Roselyn’s Life StoryDo you believe in reincarnation or eternity? If you asked me before, my answerwould be no. But then wh...
June, 2003 first day high and first day of school and I’m back to school. And if mybestfriend and I fight together but thi...
curious to a new transfer student and I ask some questions to my classmate. Andafter my question my teacher is here and st...
face like a red rose. My high school day’s is my most happiness in my life. Why? Iremember Elisa and I ate the mango in my...
April 05, 2011 is my graduation day started at 3:00 pm in the afternoon and mymommy Dabeng his carrying me on the stage. A...
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Roselyn's life story


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Roselyn's life story

  1. 1. Roselyn’s Life StoryDo you believe in reincarnation or eternity? If you asked me before, my answerwould be no. But then when I finally get to experience it myself, my belief changeddrastically. Why? Read on to find out.When I was still in elementary, I didn’t know that such thing existed. Though myteacher brought it up every now and then, I chose to ignore it. It was evendiscussed in class up until high school. It was only then that I started to accept it.My experience in reincarnation started when I was in 4th grade. When I first lay myeyes on my crush, it felt as if I’ve met him before even though it was the very firsttime that I saw him. I couldn’t remember when or where, it just felt that way. Itwas as if I’ve met him in my past life or something to that effect. But the sad thingis that he was interested in someone else.But that didn’t stop me from crushing on him. He is really cute. So I asked aroundfor his name and my schoolmates told me that his full name is “Bryndel Vizmanos.”That moment I felt more connected to him than ever. I didn’t know why I was socurious about the girl whom he was pursuing. Probably because I was wishing thathe would pursue me instead of her.Past forward to 5th grade; it was the 1st day of school. Nothing seemed to change,my former classmates were still my classmates for that year, except for oneperson. My best friend Eliomer left for Visaya, Province it was very sad. Then my classmate started teasing me with my classmate name Christian iswas irritating because there was no truth in it. And then, but the time my parentswere fighting more than usual. The last straw was went decided lived the houseand move to Mabayo at very young age me and my sister had injured to a brokenfamily the arrangement is so hard we only get to see my mother one a week he’sgiving as allowance.March 2003, during vacation my sister and I stay with my mother, cousin and otherrelative is was really fan. I get to play with my younger cousin. And the time Iwhenever I’m there they tease me with whomever they fell like teasing with methen after that went to Angeles, Pampanga to visit my other relatives and stayedthere for a while. We enjoyed our stay there are very warm. They convinced mymom to go back my father again after a couple resistances. I’m so happy becauseshe came back with us. After vacation when decided my auntie Cel and my cousinto go back in Bataan because enrollment started. And me I’m was in 6th grade andmy sister is 4th year High School of course me and my sister they was happybecause my mother back to home and there in good terms.
  2. 2. June, 2003 first day high and first day of school and I’m back to school. And if mybestfriend and I fight together but this time is no fight because there was move to6th grade. And I’m promise to myself no more fighting because they aregraduating in Elementary. And that time my classmate and Sir Roel started teasingme with my classmate name “Francis Batungbacal”. I remember my classmategive me the kitchen with the penguin design. And I ask question to him “Why yougive me this kitchen is yours. Sir Roel teasing me with Francis because myclassmate complaint he said “sir Roel Francis is very noisy here my side and hedidn’t go back to her own chair and my adviser reply “Francis go back to your ownchair and why are you not here in your own chair. Why are you standing at theback I think you and Ruby Ann have a relationship. Couldn’t stand at the backRoselyn is here for you”. My entire classmate we laughing and teasing me. Andthe last one teasing me is to my classmate. Why because bestfriend April if whatwrite in my notebook and she right “ROSELYN LOVE JAPERSON” that time myadviser discuss the lesson and math problem how do you solve the math problemApril and I we not listen until my classmate come to my sister and he said“ROSELYN AND APRIL COULDN’T LISTEN TO YOUR EXPLANATION AND THEY ARELAUGHING” and Sir Roel look at me and my bestfriend he said “why are youlaughing?” and I reply because April she write on my notebook and I come to SirRoel and He looked my notebook” after that he get the chalk and he write onchalkboard “LOVE TRIANGLE APRIL, JAPERSON AND ROSELYN”. And Veronica said“WHY