IBM B2B / B2G Integration Services PEPPOL EDI


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This presentation details the IBM B2B Integration Services portfolio of EDI and PEPPOL solutions

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  • Mobile, POS, Business office outsourcing, subsidiaries, departments in other locations, online commerce integrated into backend applications, cloud integration
    Distributed organisations and applications put high pressure on capabilities for seamless integration
  • IBM B2B / B2G Integration Services PEPPOL EDI

    1. 1. © 2013 IBM Corporation Strategic Outsourcing B2B & B2G Integration Service Ger Clancy, IBM Inside Sales (
    2. 2. © 2013 IBM Corporation2 End-To-End Integration services Design & Implementation Analysis & Design Our consultants assist you in clarifying a solution to fit your needs Integration Our expertise and tools integrate your partners, applications and processes Mapping To make it simple for you, our team programs conversion between formats Ramping Roll out EDI with your trading partners, with our expertise and customized services Steady State Operations & Development The EDI environment is maintained and continuously developed according to IBMs hosting practices Transportation Your messages are delivered to your partner with proper controls and receipts to ensure messages are confirmed received Conversion We will translate outbound and inbound documents, so every partner writes and reads in their own ”language” Adapters Our adapters are continuously developed and optimized for increased functionality and reliability Change & Implementation Execution according to standards and agreed service levels Support Our team is ready to assist, if you have concerns or experience problems Monitoring Surveilance Monthly Service Report Project Reports Add-on Services eC Portal All your documentation collected online eC Track Track & Trace messages eC Stat Review your consumption patterns eC Alert Be alerted when certain messages are received One Format One Adapter One Network We make it simple for you to optimise your trade
    3. 3. © 2013 IBM Corporation3 Integration Services supports your dynamic needs One Adapter Choose and maintain only one adaptor connecting you to IBM One Network Via one network, you are connected to all your partners One Format Execute only the format you wish to send and receive Simple structure, delivered by extensive service portfolio Support your business with infrastructure, tools and expertise to optimize existing processes and support new businees Integration Applications, Processes & Partners Mapping & Conversion Transformation of documents Analysis & Design eCommerce, Supply Chain, Processes Transportation Trading and financial documents On Demand! Flexible to your business need Pay as you Go! Scalable Solution Consultancy IBM Client
    4. 4. © 2013 IBM Corporation4 Converter MailboxClient Internal – EAI Clou d External – EDI Partners +300.000 Companie s Banks & Financial institutions 1st level support 2nd level support Development & Consultancy Archive AdministrationMonitoring Technical Development eC SAP eC WMQ eC FTP WebClient WebService eC X.400 eC SFTP AS2 Adapters: highly secure and standardised, e.g: All standards and even proprietary formats, e.g: EDIFACT XML UBL HANCOM ANSI X.12 IDOC OIO VDA TRADACOM CSV In-house Format IBM
    5. 5. © 2013 IBM Corporation5 Our components can be pieced together to suit your needs Adapters Choose and maintain only one adaptor connecting you to eCSC eC SAP eC WMQ eC FTP WebClient WebService eC HTTP eC X.400 eC SFTP AS2 LE@N Formats Execute only the format you wish to send and receive IBM handles all standards and even proprietary formats EDIFACT XML UBL HANCOM ANSI X.12 IDOC TRADACOM Highly secure, Internet based and standardised VDA IBM can convert between formats to suit your needs Adapter High traffic Integration form Quick start User -friendliness WebClient FileSharing X High WebService SOAP Average eC SFTP X FileSharing X Average eC FTP X FileSharing Average eC Mail FileSharing X High eC SAP X ALE / XI / PI Average AS2 X Average eC WMQ X Average eC X.400 X Average LE@N Browser X Average
    6. 6. © 2013 IBM Corporation6 Monitoring and analysis services eC Portal eC Track Track & Trace With real-time information, Investigate the status of individual messages – inocming and outgoing Access via browser Consumption statistics Review graphs and tables of your consumption patterns aggregated, by partner or ident and download the data Access via browser Monthly Service Report In this customized report, review service levels, consumption, incidents and analysis along with development projects By Agreement Access to information You have access to the documentation related to the provided services. Documents are maintained by IBM and can include (where applicable) service manual, network and partner agreements, monthly service report and mapping specifications. Access via browser – portal in English, Danish and German eC Stat
    7. 7. © 2013 IBM Corporation7 © 2013 IBM Corporation7 Quality High stability of performance Managed in 1st tier data center Skilled and speedy support from specialists Industry & Technical expertise Leading capabilities on PEPPOL infrastructure and formats Skilled and experienced specialists within EDI and Integration Team IBM has access to a wide variety of experts Adaptability & Flexibility Adaptors fit onto existing business systems Scalabilty built into the environment Risk Management No reliance on individual persons with specific knowledge Structured processes for operations, changes, documentation Financial Value No CAPEX, only OPEX as a service, no software licenses Transforming a manual process, can result in savings upto €65 per transaction ... many direct and indirect cost reductions... Benefits EDI and Integration is key to a modern cost effective corporation We and our services adapt to our clients’ needs Client’s experience tighter and more effective collaboration with partners End-to-end service reliefs Clients of many expences and worries Five sources of value Contact: Ger Clancy, IBM Inside Sales Contact: Ger Clancy, IBM Inside Sales
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