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The 20% Club: An Analysis Of High Achievers
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The 20% Club: An Analysis Of High Achievers


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Growth Expert Gian Fiero's presentation on what makes someone a high achiever, and how to become one.

Growth Expert Gian Fiero's presentation on what makes someone a high achiever, and how to become one.

Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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  • 1. The 20% Club An Analysis Of High Achievers
  • 2. What Is It? Any group of individuals whose efforts, contributions, or accomplishments are responsible for the majority of success in any collective scenario.
  • 3. Based On The 80/20 Rule Sometimes referred to as the Pareto Principle, the 80/20 rule was founded by Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923) when he observed that 20 percent of the people of Italy owned 80 percent of the land, and wealth.
  • 4. Emphasis 20% of the input (time, resources, effort) accounts for 80% of the output (results, rewards)
  • 5. The Principle at Work
  • 6. 80/20 In The Workplace 20% of a company’s workforce will comprise 80% of it’s value.
  • 7. Goals = Motivation
  • 8. Value = Worth 1. Solve Problems
  • 9. Membership
  • 10. Membership Card Effort + Resources + Opportunity
  • 11. What Is Effort? ef·fort/ efərt/ˈ Noun: A vigorous or determined attempt. The result of an attempt.
  • 12. The 10,000 Hour Rule
  • 13. 10,000 Hours Breakdown
  • 14. What Is A Resource? Resource: A source of supply or support; an available means; a source of information or expertise.
  • 15. Resources “Most individuals make use of only a small part of their resources, whereas a few exceptional individuals push themselves to their limits.” -William James
  • 16. What Is Resourcefulness? Resourcefulness: Able to meet situations; capable of devising ways and means to make use of resources.
  • 17. Opportunity
  • 18. What Is An Opportunity? 1. A set of circumstances that make it possible to do something. 2. A chance for employment or promotion.
  • 19. 9 Things They Do
  • 20. TMED Time Management + Energy Distribution =
  • 21. A Marathon…Not A Sprint “Grit is the willingness to commit to long term goals, and persist in the face of difficulty.”
  • 22. Grit Versus IQ “Perseverance is at least as crucial as intelligence. . . . the most crucial inherent differences may be ones of temperament rather than of intellect.”
  • 23. Realistic Optimist?
  • 24. Negativity Bias The psychological phenomenon by which humans pay more attention to, remember better, more frequently recall, and get more aroused by the negative than the positive.
  • 25. Strengths
  • 26. Proactive Opportunity x Strengths
  • 27. The Key & Focal Point Effort + Resources + Opportunity
  • 28. Accepting New Members