How to use Video and Images to Tell Your Story on Social Media
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How to use Video and Images to Tell Your Story on Social Media



How to use Video and Images to Tell Your Story on Social Media

How to use Video and Images to Tell Your Story on Social Media



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How to use Video and Images to Tell Your Story on Social Media How to use Video and Images to Tell Your Story on Social Media Presentation Transcript

  • 2   — Social  Media  is  here  to  stay   — Imagery  rules!   Topics  
  • 3   It’s  Huge   — Facebook:  1.11  billion  acBve  users     — TwiEer:  500  million  acBve  users   — LinkedIn:    200  million  users   — Pinterest:    70  million  users   — YouTube:  1  billion  users,  4  billion  views  a  day   — Instagram:  100  million  users,  4  billion  photos   — Vine:  40  millions  users  
  • 4   It’s  the  new  SEO   — Social  Media  OpBmizaBon  (SMO)  is  the  new  SEO,  or   rather  two  halves  of  a  whole   — SMO  is  the  distribuBon  of  social  objects  (videos,  blog   images,  posts,  tweets,  Facebook  updates)  so  that   they’re  opBmized  to  rise  to  the  top  of  any  related   search  query,  where  and  when  it  is  performed     — SEO  +  SMO  =  Amplified  findability  in  the  tradiBonal   and  social  web    
  • 5   It’s  Real-­‐Time   — Reveal  the  human  side  of  an  organizaBon,  give  it   personality   — Foster  enthusiasm  for  your  cause  by  donors,  Board   members  and  volunteers   — Provide  useful  informaBon  that  people  won’t  get   elsewhere  (or  at  least  not  as  quickly)   — Respond  to  comments,  complaints,  requests  real-­‐ Bme   — Have  a  plaZorm  for  announcing  news,  promoBons,   events   5  
  • 6   Business  ObjecBves   —  Increase  visibility   —  Connect  with  donors,  Board,  volunteers   —  Increase  engagement   —  Promote  your  brand/cause   —  Create  a  community   —  Promote  and  manage  events   —  Give  back  through  special  offers  and  discounts  
  • 7   What’s  the  ROI?   —  Tapping  into  the  latest  research,  Imbue  MarkeBng  has   taken  a  closer  look  at  the  value  of  social  following    
  • 8  
  • 9   Decide  what  plaZorms  are  right   for  you   —  Facebook   —  TwiEer   —  Pinterest   —  Instagram   —  YouTube   —  Vine  
  • 10   What  is  Vine?   —  Videos  created  with  Vine  can  only  be  6  seconds   —  Can  be  shared  onto  Facebook  and  TwiEer   —  Videos  are  looped  to  replay  over  and  over  again   —  hEp:// How-­‐15-­‐Real-­‐Businesses-­‐Are-­‐Gefng-­‐CreaBve-­‐With-­‐Vine-­‐ for-­‐MarkeBng.aspx  
  • 11   Social  Media  Plan   —  Listen  to  what’s  already  out  there:   —  Set-­‐up  Google  Alerts  for  all  your  keywords,  your   compeBtors,  your  own  company  name,  your  personal   name,  etc.   —  Use  Social  MenBon  to  search  social  media  for  menBons  of   your  organizaBon  /  compeBBon   —  Use  Google  Search  and  Google  Blog  Search  to  find  bloggers   and  other  content  creators  in  your  space   —  Use  Muck  Rack  to  find  journalists  
  • 12   Gefng  Started  -­‐  Social  Media  Plan   —  Define  the  goals  for  social  media   —  increasing  contribuBons,  brand  awareness  /  engagement  or  more   people  who  “like”  or  “follow”  your  organizaBon   —  Develop  a  plan  for  creaBng  digital  content   —  What’s  your  story,  and  how  will  you  tell  it  with  images  and  video     —  Be  sure  to  align  with  markeBng  calendar   —  Know  your  keywords  and  use  consistently  in  all  posts   —  Create  a  content  calendar  for  posBng  –  when  will  you  create   videos,  use  the  videos  in  posts,  when  will  you  gather  images,   when  will  you  post  images,  etc.   —  Measure  and  adjust  –  traffic,  comments,  leads,  etc.  
