFer  -­‐  Defini4ons   —  Tweet  -­‐  When  you  hit  send  on  your  140  characters  on  twiFer  it’s  called  a  tweet  or  twee4ng   —   Handle  –  your  TwiFer  name  @GibbonsDigital  –  balance  short  with  descrip4ve.       —  Follow  –  this  is  simply  the  act  of  adding  someone  to  your  list  of  people  you  are  following  –  this   —  —  —  —  30   makes  their  tweets  show  up  on  your  homepage.     Replies  –  this  is  what  it  is  called  when  someone  writes  a  tweet  directly  at  your  handle  -­‐   @GibbonsDigital  cool  post  today  blah  blah  –  this  is  oten  an  invite  to  engage  with  a  follower.     Retweet  –  this  is  a  tac4c  of  republishing  someone  else’s  tweet  –  the  original  tweet  along  with   author  stays  in  tact,  but  you  are  basically  showing  someone’s  tweet  to  your  followers  –  many   people  find  this  a  great  way  to  add  content  and  acknowledge  good  stuff  from  the  folks  they   follow     DM  –  this  is  a  message  that  is  sent  directly  to  another  user.  They  must  be  following  you  for   you  to  DM  them,  but  this  is  a  very  useful  tool  for  private  messages  and  generally  a  good   choice  when  you  start  going  back  and  forth  with  someone  on  something  your  en4re  base  of   followers  might  not  find  interes4ng.     Hashtag  –  this  is  a  way  people  categorize  tweets  so  that  others  might  use  the  same  tag  and   effec4vely  create  a  way  for  people  to  view  related  tweets  –  it  will  something  like  #marke4ng  –   more  on  this  in  search.  
  • Anatomy  of  a  Tweet   31  
  • TwiFer  -­‐  Gehng  Started   —   —  Set-­‐up  profile   —  Add  branding  (logo,  custom  page)   —  Search  for  relevant  people,  follow  them   —  Start  twee4ng   —  Tweet  8  4mes  per  day  for  maximum  visibility   —  Retweet,  tweet  about  products,  tweet  relevant  news   ar4cles   32  
  • Engage  and  grow  your  following   —  Listen!     —  Set  up  simple  searches  that  allow  you  to  hear  men4ons  of   your  company   —  TwiFer  is  a  real-­‐4me  opportunity  to  listen  in  on  the   conversa4ons  of  200  million  users   —  Serve  as  a  resource   —  Provide  informa4on  that  helps  your  target  audience  in  a   quick,  easy-­‐to-­‐use  format   33  
  • Engage  and  grow  your  following   —  Use  your  own  style  when  engaging  with  others   —  Provide  guidelines  for  anyone  twee4ng  on  behalf  of  the   company  but  don’t  underes4mate  the  value  of  having  a   “real  person”  online.     —  Share  the  human  side  of  your  company  and  stories  about   the  people  doing  the  twee4ng  for  the  business   —  Seek  opportuni4es  to  provide  photos  from  events  in  the   community  where  you  or  your  employees  are  doing   charitable  work  or  even  crea4ve  promo4onal  efforts  that   are  fun  or  engaging   34  
  • Engage  and  grow  your  following   —  Ask  relevant  ques4ons  on  TwiFer  and  consumers  are   happy  to  share  opinions   —  People  like  being  asked  to  provide  input  on  topics  of   interest   —  Thinking  of  offering  a  new  product  or  service?    Ask  for   input  beforehand   —  Take  advantage  of  the  online  community  to  gain   feedback  and  generate  new  ideas  that  will  result  connect   with  the  audience  served  by  your  business.   35  
