Pecha kucha - Cloud Computing
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  • 1. PECHA KUCHA Cloud Computing… Save memory. Smart Phone. Database. Save Money. Personal Computer. Laptop.“The Internet provides the connection between your computer and the database.”
  • 2. • The first thing you need to know is that cloud computing runs completely through the internet.• This means that your computer memory is spared and your data is saved online, and can consequently be accessed by anything with an internet!
  • 3. *• It works by you saving your data on a ‘virtual hardrive’ existing on the internet. So you wont have to worry about your PC crashing due to overfilling software installments, applications and documents…like this guy!
  • 4. *• Web-based email services like Gmail and Hotmail deliver a cloud computing service.• Users can access their email "in the cloud" from any computer with a browser and Internet connection, regardless of what kind of hardware is on that particular computer.
  • 5. This means that all the junk mail sent daily fromFacebook notifications, Twitter notifications etc.doesn’t clog up the internal memory on yourcomputer, which would slow it down! =
  • 6. *
  • 7. Tumblr ‘archive’ with photos blogged since 2009. Facebook photos, still stored online since 2007.Both social networks allowpersonalized data to be archivedcontinuously, with an unlimitedstorage space, meaning as manyphotos can be reblogged or postedas wanted, without ever losing orwasting memory.
  • 8. *
  • 9. *✔
  • 10. *
  • 11. * Saves Money…
  • 12. SavesSpace…
  • 13. It’sStable…
  • 14. Unlimitedmemory…
  • 15. Cloud Computing…The future.