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datonix product overview
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datonix product overview


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datonix is a new platform to develop&deliver BIGDATA solutions, analytic webapp and data services. …

datonix is a new platform to develop&deliver BIGDATA solutions, analytic webapp and data services.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. datonix product profile High tech made in Italy datonix datonix is a new All-in-One data management platform. It is designed to develop top class BIGDATA applications, and webapps to be delivered onpremise or in SaaS mode. ©2014 datonix SpA
  • 2. Executive Summary Pragmatic BIGDATA • • • Many organizations is planning to store vast amounts of data in Hadoop. Yet trying to get value and insights out of this data has proven a challenge. Traditional analytics tools aren't designed for the diversity and size of big data sets. Exporting data sets is a problem since they can be too large to move out of Hadoop to in-memory analytics stores. Apache Hive or SQL on Hadoop require brittle, fixed schemas and specialized skills. In short, gaining meaningful insight can often take months. datonix enables you to use large amounts of raw data without specialized skill sets, fixed schemas or months of development. Using datonix, you can experience dramatic improvements in the speed and simplicity of getting insights from BIGDATA ©2014 datonix SpA
  • 3. Executive Summary RAW DATA, NOW! BIGDATA refers to any data that cannot be managed by a traditional database due to three typical characteristics: high volume, high velocity and high variety. a. High volume: big data’s sheer volume slows down traditional database racks b. High velocity: big data often streams in at high speed and can be time-sensitive c. High variety: big data tends to be not structured and modeled “a priori”. w h e r e w w h h a y t Databases are very complicated machines. As data Volume/Variety grow, the complexity will grow Create, partecipate and link to data grids In the Business, in the cloud, in the internet ©2014 datonix SpA Traditional databases – such as Oracle, Microsoft’s SQL Server or IBM’s DB2 – are not capable of handling BIGDATA. Furthermore the above techs require data to be pre-structured. So new technology platforms are required. While use of MIS structured data is still challenging, new trends are emerging: - Open Source - Cloud - Event data - Machine2Machine
  • 4. Executive Summary BIGDATA Market landscape Level Three Level Two Level One Level Zero ©2014 datonix SpA
  • 5. Datonix Inside technology Vertical Applications Data as a Service Analytic Infrastructures Technologies Operational Infrastructures The QueryObject™ System Technology is designed to extend the actual BIGDATA market techs panorama. QueryObject enables the DATA SCAN feature. The DATA SCAN feature allows BIGDATA architects to plan solutions that will include the possibility to create exact copies of data sources that are inviolable, portable, secure, performing, and web 2.0 ready. With QueryObject it is possible to scan and archive RAW DATA immediately, and decide HOW TO use data and their structure later. ©2014 datonix SpA
  • 6. Datonix Inside Operational Vertical Applications Our datonixOne Scanner is based on QueryObject Technology. Data as a Service Analytic Infrastructures Operational Infrastructures Connectors to anysource are avalaible: a) http csv, xml, and json streams; b) any odbc database gateway; c) Technologies High speed drivers for Oracle, Impala, Hive. Once connected to datasource datonixOne scans data at high speed resulting an output binary data set that is portable, read only, compressed, open to be structured and queried. Adjustments of archived data can be easily provided so that only delta can be loaded. In this case Log of records fixes can be easily activated. ©2014 datonix SpA
  • 7. Datonix Inside Analytic Vertical Applications Data as a Service Analytic Infrastructures Technologies After the SCAN, any data structure and analytical model can be applied on scanned data resulting an highly compressed and responsive data set named Answerset. Operational Infrastructures Answerset contains any answers to any query can be easily built thanks to our proprietary Fragment technology . The datonix great value is that at any moment analytical data are integrated to the operational one, so that users can drill through details and aggregates. Dynamic aggregation is available as well. Feature enable the application of external hierarchy structures at 0 CPU to Answerset. In this way theoretically VERY BIG holistic data views can be built in real time without CPU consumption. ©2014 datonix SpA
  • 8. Datonix Inside Data as a Service Vertical Applications Data as a Service Analytic Infrastructures Technologies Operational Infrastructures datonixOne Publisher is a preconfigured VM that can be easily installed in the cloud. High performances data service are automatically available once a datonix Answerset is published in the Cloud repository. a. Data service outputs format are csv, xml, json, html grid so that data can be used for any link or mash up. b. Excel query can be automatically connected to datonix web services, implementing this way 5 stars Open data services in 1 click.. c. High quality Charts both in swf or html5 are available as well. d. Download of archives is available for offline SSBI activities. ©2014 datonix SpA
  • 9. Datonix Inside Editions and positioning Operating Platform datonix is available in 4 editions: Windows edition Scanner32: Win 2003+ Publisher32: Vmware player 5+ Tools32: Win7+, Office2007+, AcrobatX+ m100a edition Scanner64: OSX Mountain Lion Publisher32: Vmware Fusion 4+ Tools32: Win7+, Office2007+, AcrobatX+ m200a edition Scanner64: OSX Mountain Lion Server Publisher32: Vmware Fusion 4+ Tools: Windows7, Office2007+, AcrobatX+ ©2014 datonix SpA System edition Scanner64: RedHat 6 Publisher64: Vmware player 5+ Tools: Windows7, Office2007+, AcrobatX+
  • 10. Bottom Line • • • • • datonix is designed for OEM or Solution developers: Rich set of API and development tools are available datonix is All-in-One, its adoption is recommended to: a) ensure Application’s easy development and evolution, b) reduce System Integration costs datonix extends actual database oriented BIGDATA architectures introducing a new, interesting, grid component: The database Scanner datonix is end-user oriented: can be used without being a software developer 5 stars open data and data services can be developed in in 1 click Vertical Applications Data as a Service Analytic Infrastructures Technologies ©2014 datonix SpA Operational Infrastructures Vertical Applications