  • Engage  and  grow  your  following   —  Follow  people  –  they  might  follow  you  back   —  Add  TwiFer  link  to  your  website  homepage   —  Include  TwiFer  icon  on  ALL  materials  that  reach  your   target  market   36  
  • 37  
  • 38  
  • 39  
  • 40  
  • 41  
  • LinkedIn   —  The  world’s  largest  professional  network  with  over  175   million  registered  members  and  growing  rapidly.     —  Connects  you  to  your  trusted  contacts  and  helps  you   exchange  knowledge,  ideas,  and  opportuni4es  with  a   broader  network  of  professionals.   —  hFp://   42  
  • 43  
  • 44  
  • 45   45
  • 46  
  • 47  
  • Engaging  on  LinkedIn  –  Status  Updates   —  Share  links  to  interes4ng  ar4cles,  websites  or  video  you  have   found  that  some  individuals  in  your  network  might  appreciate.   Try  to  use  words  that  grab  the  readers  and  encourage  them  to   click  the  link.   —  Pose  a  ques4on  that  could  lead  to  solving  a  problem  you  have,   like:  "Anyone  know  about…?"     —  Conduct  an  informal  poll  rela4ng  to  a  topic  that  is  of  interest   to  you,  such  as:  "What  interest  rates  are  you  seeing  for  lines  of   credit  in  the  current  environment?"   48   48
  • Engaging  on  LinkedIn  –  Status  Updates   —  Men4on  a  person  or  a  situa4on  that  might  be  helpful  to  some   of  your  connec4ons,  like:  "I  just  met  with  John  Jones  from  ABC   Company  and  found  out  ….”   —  Talk  about  an  event  you  are  aFending  or  have  aFended  to   encourage  involvement  and/or  ques4ons  about  what  you   learned  there.   —  Use  the  "Like"  feature  when  you  see  a  helpful  update  from   one  of  your  connec4ons.  Doing  this  shares  that  update  with   your  en4re  network.  This  is  a  great  way  to  give  the  writer  of   the  helpful  update  exposure  to  your  network  that  he/she   wouldn't  normally  have.   49   49
  • 50  
  • Groups   —  Quickly  discover  the  most  popular  discussions  in  your  professional   —  —  —  —  —  51   groups.   Have  an  ac4ve  part  in  determining  the  top  discussions  by  liking  and   commen4ng.   Follow  the  most  influen4al  people  in  your  groups  by  checking  the   Top  Influencers  board  or  clicking  their  profile  image  to  see  all  their   group  ac4vity.   See  both  member-­‐generated  discussions  and  news  in  one  sehng.   Easily  browse  previews  of  the  last  three  comments  in  a  discussion.   Find  interes4ng  discussions  by  seeing  who  liked  a  discussion  and   how  many  people  commented.   51
  • Groups   —  Click  on  Groups  Directory,  search  for  your  industry  or  a  career  keyword,   —  —  —  —  —  —  52   and  find  a  group  that  fits  your  interest.   Once  you’ve  been  accepted  to  the  group  you  can  share  relevant  content  by   star4ng  a  discussion  or  pos4ng  a  link  in  the  share  box.   Sharing  consistently  is  a  good  way  to  quickly  iden4fy  yourself  as  an  expert   in  your  field  or  industry.   Click  on  your  photo  to  see  your  updates  as  well  as  what’s  changed  in  the   discussions  you’ve  started,  joined  or  followed.     Good  way  to  keep  track  of  discussions  most  important  to  you  and  your   career.   Ater  sharing,  check  out  the  newest  discussions  in  the  slide  show  below,   and  cast  your  vote  by  liking  or  commen4ng.   Under  each  discussion  you’ll  see  the  last  3  members  who  have   commented,  click  on  the  headline  to  see  all  comments.  