  • 13   Social  Media  Plan   —  Create  your  Content  Calendar  For  PosBng   —  Define  5-­‐6  content  categories   —  Set-­‐up  a  3-­‐month  calendar   —  Add  your  key  offline  events  and  any  milestones,  holidays,   etc.,     —  Content  should  be  a  mix  of  original  content/images/videos,   news  updates  and  curated  content/images/videos  
  • 14  
  • 15   Social  Media  Plan   —  Set-­‐up  your  profiles  and  pages  and  start  posBng   —  Ensure  you  have  a  consistent  design/branding  across  all   plaZorms   —  Set-­‐up  Google  AnalyBcs  to  monitor  web  traffic   —  Measure  and  adjust  –  traffic,  comments,  leads,  etc.   —  Set-­‐up  and  use  a  dashboard  (Hootsuite,  etc.)  to  manage   your  social  media  updates  
  • 16   Why  Images?   —  The  visual  culture   —  Massive  increase  in  photo  creaBon   —  Ten  percent  of  photos  taken  by  humankind  took  place  in   the  last  12  months   —  The  rise  of  “Image  Centric”  Social  Networks   —  Photos  becoming  the  “universal  language”   —  The  fastest  growing  social  media  networks  are  not   surprisingly  Facebook  and  Instagram.  
  • 17   Why  Images?   —  Images  become  InteracBve   —  Pinterest  is  one  of  the  first  plaZorms  that  allows  you  to   interact  with  staBc  images   —  So  how  and  why  should  you  use  images  in  your  business   communicaBons,  markeBng  and  social  networks?  
  • 18   Infographic courtesy of MGD Advertising
  • 19   Why  Images?   —  ArBcles/posts  with  images  get  94%  more  total  views   —  Including  a  photo  and  a  video  in  a  press  release  increases   views  by  over  45%   —  60%  of  consumers  are  more  likely  to  consider  or  contact   a  business  when  an  image  shows  up  in  local  search   results  
  • 20   Why  Images   —  In  an  ecommerce  site,  67%  of  consumers  say  the  quality   of  a  product  image  is  “very  important”  in  selecBng  and   purchasing  a  product   —  In  an  online  store,  customers  think  that  the  quality  of  a   product’s  image  is  more  important  than  product-­‐specific   informaBon  (63%),  a  long  descripBon  (54%)  and  raBngs   and  reviews  (53%)   —  Engagement  rate  on  Facebook  for  photos  averages  0.37%   where  text  only  is  0.27%  (this  translates  to  a  37%  higher   level  of  engagement  for  photos  over  text)  
  • 21   Infographic courtesy of MGD Advertising
  • 22   Best  PracBces   —  Add  text  to  your  image  –  get  more  mileage     —  Create  a  collage  (   —  Encourage  people  to  share  photos  with  you   —  Have  a  terrific  Facebook  cover   —  Post  How-­‐tos  and  infographics   —  Have  pinnable  images  on  your  blog   —  OpBmize  your  images   —  Name  the  file  what  it  is  (not  image123.jpeg)   —  Capture  your  big  moments,  volunteers  in  acBon,  etc.   —  Use  Royalty  free  and  creaBve  commons  
  • 23   Why  Video?   —  Gives  you  the  ability  to  communicate  your  message   quickly   —  Presents  itself  when  the  viewer  at  the  “zero  moment”   —  Communicates  your  personality   —  Has  a  low  cost  of  entry   —  Many  videos  we  shoot  are  on  the  fly  via  our  smart  phones   —  Counts  video  as  part  of  Google’s  ”relevance”  metrics   —  Increases  your  brand  and  credibility  when  people  know,   like  and  trust  you  
  • 24  
  • 25   Why  Video   —  YouTube  is  the  number  2  search  engine  in  the  world   —  Posts  with  videos  aEract  3  Bmes  more  inbound  links  than   plain  text  posts.  Source:  SEOmoz   —  85%  of  the  US  internet  audience  watches  videos  online   Source:  YouTube   —   The  25-­‐34  age  group  watches  the  most  online  videos,   and  adult  males  spend  40%  more  Bme  watching  videos   on  the  internet  than  females  Sources:  comScore  and  Nielsen   —  Over  60  hours  of  videos  are  uploaded  each  minute  on  Source:  YouTube  
  • 26   Why  Video   —  Viewers  spend  100%  more  Bme  on  pages  with  videos  on   them  Source:  MarkeCngSherpa   —  Viewers  are  85%  more  likely  to  purchase  a  product  aser   watching  a  product  video  Source:  Internet  Retailer   —  Mobile  video  views  up  300%  with  tablets  driving  the  charge   with  a  360%  increase  Source:  TechCrunch,  Apr  2013   —  25  million  smartphone  users  stream  4  hours  of  mobile  video   per  month.  75%  of  smartphone  users  watch  videos  on  their   phones,  26%  of  whom  use  video  at  least  once  a  day    Sources:   Ooyala  and  Ipsos  
  • 27   B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey 2012 - respondents prefer video over white papers, case studies, even live demos with reps.
  • 28   Best  PracBces   —  Keep  it  short  and  sweet  –  aser  30  seconds  you’ve  lost   them   —  Start  strong  –  high  impact  in  first  few  seconds   —  Make  one  point   —  Nielsen  reports  that  humans  can  only  process,  and  retain,   three  simple  messages  in  a  short  span  of  Bme.     —  Entertain,  Inspire,  Inform—or,  Ideally,  do  all  three   —  Create  messages  in  the  interest  of  the  viewer   —  Produce  share-­‐worthy  content   —  Speak  from  the  heart  –  mean  what  you  say   —  Have  a  clear  call  to  acBon  
  • 29   Tools:  Doesn’t  have  to  be  fancy   —   Animoto  -­‐  just  drop  in  video  or  sBll  images,  select  music   from  the  library  or  your  own  and  you’re  done  with   producBon.     —  Bravo  Video  -­‐  Lets  customers  record,  review  and  send   their  videos  to  you,  you  can  approve  and  place  these   user-­‐generated  videos  on  your  website,  blog  or  wherever   you’d  like.  Convenient  to  capture  and  opBmize   tesBmonial  videos.   —  Screencast  -­‐  Create  videos  by  taking  screen  shots  and   adding  your  voice-­‐overs.    
  • 30   Tools   —  Word  –  scripBng   —  Google  Docs  for  sharing   —  Photo  EdiBng  –  iPhoto,  Photoshop   —  Video  EdiBng  –  iMovie,  Final  Cut  Pro   —  Storing  –  Dropbox,  external  hard  drive  
  • 31   Case  Studies  
  • 32  
  • 33  
  • 34  
  • 35  
  • 36  
  • 37  
  • 38  
  • 39  
  • 40   YMCA  of  Central  and  Northern   Westchester   —  The  YMCA  of  Central  and  Northern  Westchester  is   commiEed  to  youth  development,  healthy  living  and   social  responsibility.   —  Strong  Kids  Campaign  –  DonaBons  to  the  Strong  Kids   Campaign  allow  the  YMCA  to  provide  membership  and   program  assistance  to  kids  and  families  who  might  not   otherwise  be  able  to  afford  to  pay  for  YMCA  services.    
  • 41   Telling  The  Story   —  Strategy  for  members,  Board  Members  and  staff  focus  on   telling  their  story  of  how  the  YMCA-­‐CNW  has  impacted   their  lives  thus  humanizing  the  organizaBon  and  the   purpose  of  the  fundraising  campaign   —  Central  component/theme  in  both  off-­‐line  and  online   messaging   —  Online  campaign  support  –  scripted,  highly  produced   video  and  casual,  non-­‐scripted,  from-­‐the-­‐heart  videos  
  • 42
  • 43   43
  • 44   —  Broad  statewide  coaliBon  of  major  employers,   transportaBon  professionals,  civil  engineers,  and  labor   organizaBons  represenBng  more  than  300,000  employees   and  more  than  15,000  employers.     —  Support  for  the  broad  efforts  to  replace  the  Tappan  Zee   Bridge  with  the  New  NY  Bridge.  
