Sertraline overdose
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Sertraline overdose



Sertraline overdose

Sertraline overdose



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Sertraline overdose Sertraline overdose Document Transcript

  • Sertraline OverdoseSertraline Overdose: An introSertraline (Zoloft) is really a medication which is often used tocope with numerous conditions inside the brain. As with all medicine,it is possible for a person to overdose on Sertraline. TheSertraline overdose effects will be different based on numerousfactors, including just how much Sertraline is taken so when itstaken every other medicine.For more Sertraline than your physician prescribes, you can overdosemedication. Common may be the signs of a sertraline overdose mayinclude vomiting, increased heartbeat, and drowsiness. Overdosing onSertraline can lead to serious health issues -- about 1% of cases.Such overdoses can lead to the demise. Should you overdose onSertraline, seek medical attention immediately.The signs of a Sertraline OverdoseIf an individual overdose on sertraline, the symptoms may differ.This list describes some possible sertraline overdose sideeffects. Their list isnt complete and youll effortlessly experienceother side effects. It is essential is always to follow yourprescribed dosage and steer clear of an overdose.DrowsinessVomitingIncreased heartbeat (tachycardia) or slow heartbeat (bradycardia)NauseaDizzinessAgitationShakiness (tremor).Other Sertraline overdose symptoms may include, but arent limitedto:ComaSeizuresDeliriumHallucinations
  • High blood pressure level (hypertension)FaintingDemise.Demise carrying out a sertraline overdose remains reported within1% of cases. The chance of death is really a lot higher when theoverdose includes other medicines.Sertraline Overdose: TreatmentTherapy for just about any sertraline overdose will be different.When the overdose was recently, a doctor may administer certainmedicines or place a tube into the stomach to "pump the stomach."Treatment may also involve supportive care. This sort of careincludes treating the symptoms that occur because of the overdose.For example, supportive treatments for just about any Sertralineoverdose may include:Fluids by having an intravenous line (IV)Medicines to enhance blood pressure levels, control an irregularheart rhythm, or control seizuresClosely monitoring the center and lungsA breathing tube to assist with breathingAdditional treatments are based on complications that occur.If you think maybe, you will probably have overdosed on Sertraline,seek medical attention immediately.Search keywords:zoloft sertraline zoloft dosage dosage fordosage zoloftdosages for zoloft maximum zoloft dosage sertraline doseszoloft dosing sertraline side effects and how much is dosage zoloft