  • Company  Pages   —  Central  hub  where  millions  of  LinkedIn  members  can  go  to   keep  in  the  loop  on  company  news,  products  and  services,   business  opportuni4es,  and  job  openings.   —  Also  perfect  place  to  start  conversa4on  with  your  customers,   prospec4ve  clients,  job  seekers,  post  company  updates.   —  Post  industry  ar4cles  and  fun  facts.   —  These  updates  appear  on    your  company  page  and  also  the   pages  of  your  followers.   —  Have  followers  Like  your  post  so  it  goes  viral.   —  Analy4cs  pages  to  see  ac4vity  on  the  page.   53   53
  • 54  
  • 55  
  • 56   56
  • What  is  it?   —  Pinterest  is  a  “virtual  pinboard”  that  lets  people   share  anything  and  any  topic  on  the  web  that   they  find  interes4ng  and  beau4ful  –  e.g.,  pictures,   quotes,  recipes,  etc.     —  Conceptually  similar  to  social  bookmarking  sites.   —  Content  is  organized  in  “Boards”  and  organized  in   categories.     —  Each  piece  of  content  is  called  a  “Pin”   57  
  • Examples  of  Pins   58  
  • Pinterest  is  one  of  the  largest  social  media  networks  on   the  web.  The  network  saw  +4377%  growth  between  May   2011  and  May  2012.   59  
  • 60   Mashable, 2012 60
  • Engaging  on  Pinterest   —  Build  your  brand  out,  share  interes4ng  and  relevant   content,  create  engagement   —  Add  products  with  prices  to  drive  awareness     —  Service  businesses  can  create  pos4ngs  with  infographics   that  contains  useful  informa4on  or  a  graphic  with  a  quote   —  Post  videos  (hosted  on  YouTube)   —  Add  links  to  your  pins’  descrip4ons  giving  your  business   the  benefit  of  your  links  carrying  over  with  your  pins   when  users  re-­‐pin  them   61   61
  • Engaging  with  Pinterest   —  Run  compe44ons  where  the  winner  is  the  user  who  pins   the  best  pictures  or  has  the  Pinterest  board  with  the  best   collec4on  of  pins.   —  Run  offers  -­‐  Pin  images  of  offers,  giveaways,  discounts   from  your  website  and  detail  your  offer  in  the   descrip4on,  or  you  can  create  images  exclusively  for   Pinterest  where  everything  about  the  offer  is  wriFen  on   the  image.     62  
  • Engaging  with  Pinterest   —  So  make  sure  you  add  at  least  one  or  more  shareable   image  to  every  page  of  your  website  so  your  readers  get   to  choose  their  favorite  image  to  pin.   —  Find  the  most  shared  images  on  Pinterest  and  get  to   know  who’s  sharing  them.  You  need  to  do  this  regularly   to  improve  your  own  Pinterest  marke4ng  strategy.   63  
  • Gehng  Started   64   64
  • Add  Pinterest  Icon  to  your  website   hFp://   65   65
  • 66   66
  • 67  
  • 68   68
  • hFp://   69   69
  • 70   ‹#› 70
  • 71  
  • 72  
  • Blogs   —  Blog  =  ‘web  log’   —  An  online  diary  or  journal   —  Anybody  can  be  a  content  generator  and  an  expert  in   their  field   —  Can  be  setup  within  minutes  online  using  WordPress   73  
  • Blog  Content   —  Answer  industry  ques4ons   —  Comment  on  industry  news   —  Provide  how-­‐to  based  content   —  Encourage  readers  to  comment   —  Post  consistently  –  3  to  5  4mes  per  week   74  
  • Engage  and  grow  with  a  Blog   —  Pose  Engaging  Ques4ons  -­‐  At  the  end  of  a  post,  pose  a  brain-­‐ s4mula4ng  ques4on.     —   Get  readers  to  offer  4ps  -­‐  It  could  be  a  problem  that  you’re   facing,  or  something  your  customer  is  facing.  Make  it  a   contest;  publicly  credit  the  reader  with  the  best  4ps  on  your   blog  so  that  everyone  can  see.   —  Start  With  An  Engaging  Opener  –  Your  opening  should  engage   the  reader  from  the  word  go,  something  that’ll  ignite  their   curiosity,  mo4vate  their  thought  process  and  get  them   engaged.  Make  your  opener  funny,  insighgul,  wiFy  and   outrageous  if  need  be.   —      75  