ARE YOU THREE COULDN’T TOLD TO YOUR CLASSMATE. OYY JAPERSONWHO CHOSE BETWEEN ROSELYN AND APRIL”.One day my bestfriend have a problem and I said to her “WHAT IS YOURPROBLEM?” If you couldn’t told me your problem its ok you cry and cry until yourfeelings is better than earlier. My entire classmate and my batch mate they arelooked at me with my bestfriend because I’m cry in Flag Ceremony with her. And Itold to my friend my entire secret because I trusted my friend. And I’m not wrongthey are kept my classmate until I’m graduate in Elementary but I’m so sadbecause my bestfriend Lindalyn and her mother decided to move in Washington,Dc. I’m so very lonely because I couldn’t greet her “CONGRATIOLATION”. I thinkmy graduation day is March 29, 2007 I’m not lonely because I know I meet my allclassmate again in High School but in my high school every day I shuddered indelight when I saw my crush.June 04, 2007 is my first day of high school and I have a new home in school day.And everything is new, new school, new classmate and new teacher. I have a newclassmates and old classmates. And I was in 1st year I have a close friend if I haveno money I barrow to her his name PRINCESS ALEJO and I have a new crush. Thattime my friend told to Bryndel na I like her. My first shake hand is my crush since Iwas 4th grade. I am happy because he is my first shake hands even my family andmy relatives.June, 2008 I’m 2nd year high school and two years I’m waiting before I’mgraduating. That time I terrible crush to Bryndel. And they are a new classmateand my entire classmates are shuddered. to her new transfer student. And I’m
  3. 3. curious to a new transfer student and I ask some questions to my classmate. Andafter my question my teacher is here and started to a new lesson. My classmateKathleen she give my number to her cousin Joneil. And I text her “Why you givemy number to your cousin” and he reply to me “He said to me cousin give a textmate” actually Joneil and I have a relationship but one day. They broke up withhim because my heart is belong to her classmate. On Christmas Party Kathleenand I have bickering but that time Joneil is my katext. I remember my friendEvangeline I meet her in 2nd year section 5 classroom and exchange cell phonenumber she is good to me and good looking and all my problems she knows. Allmy text is about her classmate. One day April and I have many intrigues about the2nd year girls is a worst careless. Why? They are come to the 4th year classroomand they give the letter to the boys but I know the intrigues because I know who isreferring there is me and my bestfriend April but they are wrong I’m visit to mycousin Kerth to they give the advanced about friendship, study, personal problemand to my acting talent if how I improve my acting talent because my cousin advicemy friendship will become stronger than ever. I was 2nd year I give the Valentine’scard to my crushes of course is my special to me because all my life first time I givethe Valentine’s card to Bryndel and Joneil. I told to my bestfriend about theValentine’s card because they have no secret for each other because they trusteach other. I remember me and my cousin have a unforgettable crazy moment.Why they call my crush and with his Dabarkads. And I was 2nd year Bryndel isrunning for Araling-Panlipunan and he won the position for a President of Araling-Panlipunan club.June 01, 2009 I’m 3rd year high school and 1 year before I’m graduating. KevinRoy Baltazar is my schoolmate again that time he knows I like him because mycousin told him na crush ko siya. I couldn’t deny to him. That time I’m shakehands to my crush actually is my second shake hands to him and her reactions ishis smiling at me and laugh after my shake hands with him. Her hands like acotton like my hands 3rd year high school I met my new friend she is good lookingand always smiling at me his name Elisa Reyes and every she went my house andthey eating with me. And 3rd year high school is my most embarrassing experiencebecause I’m wrote the love letter to my crush. Why? Because I couldn’t kept myall feelings to him. I told to my best friend Elisa about the love letter to my crush.Elisa she knows about my crush and my family problem. I couldn’t keep my secretto her. My classmate they teasing me to Kevin. Why? Ma’am Jennifer she discussthe new lesson but me and Kevin didn’t listen to her discussion. I remember Elisaand I eating the mango. And we have a contest for “Mr. And Ms. Most popularfaces” of course my crush won for most popular faces 2010.June 07, 2010 I’m 4th year high school and finally I’m graduated this 2011. Myfeelings is my mixed emotion I sad and happy, sad because I couldn’t see my crusheveryday and happy because finally I’m graduated in high school after 13th yearsof schooling and I’m happy because finally I’m move to College. And I learn verymuch and more English grammar to my favorite teacher name Mrs. CleopatraManalo. Ma’am Manalo is my one favorite teacher in high school because I alwaysclean the AVR or (AUDIO VISUAL ROOM). And this is my last shake hands withBryndel and my entire classmate teasing me with him. He smiles at me and her
