The type of media institution that could possibly


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The type of media institution that could possibly

  1. 1. The type of media institution thatcould possibly distribute my media product and my explanation why. Gianluca Kulczycki
  2. 2. • What is a production company?• A production company is basically what helps the film to be created. It helps to schedule, budget, scripting and the pickings of cast. The production process finds a director and the most talented actors that are required for the film.• My logo:• The logo that I created is very eerie, therefore showing the audience that my films would be based around horror. I have placed my image in the centre, so that it captures the audiences eye.
  3. 3. • What is film distribution?• It is a company that is accountable for the marketing of a film. It may set a release day for the film, it may be done directly (if the distributer owns the cinema or networks.• A limited distributer may deal only with particular products. For example DVDs, Blue- rays or digital copy. It may also be may for a specific country or audience.
  4. 4. • Blumhouse Productions• I have chosen to use Blumhouse Productions because I think it would be very suitable as it made one of the most popular horror films ‘Paranormal Activity’. Following this they made a lot of profit on this low budget film. I have chosen it also because Paranormal Activity is shot with the ‘found footage’ genre with ties in with my film opening.
  5. 5. • Funding:• My film opening will be funded by Next Wave Films, this is a company from The Independent Film Channel, it offers two main services for emerging and established filmmakers. These are :• 1. They supply finishing funds to low budget features by new filmmakers, including assistance through post-production, they then help with festival and press approaches.• 2. They have developed "Agenda 2000,“ this offers production and financing to established filmmakers working with digital video.
  6. 6. • Film titles:• Included in my opening film, I have added titles. These are always in a film- no matter the genre. These titles are made to show the audience who is staring in the film and who was involved in the production process. In my film opening I have used a ‘Digital’ font and layered them on the clip itself.
  7. 7. • Influential films:• My film was influenced by a few horror movies, One that most influenced me was ‘Blair Witch Project’. I have incorporated their idea of the ‘found footage’ effect of filming. However in mine I decided to use a creature instead of hunting for a witch, but the whole concept is the same in both movies- we do not know the fate of the characters.