  • Engage  and  grow  with  a  Blog   —  Make  The  Content  Graphically  Vivid  -­‐  Paint  a  picture  with   your  words,  and  draw  people  into  the  scene  you’re   pain4ng.   —  Write  in  your  speaking  voice,  as  though  you’re  chahng   with  friends.     —  Provide  A  Conclusion  –  sum  up  the  essence  of  your  ar4cle   in  a  short  conclusion.  Your  conclusion  should  ideally  4e   up  your  points  together  and  provide  a  short  glimpse  of   what  the  ar4cle  is  all  about.   76  
  • Blogs  –  Gehng  Started   —  Install  WordPress   —  Design  –  use  Theme  or  designer  for  custom  look   —  Configure  content  categories   —  Develop  library  of  content   —  Post  on  a  scheduled  basis  –  3  to  5  4mes  per  week   77  
  • 78   78
  • 79  
  • 80  
  • 81  
  • 82  
  • YouTube   —  YouTube  is  a  video  sharing  website  on  which  users  can   upload  and  share  videos   83  
  • Engaging  with  YouTube   —  Powerful,  on-­‐demand  communica4on  channel   —  Market  your  business  to  millions  of  people  at  virtually  no   cost   —  Build  more  personal  rela4onships  with  your  current  client   base   —  Inform,  Educate,  Entertain   —  Good  content,  plan  ahead,  don’t  blatantly  market,  keep  it   short   —  Curate  exis4ng  videos  if  you  don’t  have  your  own   84  
  • Engaging  with  YouTube   —  Setup  a  branded  channel  using  your  colors  and  logo   —  Allows  users  to  subscribe  to  your  content  and  the  op4on  to   search  just  your  uploaded  content   —  Engage  With  the  YouTube  Community   —  Check  out  other  videos,  favorite  appropriate  videos  and   make  suitable  YouTube  “friends.”   —  Use  tags  and  categories  to  iden4fy  your  videos   —  Promote  your  videos  elsewhere  (blog,  FB,  etc.)   —  Run  contests,  giveaways,  have  calls  to  ac4on   —  Keep  your  channel  current   85  
  • YouTube  -­‐  Gehng  Started   —   —  Set-­‐up  account,  link  to  Google  account   —  Customize  your  channel  (logo,  colors,  etc.)   —  Post  your  own  videos  –  short,  1-­‐2  minutes  only   —  Subscribe  to  other  channels   —  Share  videos   86  
  • 87  
  • 88  
  • 89  
  • 90  
  • 91  
  • Hootsuite  Dashboard   92  
  • Demographics  -­‐  Facebook   —  86%  of  Facebook  users  are  age  25  and  older   —  81%  have  some  college  educa4on  or  bachelors/graduate   degree   —  58%  earn  $50,000  or  more   93   93
  • Demographics  -­‐  TwiFer   —  81%  of  people  on  TwiFer  are  age  25  and  older   —  83%  have  some  college  educa4on  or  bachelors/graduate     degree   —  47%  earn  $50,000  or  more   94   94
  • Demographics  -­‐  LinkedIn   —  96%  of  people  on  LinkedIn  are  age  25  and  older   —  87%  have  some  college  educa4on  or  bachelors/graduate     degree   —  71%  earn  $50,000  or  more   95   95
  • Search  Engine  Op4miza4on   96  
  • 97  
  • 98  
  • Gehng  Started   —  Understand  your  keywords   —  Claim/set-­‐up  your  Google  business  lis4ng   —  Op4mize  your  website   —  Build  Inbound  Links   —  Measure  and  adjust   99  
  • 100  
  • 101  
  • Google’s  Keyword  Planner   hDps:// __u=9615300361&__c=5634024181   102  
  • 103  
  • 104  
  • 105  
  • 106  
  • 107  
  • Step  2:  Google  Business  Lis4ng   108  
  • 109  
  • 110  
  • 111  
  • 112  
  • Step  3:  Op4mize  Your  Website   —  Title  Tag   —  Body  Content   113  
  • Title  Tags   114  
  • 115  
  • 116  
  • 117  
  • Body  Content   118  
  • 119  
  • Step  4:  Measure   120  
  • 121  
  • 122  
  • Thank  You!   Bridget  Gibbons   @gibbonsdigital   €.com/gibbonsdigital   123