  4. 4. face like a red rose. My high school day’s is my most happiness in my life. Why? Iremember Elisa and I ate the mango in my house and watch TV. My most shudderedfactor when I’m 4th year high school Jett and I have report in Araling – Panlipunanand my classmate teasing me with my partner on my reported. Veronica said “whyI couldn’t know we have a love team this room”. After report my classmates askthe question to reporter I don’t know the answer my partner he answer thequestions. If my partner he couldn’t the question I answered to my classmatequestion. I am really happy because last teacher’s day all IV- Cojeda requested thesongs for they adviser.Last Christmas Party in 4th year we have a search in title “Bebot 2010”. Myclassmate won to the search of Bebot. My J. S Prom is coming soon and I couldn’tknow who is my first dance or I have a dance. I really mad to my classmatebecause he told to my adviser he said “Sir Diony she like to joined the j. s prombecause she like to dance with her crush his name Bryndel”. And my adviser hesmiling at me and he said “Do you want dance with Bryndel?” And I reply “Ofcourse Sir Diony I like her dance with him and I like him since I was in 4th grade”.And Sir Diony said to me “Ok I requested a favor to her na she dance you in your J.S Prom. In the cover court I have an invitation card and I come to Sir Diony for myone request I said Sir please sigh this songs “King and Queen of my hearts toDanniel”. And he reply to no I told to Danniel you dance with her.February 18, 2011 I am so excited to dance with Bryndel and Danniel. After thecotillion and the cotillion in 4th year they announce the winner of best dress andbest couple and they couldn’t finish the awarding ceremony to be continued. Afterthe awarding of best dress and best couple is started the 15th songs or 15thdances. First song I have no dance but the 2nd song in title “The Gift” I’m notexpected Bryndel is my first dance I’m shuck when his hands offer to me and myclassmate teasing me and him. I accept her hands and I follow to the dance floorand they dance together. I’m not told to her because I shy and she started theconversation he said to me “what is your take up course if you graduated in highschool” and I said “Tourism how about yours” and he reply to me “ComputerEngineering” and he said to me “You’re my 2nd dance” and I told him “it is okyou’re my first dance”. After the songs I follow her to go back my chair and I saidto her “thank you so much for the dance with me”. And the 3rd song is “Destiny” Isaw Danniel he find the girl he dance with her I’m not expect he’s looking at meand he’s offer her hands and I accept and I follow her to the middle placed. Hedidn’t told to me unlike Bryndel he told to me and he is a gentleman and I couldn’tknow Jherson he take the picture with Danniel and he said “you looked on thecamera” and Jherson suggested exchange partner and my 3rd dance is JhersonSurbano my savior and my last danced is my classmate Renel Villanueva. After theProm I come Sir Diony and I take a picture with Danniel and I requested to Bryndelwe take a picture and he reply to me ok. In my room I said to my adviser “SirDiony please told to Danniel thank you for dance with him in the Prom”. And after Itold to my adviser he saw him and he called to her He said “Danniel, Roselyn toldme thank you to dance with her last Friday”. And my classmate teasing with him.
  5. 5. April 05, 2011 is my graduation day started at 3:00 pm in the afternoon and mymommy Dabeng his carrying me on the stage. After my graduation ceremony Itake a picture with my mommy, my sister, my cousin and my classmates andespecially to my crush. And I saw my cousin Kerth and he greet me and he shakehands to me and he said you are graduated in high school and you are college nextschool year.April 06, 2011 is my vacation I’m college I couldn’t know if I’m study to Collegeschool but auntie Gene she offer my mother the SBCI is offer an Scholarship butshe works as an “Student Assistant” or SA and as an “SA” I have an contract if I’mnot agreed in contract they hold my all importance document in high school. And Imet my crush name Archie Medialdea when I 1st met I don’t like her but mymommy Garson teasing me with her. He introduces me to him and he said kuyaArchie shake hands with Roselyn. When I 1st met Archie I feel him is boastful, notgood but I was wrong I saw her all characteristic in SBCI he is hard working and heis generous to her friend sometimes he is naughty. And I’m audition to theaterclub actually is not my plan to join in theater club but my mommy Garson he forcedme to join the theater club and I’m not wrong I’m a member of theater right nowand my classmate, and my sister support me in my theater club. As far asRoselyn’s Life Story end this see you next time.