Gian's Workshops & Speaking Topics


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Career Specialist & Growth Expert, Gian Fiero's signature workshops and speaking topics.

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Gian's Workshops & Speaking Topics

  1. 1. Gian’s Speaking Topics & Workshops
  2. 2. Gian Fiero is a media & public speaker who launched his career as a former workshop presenter for the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), where his presentations on professional development ranked first in attendance, and attendee satisfaction, for 11 consecutive years. About Gian FieroAbout Gian Fiero
  3. 3. Recognized as a growth expert, Gian’s seminars, workshops, and speaking curriculums draw upon multiple disciplines of psychology and twenty years of combined work experience in various capacities including personal management, education, business consulting, and organization development to facilitate growth. About Gian Fiero 510.924.6079
  4. 4. Those striving for professional growth Those desiring career & life success Gian’s Target Audience 510.924.6079
  5. 5. This workshop, based on Gian’s highly applauded book, So What Do You Do?, provides incisive insights and proven strategies that help professionals overcome common career challenges to achieve success. So What Do You Do? A Career Development Workshop
  6. 6. Workshop attendees will discover the psychological elements of a personal branding, and secrets to establishing, promoting, and successfully positioning one’s personal brand. The Science of Personal Branding
  7. 7. Success is often subjectively defined, but those who have succeeded share common characteristics and have similar challenges en route to their success. This seminar is a meta- analysis of the success process and how you can achieve greater success. The Success Symposium
  8. 8. In today’s job market, many are becoming jacks-of-all trades; some out of necessity, but many out of desire. This workshop defines what a renaissance soul is, covers the factors that enable them to succeed, and offers insights into why a career as a renaissance soul may be a viable career option for some. Career Success As A Renaissance Soul
  9. 9. Most people don’t like their jobs. Survey after survey reveals that most people are settling for the jobs they have, or are either passively or actively looking for new jobs. This workshop will empower you with a new perspective, effective tools, and solid instructions on how to leverage your job experience and skills into an actual career. Using The Job You Hate, To Build The Career You Love
  10. 10. In this interactive workshop attendees will learn how to address and resolve counterproductive issues such as procrastination, lack of focus, and weak motivations – all of which are known to create barriers which prevent people from fulfilling their potential and reaching their goals. Effective Goal Setting & Motivation Workshop
  11. 11. This workshop, based on one the National Football League’s most successful franchises, the New England Patriots, spotlights the details of the teamwork that is required to achieve optimal collaborative results. The Ultimate Teambuilding Workshop
  12. 12. In this workshop music artists will learn the formula for achieving commercial success and building a community, while examining how Prince was able to break into the music industry on his terms at the age of 18, and establish and maintain a successful career that has included number one songs, radio hits, films, endless awards, respect from his peers, and status as a music industry legend. Lessons Learned from Prince On How To Achieve and Maintain Success in the Music Industry
  13. 13. Additional speaking Topics
  14. 14. 510.924.6079