Networking Your Way To Success


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Growth Expert Gian Fiero's presentation on strategic networking techniques that can be used to build thriving networks and faciliate career advancement.

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  • Networking Your Way To Success

    1. 1. Networking Your Way To Success
    2. 2. Networking… it doesn’t matter if you don’t
    3. 3. Anatomy of Networking
    4. 4. Definition: Networking  “A process by where people who have common interests and concerns come together to exchange ideas and information, for the purpose of professional development and accomplishment.”
    5. 5. The Art of Networking To be an effective networker, we can’t directly pursue the benefits of networks, or focus on what we can get from our networks. The best prescription is to take themselves out of he equation, focusing on how we can contribute to others.
    6. 6. Individualism Is A Myth “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” All the ingredients of success that we customarily think of as “individual”— natural talent, intelligence, education, effort, and luck— are intricately intertwined with networks.
    7. 7. Definition: Network  A group of people who provide support, information, and resources to each other for the advancement, enhancement, or enrichment of each other’s careers or business pursuits.
    8. 8. Our Networks/Our Tools Value Get things done Achieve our goals Fulfill our missions in life Make our contributions
    9. 9. Networks = Social Capital Resources available in and through personal and business networks.
    10. 10. Question?
    11. 11. Size Matters Size, quality, and diversity of your personal and business networks matter!
    12. 12. Networking & Pareto Principle
    13. 13. Weak Ties & Strong Ties
    14. 14. Weak Ties & Strong Ties
    15. 15. What is a connector? Connectors are simply those who know a lot of people and connect them. They possess a special gift for bringing people together.
    16. 16. Why are connectors valuable?  They can facilitate introductions.  They provide access and brand affiliation.
    17. 17. Brand Affiliation  Brand affiliation is the association of qualities that a person, company, or organization has which can indirectly benefit you as a result of your involvement or relationship with them.  “BIRG”ing
    18. 18. Value(s) open doors  Knowledge of your values and value opens the door to success in all networking situations.
    19. 19. Value Proposition – Examples  Definition: Identification and satisfaction of an unmet need.  “People tend to enjoy working with me, in any capacity, due to my strong work ethic and attention to detail.”  “My organizational skills helped me to juggle classes and school activities with honors, and I’m sure your company could benefit from them as well.”  Value = What you can deliver!
    20. 20. Problems are key People create value out of their social capital. … Problems seek solutions; solutions seek problems.
    21. 21. Before networking        Define your objectives Assess your value/values Reprogram your thinking Practice value propositions Clarify your message Embrace your mission Prepare to tackle man’s 3 greatest fears?
    22. 22. Man’s 3 Greatest Fears 1. 1. Unknown 2. Failure 3. Rejection
    23. 23. 10 Steps To Networking Success
    24. 24. 10 Steps To Networking Success  1.) Upgrade Your Appearance Take time to pay attention to the details of your appearance and look the part that you want to play. *It takes 5-7 seconds to form an impression.
    25. 25. Kinesics
    26. 26. 10 Steps To Networking Success  2.) Be Objective Oriented If you focus on helping others solve their problems, fulfill their, needs, and cater to their desires, your services, products, skills, and talents will be utilized in the process.
    27. 27. 10 Steps To Networking Success  3.) Be Tactful Don't let your personality quirks distract people from the benefits of doing business with you.
    28. 28. 10 Steps To Networking Success  4.) Have A Mental Script Practice your introductions and be able to clearly and concisely explain who you are, and what you do. It’s crucial to becoming an (mission critical) ally.
    29. 29. 10 Steps To Networking Success  5.) Provide Business Reasons The real interest people have is not in you, but in what you can offer or do for them. Cater to it at every turn.
    30. 30. 10 Steps To Networking Success 6.) Qualify Your Contacts Ask questions which allow you to get clarification or amplification of details.
    31. 31. 10 Steps To Networking Success  7.) Listen More Than You Talk (the 60/40 rule) avoid the talking head syndrome. Talking too much reduces your chances of getting vital information and makes you come off as self-centered. It's also annoying. Ask questions!
    32. 32. 10 Steps To Networking Success  8.) Issue A Call To Action After you have qualified your contact as a potential business ally, you should issue a call to action, or make a proposal.
    33. 33. 10 Steps To Networking Success  9.) Follow-Up & Follow-Through The greatest effort and energy utilized in the networking process should be used to convert your contacts into profitable relationships.
    34. 34. 10 Steps To Networking Success  10.) Deliver The Goods ALWAYS deliver on your brand promise.
    35. 35. Social Networking
    36. 36. Career Insight
    37. 37. Use The A.I.M. Format Attention Interest Motivation
    38. 38. Social Networking Sites       LinkedIn-Professional Facebook-Fun, professional Twitter-Fun, professional - Various - Web directory Pinterest-Fun,proessional
    39. 39. Social Networking Makes you easy to find HR managers are inundated with resumes. Thousands are now turning to sites like LinkedIn to search for the right candidate.
    40. 40. Social Networking An poll found that 20 percent of users found jobs via social networking sites. This number will increase in the future.
    41. 41. Social Networking  Be afraid… HR Managers are using social networking sites to see if you really have the goods to do the jobs. Some are also using sites to rule you out. Brand affiliation and PR are on constant display.
    42. 42. Social Networking  Inappropriate photos…
    43. 43. *Super* Power Networking Tips Color Psychology
    44. 44. Individual Colors & Their Affects          Black = authority, power, business, seriousness, focus Blue = tranquility, balance, fairness Brown = maturity, reliability, conservative Green = nature, health, prosperity Grey = wisdom, trustworthiness, maturity Purple = royalty, wealth, sophistication, religious Red = passion, aggression, stimulation White = purity, innocence, sterility, holiness Yellow = friendliness, alertness, competitive
    45. 45. Power Networking Tips  Put yourself in a position to get favors or help before you need them by nurturing your network consistently.
    46. 46. Power Networking Tips  Always be mindful of business dynamics…even in social settings.
    48. 48. Networking Summary  Be of service; be of value  Build reciprocal relationships; not just rapport and contacts  Strive to create win-win situations  Solve problems, fulfill needs, and cater to the desires of others at every turn!  A.B.C.
    49. 49. Networking… it doesn’t matter if you don’t
    50. 50. Conclusion “Your Network Is Your Net worth.”