Why should you be marketing your business online1


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  • Dramatic change how people shop –Sales less dependent on the floor salesman and more on your web presence and reputation online
  • You need strategy before you build a website and start marketing onlinea.Researchmarket (who buys from you and how they buy online)competitiononline media (what is out there and their benefits and limitations)b. Understand your own capabilities and limitations (budget, time, skills) – you need a budgetc. Create strategyselect target keywordsselect target mediaselect the right timing – schedule what comes firstCreate focused and relevant content
  • Consistent – Only 10 slots you are competing for. There are millions of competing web pages.Online Winner takes all – 60% of sales go to just 3 first entriesFocused – Targeted keywords … 1 page – max 2-3 keywords – choose wisely
  • Why should you be marketing your business online1

    1. 1. GETAHEAD ONLINE 1-Stop-Shop for marketing your business online Domain – Hosting - Website – Lead Generation1
    2. 2. Why Should you be Marketing your Business Online?2
    3. 3. Monthly online searches: 1. Wine merchant 1300 2. Wine online 1600 3. Broadband providers 4400 4. Tax consultant 1300 5. Accountant in Dublin 4400 6. Coldrooms 600 7. Temperature monitoring 720 8. Electrical services 1900 9. Security alarms 8100 10. Wedding flowers 9900 11. Flower delivery 66003
    4. 4. How to get a slice of this pie?
    5. 5. Why being on 1st page is so important? Less than 10% of people look beyond 1st page
    6. 6. Online Marketing is cheaper
    7. 7. How can you get on 1st Page of Google and stay there? Google Advertising (PPC) - expensive Google Local (Google Places) Difficult if you stay in Rush and are targeting Dublin Google Organic Listing (best) Social Media (FB, LinkedIn etc) – uncertain long term Multimedia (Pictures, Video)
    8. 8. How do you get on 1st Page of Google Organic Listing and stay there? • Content Relevancy Over 200 Ranking • Content Recency Factors, 4 Most important ones are: • Content Popularity • Content Authority
    9. 9. 1. CONTENT RELEVANCYMake sure your site is optimised for the RIGHT KEYWORDS 90% keywords generate no traffic
    10. 10. 2. CONTENT RECENCY• Content has limited shelf life•Content should be updated frequently Little and often : Blog posts, Tweets, FB Status updates Better an apple a day than 7 on Sunday
    11. 11. 3. CONTENT POPULARITY •Social Media likes, shares, comments •Blog comments •Bookmarks •Links to site •Citations
    12. 12. 4. CONTENT AUTHORITY • What kinds of sites link to you or mention you? • Are you an authority in your field? (Branding is becoming very important) • Not who you know, but who knows you
    13. 13. CONCLUSION • Internet can be an important source of leads for any business • Online Marketing is cheaper than offline • Website is not enough • Online Marketing is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Consistency is the key!