  • 45   Telling  The  Story   —  MulB-­‐pronged  approach  to  raise  awareness  about  the   urgency  for  replacing  the  TZB     —  Consistent  messaging,  images  and  videos  across  all   channels   —  PR  –  news  coverage   —  YouTube  videos  featuring  business  leaders,  Unions  who   support   —  Compelling  images  -­‐  Facebook  and  Pinterest  
  • 46
  • 47
  • 48  
  • 49  
  • 50   Supporter of the Week Campaign
  • 51  
  • 52  
  • 53   Westchester  Business  Council   —  The  Business  Council  of  Westchester  is  the  county's   largest  business  organizaBon,  serving  over  1,200  major   corporate,  mid-­‐size  and  small-­‐business  and  professional   member  firms  and  individuals.  
  • 54   Telling  The  Story   —  Mission  is  to  provide  opportuniGes  for  businesses  in   Westchester  County  to  increase  their  visibility  and   awareness  around  their  products/services   —  Consistent  focus  on  members  across  all  channels   —  Member  images  on  Facebook  and  the  website   —  Video  spotlight  interviews  and  Mega  Mixer    
  • 55   55
  • 56  
  • 57  
  • 58  
  • 59   59
  • 60   60
  • 61   Pediatric  Cancer  FoundaBon   —  Pediatric  Cancer  FoundaBon’s  mission  is  to  find  a  cure  for   childhood  cancer.  Founded  in  1970,  this  non-­‐profit   charity  raises  money  for  research,  state  of  the  art   equipment/  instruments  and  parent/  paBent  care  for   world  renowned  doctors  at  the  hospitals  PCF  supports.  
  • 62   Telling  The  Story   —  Mission  is  to  raise  awareness  of  the  organizaGon  and   therefore  increase  involvement  and  donaGons   —  Consistent  branding/messaging  across  all  acBviBes  and   across  all  channels   —  Volunteer  images  on  Facebook     —  “Family”  images  on  Website   —  TesBmonial  video   —  Images  and  video  posted  on  Pinterest  
  • 63   63
  • 64  
  • 65  ‹#› 65
  • 66   66
  • 67   67
  • 68   Xquisite  Events   —  Designers  of  extraordinary  event  surroundings.     —  Event  decor  company  serving  the  tri-­‐state  area.     —  BeauBful  events,  staging  and  photoshoots   —  Use  images  on  all  social  plaZorms  to  highlight  services   68
  • 69  
  • 70  
  • 71  
  • 72  
  • 73   Soundworks  Inc.   —  The  story:    Soundworks  will  guide  you  through  every   phase  of  a  technology  upgrade,  applying  the  newest   technology  to  any  home,  regardless  of  age.     —  Soundworks  is  a  cerBfied  Custom  Electronic  Design  and   InstallaBon  AssociaBon  member.     —  Striking  images  on  all  channels  to  bring  the  experience  to   life.   —  Broadcast  the  contest  giveaway.  
  • 74  
  • 75  
  • 76   TesBmonials   —  Many  companies  create  short  video  tesBmonials  to  show   authenBc  endorsements  from  their  clients.  
  • 77  
  • 78   United  Way   —  United  Way  Worldwide  is  the  leadership  and  support   organizaBon  for  the  network  of  nearly  1,800  community-­‐ based  United  Ways  in  45  countries  and  territories.  We   envision  a  world  where  all  individuals  and  families   achieve  their  human  potenBal  through  educaBon,  income   stability  and  healthy  lives.   78
  • 79   Telling  The  Story   —  Mission  is  to  mobilize  millions  give,  advocate  and   volunteer,  to  raise,  invest  and  leverage  billions  of  dollars   annually  in  philanthropic  contribuGons  to  generate   sustained  impact  in  local  communiBes.  
  • 80   80
  • 81   81
  • 82  
  • 83   83
  • 84   Slide  show  in  blog  post   —  Use  google  to  find:   Wordpress  slideshow  plugin    
  • 85   In  Summary   —  A  single  image  or  video  that  resonates  with  people  can   achieve  breathtaking  results  for  your  organizaBon.   —  With  social  media  -­‐  you  have  never  been  more   empowered.  
  • 86   QuesBons?  
  • 87   Thank  You!   Bridget  Gibbons   @gibbonsdigital