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For Free Demo Please Contact …

For Free Demo Please Contact
INDIA: +91-9848346149, +91-7702226149
Land line: +91 (0)40 - 42627705
US: +1 973-619-0109, +1 312-235-6527
UK : +44 207-993-2319
Skype id : acutesoft
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  • 1. Android Online Training AcuteSoft: India: +91-9848346149, +91-7702226149 Land Line: +91 (0)40 - 42627705 USA: +1 973-619-0109, +1 312-235-6527 UK : +44 207-993-2319 skype : acutesoft email :
  • 2. Android Online Training Overview of the Android BASE Android Introduction To Android System & Architecture History And Various Modules Features Variables & Android Syntax Rules Android Data Sets Data Set Options Operators Reading Raw Data In file Statement With Options Working With External Files & Options Multiple Observations Input Styles
  • 3. Android Online Training Select Statement Leave and Continue Statements Creating & Redefining Variables Where Statement If – Then Else Statement Goto, Stop And Error Statements Output Statement, Put Statement Do Loops Modifying And Combining Data Sets Updating Master Data Set Display Manager Commands Android Functions BASE Android PROCEDURES Proc sort
  • 4. Android Online Training Proc Print Proc Means Proc Freq Proc Plot Proc Chart Proc Copy Proc Summary Proc Append Proc Datasets Proc Contents Proc Delete Proc Format Proc Import Proc Export
  • 5. Android Online Training Android/REPORTS Frequency Report One-Way Frequency Report Cross Tabular Frequency Report Summary Statistics Creating A List Report Define Statement Order Usage and Group Printing Grand Totals Rbreak Statement Tabulate Procedure One-Dimensional Tables Two-Dimensional Tables Obtaining A Total Analysis Variables with options
  • 6. Android Online Training Summary Statistics Android Database [ORACLE-SQL CONCEPTS] Introduction History Features Sql Command Set Operators In Sql Order By Clause Group By Clause Having Clause Distinct Clause Create and Insert Deleting, Populating And Updating Android/SQL Introduction To Android/Sql
  • 7. Android Online Training Features Uses Terminology Data Types, Key Words, & Operators Functions, Predicates Formatting Output Group By Clause Order By Clause Having Clause Case Expression And Conditional Logic Creating ,Populating & Deleting Tables Alter Table Statement Changing Column’s Length Joins Constraints
  • 8. Android Online Training Renaming A Table & Columns Views Android/ACCESS Working With Oracle Working With Ms-Access Working With Ms-Excel DBLoad Procedure Android/GRAPH Gchart Procedure Vertical, Horizontal, Pie Donut G3d Group, Subgroups Gplot Procedure Multiple Plots & Overlay
  • 9. Android Online Training Symbol Statement Title And Footnote Statements Goptions Android/STAT Proc Univariate Proc Corr Proc Reg Proc Anova Android/ODS Creating Rtf File Creating Html File,PDF File
  • 10. For Free Demo Please Contact AcuteSoft: India: +91-9848346149, +91-7702226149 Land Line: +91 (0)40 - 42627705 USA: +1 973-619-0109, +1 312-235-6527 UK : +44 207-993-2319 skype : acutesoft email :