2012 Fall Attendance Challenge Presentation


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Want to learn how to use Nicki Minaj, Ne-Yo and gaming to boost your middle or high school’s attendance? Want it all for free? Then Get Schooled’s 2012 Fall Attendance Challenge is for you.

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2012 Fall Attendance Challenge Presentation

  1. 1. Fall Attendance Challenge 2012
  2. 2. 1 Get Schooled started with this question… What if there were a way to change these statistics? 69% 19% US high school chance of graduation rate graduating with 20 absences/year 38 minutes college 53% counseling over college four years completion rateSources: Ed Week Graduation Counts, 2011; College Board;
  3. 3. And we found an answer… 2 Get Schooled is becoming the hub for motivation, resources, and connections to help students make it through high school and collegeModules thatexpose Curated academiclearning in content and resourcespop culturePeer-peerconnections Celebrity encouragementBest-in-class gamescatalogued 2
  4. 4. 3With help from ‘gamification’ techniques to boostengagement, recognize progress and draw out thefun in learning Badges acknowledge progress Rewards store with relevant recognition opportunities Personalized hub page to connect all dots – people and content
  5. 5. Get Schooled is using its assets to dramatically change how students engage and connect with educational content to further their goals Consumers who matterPromotional partnerswith reach Celebrities that resonate A unique non-profit Started by Viacom and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2010, Get Schooled is tasked with using media and technology to motivate youth nationwide to further their education.
  6. 6. Youth come to us for our mix ofsizzle and substanceEngagement strategies meet students where they are – how they getand share information, and how they like it delivered (with a little sizzle).At the same time, we make sure that every activity we support, everygame we develop – helps further students’ educational goals. Friendly competitions - at both the school and individual level, with on-line leader boards Mobile games – youth turn to apps for entertainment, we make games both entertaining and educational Relevant resources – Get Schooled is working to become the hub of great education content that is also entertaining Direct to text – we give students a way to connect with us and get back personalized responses, simply through texting 5
  7. 7. Schools work with us to have new tools 6 for reaching students Peer-peer Peer-peer Video tips library Celebrity touch-points Celebritytouch-points ‘Entercation’ games ‘Entercation’ games Leader boards LeaderboardsScholarship app Attendance tracker Attendance tracker Virtual guidance Virtualguidance counselors 6
  8. 8. And together we have an impact 3% 30Kaverage attendance Students recognize improvement in teachers who six-week period challenge, inspire and motivate 1.3M youth directly engaged in activities designed to increase their connection to school 7
  9. 9. Get ready for the2012 Fall Attendance Challenge Oct 1-Nov 16 8
  10. 10. attendanceA multi-week challenge to improve rates and motivate students sizzle and …using a mix of substance. 9
  11. 11. 10 The challenge is based on earning 100 points through student activityStudents participate in a variety ofdigital ‘games’ that connect themwith messages, content, resourcesand peers. All activity is recognizedwith points, badges and relevantprizing opportunities.
  12. 12. Activations are how students show their engagementThe challenge will have 3-4 activations each with a different focus,almost all will be digital – on-line and/or mobile. Below is a sample ofpossible activations. School Academic Motivation Spirit Success Wake-Up Calls – Get Out and Check Students receive Teaching Greatness – In! – Students earn wake-up calls from Students speak out points when they visit favorite celebrities about great teachers a college campus, in their school connect with a local On the Hunt – Text business, etc. . clues lead students to search for homework help, college counseling, etc. Join Up!– Students Got Math? – are recognized Students create music I Play – Students play involvement in their videos to teach their select casual games with school community peers math and an education twist science. (Words with Friends, Scrabble, etc.) 11
  13. 13. Here’s how it all works… students get on-lineActivation starts! or go mobile schools earn points based on participation they play and participate 12
  14. 14. Schools track engagement levels foreach activation Participation is worth ~60% improved attendance ~40% 13
  15. 15. We provide the incentives – you determine how to use them Loudspeaker shout-outs Engagement tips Celebrity event for winning schoolSwag for students 14
  16. 16. And it all spurs momentum and motivation Student leaders rally theirOn-line leader board fuels peersfriendly competition 15
  17. 17. And we celebrate winners at thenational and regional levels School with most improved attendance and most active students wins a celebrity principal for a day Regional winners can win red-carpet movie 16 premier, concert tickets, etc.
  18. 18. We couldn’t do it without the effort of great educators“The Attendance Challenge served as the catalyst for ashift in school culture. Jen Hodges, Assistant Principal Aki Kurose Middle School(Attendance) “What I liked about this Get Schooled Challenge was that every kid could be involved – you didn’t have to be a part of the in group to help the school earn points.” Tamra Jackson, Principal, Bridgeport High School (Attendance Challenge & College Dollars Challenge Participant “I can’t think of something more important for this generation than to provide an outlet for the leading pop culture [figures] to promote going to college and educating yourself.” –Devon Skerritt, Senior Counselor, Williams Preparatory High School, (College Dollars Challenge Participant) 17
  19. 19. What we ask of schools… • Point person to lead challenge and dedicate 1-2 Time hours a week to promote it • Participation in 30 min weekly conference call with participating schools • Most activations will require Internet access – Access students will need to have weekly computer access • Sites must be cleared in advance with IT dept Data • Baseline attendance data for Fall 2011 • Weekly attendance data during the challenge •Willingness to share what worksCreativity •Try new things •Learn with us 18
  20. 20. Timeline from now until Oct 1st•July/August School sign ups continue•July/August Registered schools receive toolkit•Early September Registered schools receive starter kit with introductory swag and list of all web sites to be cleared/accessible•Mid September School admins all log-on to Get Schooled and see how tool works (webinar provided)•Mid/End September Kick-off calls and webinars for all schools Kick-off swag boxes arrive at school with tshirts, posters, loudspeaker announcements, etc. 19
  21. 21. The challenge will motivate youthacross the country 20
  22. 22. In the end… Students find games, resources, peers to stay + 3% motivatedmore students are in school – all day, every day schools get new technology tools that resonate with youth …everyone wins 21
  23. 23. Join with usIf you’re interested in participating in or have any questions aboutthe Get Schooled 2012 Fall Attendance Challenge, please send an e-mail to info@getschooled.com, with your name and school. You will be sent directions to create a log-in and set up your account , where you can directly register for the challenge. 22