Prose and poetry


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Prose and poetry

  1. 1. Prose It is a literary piece which is written in the pattern of ordinary spoken language and within the common flow of conversation. It is derived from the Latin word prosa which means ‘straightforward’.
  2. 2. Divisions and Types of ProseA. Fiction CLICK HEREC. Non - Fiction CLICK HERE
  3. 3. Fiction It is a series of imagined factswhich shows truths about humanlife. Examples are: a. Short Story – brief, artisticform of prose which iscentered on a major mainincident. b. Novel – a more extensiveform of prose which iselastic and can expand to
  4. 4. Non-FictionThese are literary works that are based mainly on facts rather than on the imagination. An example is the essay. Essay – a composition with moderate length, usually expository in nature. There are several types of essay. CLICK HERE
  5. 5. Examples of Essays• Formal Essay – deals with serious and important topics• Informal Essay – deals with any subject, even the ordinary• Critical Essay – seeks to analyze or evaluate a literary work• Biography – deals with the personal life and achievement of a person• Travelogue – informs others of vicarious experiences in a given place and time.
  6. 6. Poetry It refers to those expressions in verse, with measures, rhymes, lines, stanzas and melodious tones. It came from the Greek word poiesis which means ‘making’.
  7. 7. Divisions and Types of Poetry CLICK HEREA. Lyric Poetry CLICK HERE CLICK HEREC. Narrative Poetry CLICK HERE CLICK HEREE. Dramatic Poetry CLICK HERE
  8. 8. Lyric Poetry In earlier days, it was meant to be sung to the accompaniment of a musical instrument known as lyre. Examples are: a. Simple Lyric – embraces a wide variety of poems and is characterized by subjectivity, imagination, melody and emotion. b. Song – short lyric poem which has a specific melodious quality and is intended to be sung c. Sonnet – a poem expressing of 14 lines with a formal rhyme d. Elegy – a poem expressing lament or grief for the dead. e. Ode – most splendid type of lyric
  9. 9. Narrative Poetry It tells a story following an order of events.It includes: a. Ballad – short simple narrative poem composed to be sung and is orally told from one generation to another b. Metrical Romance – a long rambling love story in verse which is centered around the adventures of knights and lords, and their royal ladies during the age of chivalry. c. Epic – a long, majestic narrative poem which tells the adventures of a traditional hero and the development of a nation.
  10. 10. Dramatic Poetry It has the elements that are closely related to drama because it is written in dramatic form or makes use of a dramatic technique. It includes: a. Dramatic Monologue – a combination of drama and poetry which presents the speech of a character in a particular situation at a critical moment. b. Soliloquy – passage spoken by the speaker in a poem of a by the character in a play except that there is no one present to hear him except the audience or the reader. c. Character Sketch – poem which the writer is concerned less with complete or implied matters of a story, but rather with arousing sympathy or antagonism for, or some interest in an individual
  11. 11. Literary according to GENRE PROSE POETRY Non- Narrative DramaticFiction Lyric Poetry Fiction Poetry Poetry a. Dramatic a. Simple Lyric a. Short a. Ballad Monologue b. Song b. Metrical c. Soliloquy Story Essay c. Sonnet Romance c. Character d. Elegy b. Novel c. Epic Sketch e. Ode
  12. 12. Look within you… The greatest form of literary expression can be found within you. It is the innate feeling which thrive deep within the depths of your soul. It is a great mass that is unfathomable by anyone.
  13. 13. In my solitary, the silenceevaded my soul and I took mypen and a piece of paper.Thinking about the happytimes we had, I positioned mypen, and there, the black tearswhich leaked from its tipsscribbled letters that stilled aportion of my soul…