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  • 1. Immigrating to Canada Consulting International Students Current trends in immigration The value of integration Earning potential for future CC II C
  • 2. The Immigration Gates are Closing for Federal Skilled Workers 20,000 year ….29 occupations...backlog… room
  • 3. New Horizon
    • Gain Perspective
    • Rescue your earning potential
    • Working with international students
    • Becoming an integration consultant CC II C
    Concerned about making a living?
  • 4.
    • Yes
    Does Canada need more immigrants?
    • Aging population
    • Low birth rate
    • Economic Growth
    • Labour shortage
    • Keep Canada from aging
    “ .. increase the number of immigrants coming to Canada”
  • 5. Future Immigration Plans
    • Welcome more immigrants
    • 240,000 to 260,000
    • Skilled Workers have been the bulk
    • Limit 20,000
    “ .. increase the number of immigrants coming to Canada”
  • 6. What type of immigrants? “ ...over the past 20 years the data tells us that newcomers to Canada have not been doing as well economically. ….... are twice as likely to be unemployed as native born Canadians with university degrees. ... And we know that hundreds of thousands of new Canadians are stuck in survival jobs. Underemployed, highly trained professionals who find themselves locked out of their chosen profession in Canada and often struggling ...” June 26, 2010 The Honourable Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P.Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism
  • 7. Do we need more?
    • Overqualified new immigrants
    • Struggling
    • International credentials not good
    • enough
  • 8. Changes in Immigration good indicator
    • 2007 CEC (Canadian Experience Class)
    • PNP programs started to grow
    • First set of Minister’s instructions (2008)
    • Second set of instructions (2010)
    New Trend started in 2005 when a Pilot program was introduced, which allowed international students in Canada to start working
  • 9. What's the key in all these new changes?
      • Work Experience in specific occupations
      • Job offers based on current and future
      • demand
      • Canadian Work Experience
    Work or Employment related
  • 10. What happens when new immigrants are working in their professions or areas of training?
  • 11. Successfully INTEGRATED into the Canadian economy & culture?
  • 12. Has this been happening?
    • According to statistic NO
    • New Canadians trapped in …
    Canadian experience paradox No Canadian experience you don’t get a job. If you can’t get a job, you can’t get Canadian work experience .
  • 13. Video Clip
  • 14. Video Clip
  • 15. What it takes to build a future in Canada?
    • Three Key components
    • 1.Language skills
    • 2.Canadian Education (credentials)
    • 3.Gateway Work Experience
    Successful Integration
  • 16. How important? “… .newcomers with Canadian work and education experience generally perform better in the labour market than immigrants with only foreign credentials.” The Honourable Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P.Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism
  • 17. Language Skills
    • Language tests (IELTS / TOEFL)
    • Work level English (High level communication skills)
    Communication skills, more than simply language skills, are critical specially for knowledge workers .
  • 18. Research IRPP (Immigration Research Public Policy) "While the ability of immigrants to speak other languages can be a benefit for an employer, it cannot compensate for an inability to communicate verbally and in writing with colleagues within the workplace."
  • 19. Research Correlates English level of new immigrants with employment “ ...the language skills of Canadian immigrants are associated with their economic well-being and integration and with the productivity of the Canadian economy.” Monica Boyd Canada Research Chair in Immigration, Inequality & Public Policy University of Toronto
  • 20. Research Canadian Born - Immigrants University Degree or Higher
  • 21. Research Canadian Born - Immigrants Level of Employment
  • 22. Canadian Education Integration Channel
    • Canadian Credentials
    • Increase Language Skills
    • Canadian culture exposure
  • 23. Canadian Education Not the only answer University Graduates (First professional job)
  • 24. Video clip
  • 25. Video clip
  • 26. Canadian Education Educational system under pressure
    • WEF (World Economic Forum)
    • Report - Calling for changes & the
    • integration of entrepreneurial education
    • Changes have been happening University
    • Professors–academics not entrepreneurs
    Good News – New Alternative
  • 27. Gateway Work Experience (GWE) “ Gateway Work Experience” is the type of work experience that helps individuals get jobs related to their educational background.
  • 28. Who needs Gateway Work Experience
    • Recent Graduates
    • International Professionals
    • New Immigrants
    • International Students
  • 29. Where can one obtain Gateway Work Experience
    • Co-op programs
    • New Venture & Technology Institute
    • (GVTI)
  • 30. G V T I New Non for Profit Education Institution
    • To provide talented international students with limited means with the opportunity to gain Canadian education
    • Make international education more affordable
    • Education alternative new immigrants facing
    • integration challenges
    • To address two educational challenges
      • Integration of entrepreneurial education
      • Need for an alternative learning model
  • 31. Immigration Options Open to International Students CEC (default plan) International Graduates (2 to 4 year program) (2 – 3 year open Work Permits) BC PNP International Graduates Job offer by qualified employer Job prospects (present & future) Post Graduates (Pilot) Master & PHDs Short list Federal Skilled Worker Point System Job Offer
  • 32. Working with Canadian Educational Institutions Increasing your revenue potential Immigration qualifying institutions Public (Universities / Colleges / Institutes) Private (Only degree granting) No, Private Colleges Qualify
  • 33. Working with Canadian Educational Institutions Increasing your revenue potential Obtain representative or agent contracts Public Universities Costly (cost per year $14,000 to $25,000) Hard Colleges & Institutes Costly (cost per year $13,000) Not too easy, but possible Commissions 15% first year Private Universities & Degree Granting Costly (cost per year $13,000 to $17,000) Easier Commissions 15 - 20% first year
  • 34. Working with Canadian Educational Institutions Increasing your revenue potential GVTI Post Graduate Venture Diploma Programs Tuition Free / Work Scholarships Refundable Deposit ($6,000) Recruitment fee $250 Post Graduate Venture Degree Integrated Programs Reduced cost ( work scholarships) Cost 2 year MBA ($20,000) Commissions $2,000
  • 35. Precautions to Take Student Families with Children Qualifying programs Consult School District Some Diplomas offered by Public Colleges may not qualify $13000 to $14000 year international tuition per child
  • 36. Thank you Contact Information GVTI 1190 Melville Street Fifth floor – office 506 Vancouver, BC Tel: 604- 221-4233 Burrard Station T h u r l o w B u t e St. Melville Street Georgia Street B u r r A r d. Pender Street Dunsmuir Street