Tips you must not overlook on Adventure Travel Trips


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You have planned an adventure travel in India’s largest talked about destination. So, what’s next? Do you just pack your bags and leave?

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Tips you must not overlook on Adventure Travel Trips

  1. 1. 8 Tips on Adventure Travel Trips you must not overlook You have planned an adventure travel in India’s largest talked about destination. So, what’s next? Do you just pack your bags and leave? If you are an experienced traveler, you’d probably know the rules of the game but if you are fairly new to the sport; then there are things you must know for happy, safe and exciting adventure trips. Here are 8 adventure travel tips for adventure junkies.  Do your homework Homework is not just kids. While it is tough to predict the complete journey in and out, you should get your facts straight and what you should or should not do.
  2. 2.  A mini telephone directory Contact details may have been hijacked by your smartphones or other smart devices but just in case you lose your phone; you shouldn’t become inaccessible to people. Carry a short book of important details like contact particulars and relationship details so you can or someone can help you reach your near ones in case of emergency; not that you’d have one.  Where do you keep your valuables Valuables do not just mean cash but some important documents, passport, driver’s license, checks and the like. You may have a duffle bag, a vintage suitcase or a very fancy trolley but having a little pouch or a backpack or just about some piece of luggage like second skin is important to store the most important stuff.  Distribute cash No, not to people or passersby but keep them in different pockets of various luggage you may be carrying. This way, even if you lose one; you can still continue your adventure trips in a not-soundeterred fashion.
  3. 3.  Riding or driving Make sure your vehicle isn’t left unattended. The ride and its things can easily go missing in any adventure travel in India.  Partying with strangers As much tempting as it sounds, remember what your mother first told you. Never talk to strangers or at least keep a safe distance. You are only playing safe and this cannot be cited inhumane.  What to pack You could pack your games, teddy bear and lots of fancy stuff but remember; you got to carry them all if you have a lot to walk or worse still climb or swim during your adventure trips. Pack light and the most essential of stuff so that you don’t get tired after a few steps.
  4. 4.  Do what you can do It’s great to aim high but if there are certain things you can’t do; then it is better to refrain from those especially if you are traveling solo. Yes, you can travel solo but you got to be a bit more careful than you do when you are in a group. So, what you can never do is what you should not do although a bit of safe adventure is always welcome. Finally, do not forget to document your adventure travel in India. There is nothing like getting an adrenaline rush. However, safety is of paramount importance and yes, it is a statutory warning for all those who have the adventure bone in them. Contact Details, Brindavan Apartments, 19 Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Chennai 600006, India Website: