List of the World’s Greatest Adventures Places


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Adventure travel in India has ample scope for fervent and passionate travelers to create memorable and excited holidays.

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List of the World’s Greatest Adventures Places

  1. 1. Adventure travel in India has ample scope for fervent and passionate travelers to create memorable and excited holidays. Adventure is the need of the mind to make way for the extraordinary and get rid off the usual. India is a land of exotic beauty and no, those are not the ones you see in your city that lives the contemporary lifestyle. You travel to work and back home at least five days a week, frequent malls, pubs, restaurants, parties and think your life is exciting? You are perhaps unaware of the fancies and thrills this very potential country has to offer. Adventure holidays are holidays but not of the regular kind. These are meant for the ones who want to breathe truly, madly and deeply.
  2. 2. Abundance of destinations Where to go? That is one question you need to decide for yourself. Adventure travel in India can begin at beaches, jungles, caves, hills, under water, above it and also on land. There is perhaps no land that can amuse you as much as India does. The sheer diversity in landscapes can keep you yearning for more. Reading up, talking to fellow enthusiasts and watching places that are a must visit can help you zero in on a list that can perhaps serve as your bucket list. What more do you need? Now, that’s the bit you got to explore and experience. Indulge in eclectic sleepovers Where to stay? Most towns of the country will have humble bed and breakfast options, home stays, luxurious hotels, chaai shops or if you want to really do it exotic – get yourself a sleeping bag. There is just one thing you got to remember – your safety. A definite tip that can keep you alive during your adventure holidays. So, leaving it to the experts is the best thing if you are wandering into no-man’s land. Eat and make merry The world knows that India is a land of diverse cultures, religions and languages. But what is more diverse and scrumptious is its choice of foods. From North to the very tip in the South, the East to the West, the far North Eastern and every place in between; food here is as diverse as it can get. You will be surprised, delighted or shocked and sometimes all in one. What is life without some thrills and chills? You are never going to be disappointed with food in a country like this. What to do Mind’s the limit when it comes to adventure travel in India. Turn to the experts or simply browse for things you can do at different places and you can make a primary list. And when you go there, you might create a list of your own. But what you will not be doing is inching down on a road full of traffic, getting frustrated with barking horns and cursing erratic drivers. And when you miss that, you can always come back. So, just get up and go and choose a place for your adventure holidays that promises just three things: life, life and more life. It can’t get bigger than that.
  3. 3. Here the List of the World's Greatest Adventures Places  Great Himalaya Trail, Nepal  Overland adventures, South America
  4. 4.  River rafting, Turkey  Fish River Canyon ride, Namibia
  5. 5.  Tour du Mont Blanc  Clearwater Paddling, Outer Hebrides
  6. 6.  Volunteer conservation adventures  Native American experience, United States
  7. 7.  Diving safari, Borneo  Secret Apennines walk, Italy
  8. 8.  Wolves in winter, Canada  Genghis Khan warrior training, Mongolia
  9. 9.  Pure adrenalin, New Zealand  Family multi-activity adventure, Croatia
  10. 10.  Winter sports, Slovenia  Primate fest, Uganda and Rwanda
  11. 11.  Cycle tour, Cuba  Costa Rican adventure
  12. 12.  Everest skydive