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The answers of the prelims of Quiz_X

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Quiz_X answers

  1. 1. GREY MATTER PresentsQUIZ _X Prelims Answers
  2. 2. 1.Start off easy. Easy put funda
  3. 3. Coca Cola commemorates Sachin’s century of centuries.
  4. 4. Q2.what is the order of the colors in the google logo ? :PToo simple !
  5. 5. BRYBGR
  6. 6. Q3.Who is india’s Minister of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Minister of Planning, Head of the Department of Atomic Energy, Head of the Department of Space and Minister of Coal??
  7. 7. Our very own Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
  8. 8. Q4.Which part of Delhi is Delhi 6?
  9. 9. Chandni chowk
  10. 10. Q5.The Durand line separates which two countries in Asia?
  11. 11. Afghanisthan and Pakistan
  12. 12. Q6. Which part of the human body can grow to more than three times its size when stimulated??
  13. 13. That was a gender neutral question..:PThe answer is The Iris in the eye.
  14. 14. Q7.Edward Bear was the name used to refer a cartoon character, now famously known as X
  15. 15. Winnie the pooh
  16. 16. Q8.Which sportsperson has the autobiography called "open“??
  17. 17. Andre Agassi
  18. 18. Q9. ID. Surely you rememberher??.:P
  19. 19. Small wonder “Vicki” tiffany brissette
  20. 20. Q10.Vruksh ho bade bhale, ho ghane ho bhale, Ek Patra chhah bhi mang mat, mang mat, mang mat………………………………???????Next is what???
  21. 21. Agneepath, agneepath, agneepath….
  22. 22. Q11.Another sitter What is Beti B’s name??
  23. 23. Aaradhya Bacchan
  24. 24. Q12.Which Football stadium has the official name Stadio Guissepe Meazza. But it is popularly known by another name??
  25. 25. San Siro. The home stadium of Inter Milan and AC Milan.
  26. 26. Q13.Which personality’s real name is Dileep Kumar ??
  27. 27. A R Rehman
  28. 28. Q14. If Abhishek Endorses Motorola, Priyanka Chopra is the Brand Ambassodor for Spice and SRK is the Indian Nokia Icon, What mobile brand does the Big B endorse?
  29. 29. Zen Mobiles
  30. 30. Q15. Whos the only real life character to ever feature in a Tintin comic book ?
  31. 31. Al Capone
  32. 32. Q16. Which modern English word owes its origin to the Hassanshins, who were a order of people living in the Persian empire around 1080 A.D??
  33. 33. Assasins. The Hassanshins were actually very skilled assasins and hence the modern word owes its origin to them.
  34. 34. Q17. Whose words??
  35. 35. Marylin MonroeThe cartoon character is Betty Boop who is based on Marilyn.
  36. 36. Q19. So said one of the wives of the Persian king Nader Shah: “If a strong man should take five stones, and throw one north, one south, one east and one west, and the last straight up into the air, and the space between filled with gold and gems, that would be equal the value of one ______”.
  37. 37. The Kohinoor
  38. 38. Q20.Where would you find Lakha, Kachra, Bhura, Goli and Bagha??
  39. 39. Lagaan
  40. 40. Q21. Whose children are Prince, Paris and Blanket??
  41. 41. Michael Jackson
  42. 42. • Q22. Even though the rest of the world considers it as a sport, spaniards see it more as a part of their culture than a sporting event. In fact they appear in the cultural section of spanish newspapers rather than in the sports section. Give me this sport??
  43. 43. Bullfighting
  44. 44. Q23. ID this judoka.Note: we know him for entirely different reasons
  45. 45. Vladmir Putin. Not a man to be messed with.
  46. 46. • Q24. Which legendary warrior has an armoury consisting of the shuriken, the kusarigama, the katana, the fukiya and the happo??
  47. 47. Ninja
  48. 48. Q25. Em.. ID??
  49. 49. Cyrus Mistry. Soon to be boss of the Tata empire.
  50. 50. Q26. Which legend’s statue is this??
  51. 51. Bruce Lee
  52. 52. Q27. The __________ runs 1.3 miles (2.1 km) east to west on Hollywood Boulevard from North Gower Street to North La Brea Avenue, plus a short segment of Marshfield Way that runs diagonally between Hollywood and La Brea; and 0.4 miles (0.7 km) north to south on Vine Street between Yucca Street and Sunset Boulevard.
  53. 53. The Hollywood walk of fame
  54. 54. Q28.W was an American rock band, Ws brief run ended following the death of its lead singer X in 1994 by a self inflicted shotgun wound. Ws discography includes Nevermind (1991) In Utero (1993) and Bleach (1989). The drummer Y of the band W went onto become form a new band Z and became its lead vocalist,singer-songwriter and guitarist. The new group Z got its name from the UFOs and various aerial phenomena that were reported by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II, which were known collectively as Z. This new band has won 11 grammys including best rock album 4 times having released albums like One by One (2001) and Wasting light (2010)
  55. 55. W- NirvanaX-Kurt cobainY-Dave GrohlZ-The Foo Fighters
  56. 56. Q28. ID. What have I blacked out??
  57. 57. This most famous photo of CheGuevara has been blanked out.