12 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Passbook by Outspoken


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***Introducing Passbook by Outspoken™***
Send to Passbook via MMS and SMS. Demo Passbook by Outspoken.com today at http://outspoken.com/passbook.

Ranked the fourth most popular mobile commerce application, Apple’s Passbook, stores personal items like airline boarding passes, coupons, movie tickets, loyalty cards and gift cards in one convenient app. Deliver Passbook coupons, loyalty cards, etc with Outspoken messaging platform. Users can add passes with a few clicks directly to their passbook. Reach all your mobile customers by sending passes to your customers, even if they don’t have your app. Passbook passes are sent immediately using your existing text message marketing campaigns inside the Campaign Manager tool. Blow your customers’ minds with location-based passes and special offers. Increase in-store traffic, brand loyalty and drive repeat purchases with passbook. Sending passes is simple and easy. Customers just click once to receive their pass and to add it to their Passbooks apps. Outspoken customers integrate MMS passbooks into existing campaigns seamlessly. iOS phones and non-iOS phones can receive passes. Increased sales can be driven from coupon codes, 2D barcodes, confirmation numbers and landing pages. This enables retailers to report ROI and optimize messaging. Passbook is also green! Not only are you letting users store all offers and coupons in their passbook app, you’re helping the world become a greener place by eliminating the need for printed coupons.

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  • Can we add mms anywhere? Or does it not make sense?
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  • Change to Make Love campaign – put this on the shopping back background (next slide) http://www.psfk.com/2014/01/gap-mobile-millenial-passbook.html#!Lcp9w
  • 12 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Passbook by Outspoken

    1. 1. 21 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Passbook
    2. 2. Brought to you by your friends at www.outspoken.com
    3. 3. 70% of US Consumers would like to receive offers from brands on their mobile devices.
    4. 4. Mobile coupons receive 10x higher redemption rates than print coupons.
    5. 5. $48B in consumer loyalty reward points dispensed each year, 1/3 go uncashed.
    6. 6. Passbook does NOT require a specialized reader, merchants can scan Passbook offers with any existing scanning hardware.
    7. 7. Passbook lets Retailers increase redemption velocity, with pop ups when a consumer is nearby or when coupons are about to expire.
    8. 8. Passbook users are among Sephora’s 17,000 best customers who purchase 2X as much and frequently
    9. 9. Within 10 days of its Passbook debut, American Airlines’ app audience grew 25% to a new total of 5M users
    10. 10. In 2013, Passbook mobile ticketing expanded to 13 MLB ballparks
    11. 11. 70% Coupons.com users viewed Passes added them to Passbook for in-store redemption.
    12. 12. GAP’s “Make Love” Passbook campaign AND drove the Highest SMS engagement they’d ever seen
    13. 13. Passbook vaulted Walgreens app to #8 in free App Store after launch. 50M USERS
    14. 14. What we’ve learned so far • Users are starting to understand Passbook • Retailers are starting to get creative with it • Brands like Amex are discovering new use cases for passbook • People are actually spending money because of Passbook • Retailers have found Passbook very effective in terms of loyalty, driving sales and in-store traffic • Consumers have found it effective for couponing, de-cluttering and convenience • And… now with MMS, The best is yet to come. Text Passbook to 94444 or email sales@outspoken.com to learn more Passbook is Awesome. Passbook via MMS is .
    15. 15. Text Passbook to 94444 or email sales@outspoken.com to learn more Passbook is Awesome. Passbook via MMS is .