Cyber bullying on social networking sites
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Cyber bullying on social networking sites






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  • If there are cyber bullies out there and they are making fun of someone that is so called over weight they need to stop and think about this. The one making fun of someone is the one who is over weight and the one being made fun of is what i call under weight because they don't deserve to be made fun of. So stop Bulling period.
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Cyber bullying on social networking sites Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Cyber-Bullyingon SocialNetworkingsitesByGerard Flynn(N00102136)Communications: RebeccaRoper
  • 2. Purpose of this Presentation To explain the use of Social Networking proceed to Define and explain main emphasis of presentation on the topic of Cyber-Bullying Explain Using Case Studies Conclude by laying out recommendations that support the main topic
  • 3. Social Networking What is Social Networking? Social networking involves users creating a personal profile on a virtual online environment. Main emphasis of social networking is to allow users to interact, communicate and share content. Reference: (Liebert.M.A , 2010 Cyber Europe).
  • 4. Social Networking Statistics Primary Research Europe has 41.7 m users  Out of 90 people surveyed of social networking sites 97.8% said they have a facebook account. By end of 2012 its estimated to total to  Another 68.1 % say they use 107.4 million other social networking sites. Reference: (Liebert.M.A, 2010, Cyber  Reference:(http://www.surveymonk Europe). )
  • 5. Advantage of Using Social Networking Sites Share files (photos,vidoes, information, advice) Opportunities for businesses to market Distance of communication is eliminated Reference: (Liebert.M.A , 2010 Cyber Europe)
  • 6. Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites Cyber-bullying – online harassment Violation of privacy Security threats Exposure to illicit images & Porn Internet predators sexual grooming Anonymity Reference:((Liebert.M.A, 2010, Cyber Europe)
  • 7. Cyber-Bullying Cyber Bullying consists of a virtual online environment in which obscene and intense verbal or visual abuse takes place(Hinjuda.S & Patchin J.W, 2011. High TechCruelty. Educational Leadership ).
  • 8. Cyber-Bullying Statistics Primary Research Europe has 41.7 m users of  Out of 90 people social networking sites surveyed 97.8 % example over 90% of young have facebook people aged 5–16 have a  Also 92.3% have computer at home and a witnessed Cyber- mobile phone( Cowie.H & Colliety.P, 2010. Cyber-bullying: Bullying occur sanctions or sensitivity)
  • 9. How do you Cyber-Bully Personal Intimidation- Sending threatening messages Impersonation Exclusion Personal humiliation Reference: website ( anding/what-is- cyberbullying.180.html
  • 10. How are Cyber-Bullied victims affected Bullied victims could Feel sad Depressed Lonely Act out Resort to self harm suicide
  • 11. Case Study 1: Phoebe Prince Irish girl who emigrated to the US with family Found dead- committed suicide Endured months of Cyber- Bullying by peers People who bullied her were either expelled or charged Reference: By Russell Goldman of ABC News March 2010 ( charged-bullying-mass-girl- kill/story?id=10231357#.Tt_IMbIUq7t) date accessed on 7/12/2011
  • 12. Case Study 2: Georgia Varley Irish Girl from Bray,Moved to Uk with mother. Tragically died on October 22nd After death family & friends created Facebook memorial page Users taunted and left hurtful and disrespectful comments People who posted such comments were arreseted or charged. Reference: Jessica Satherley 26th October 2011, ( 2053578/Sick-internet-trolls-mock-Georgia-Varley- dies-trying-board-train-Liverpool-Station.html )
  • 13. Recomendations Enforce School Cyber-Bullying Policies Look for signs of people being targeted Do something about it Educate people and make them aware of its nature Do not respond to hurtful abuse by not telling anyone If you feel your life is in danger tell your parents,teacher or even go to the police
  • 14. Conclusion Cyber-Bullying is a recent phenomenon that is terrorising individuals on our most loved social networking sites. It is mainly driven by our love of technology. Cyber-Bullying is a serious issue that has psychological effects on its victims. It leaves families devastated as highlighted in the case of Phoebe Prince. The Cyber Bullies themselves subject themselves to Legal implications every time they post ,abuse and taunt others using social networking sites such as facebook. Finally we ourselves are active users of social networking sites as proven in the primary research carried out by the researcher.
  • 15. I Hope this presentationmakes you more aware ofhow we act and behave onsocial networking sites.