Genre Research - Slasher Movies


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Genre Research - Slasher Movies

  1. 1. Genre Research Slasher Movie
  2. 2. A typical Slasher movie usuallyconsists of a group of attractiveteenagers being preyed on by amasked serial killer, with his motiveusually being revenge and hisweapon of choice always beingsomething metal and sharp to inflictincredibly gory injuries. At the end ofthe movie there is always onesurvivor, and the serial killer is alwayseither dead or no where to beseen, leaving the survivor as the mainsuspect in the inevitable sequel whichalways welcomes the return of theoriginal killer, or an imitator willing tocarry on his „work‟.Being a sub-genre of Horror, it wasfirst introduced with Alfred Hitchcocks‟1960 hit Psycho, but Slasher moviesfirst become popular in the late 70‟sand early 80‟s with the arrival of theiconic movies: Halloween, Friday the13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street.The sub-genre was reborn in the mid90‟s with the arrival of the first of theScream franchise in 1996.
  3. 3. This is the movie thatintroduces a new level of Psycho 1960violence, gore and Alfred Hitchcocksexuality, which are allessential parts of the typicalSlasher genre. Psycho went onto influence later creationswhich followed the typical storylines.The iconic shower scene fromthe movie is the main scenethat tells us it‟s a Slashermovie: attractive young womanbrutally killed by a shadowy“masked” villain with a sharpobject.
  4. 4. The Texas ChainsawThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre Massacreis an American movie franchisefocussing on the massmurderers Leatherface and hisfamily who are cannibals thatkidnap customers from their gas 1974 & 1986station. Tobe Hooper 1990 Jeff BurrThe original was released in 19941974 and was followed by: The Kim HenkelTexas Chainsaw Massacre 2 in 2003 Marcus Nispel1986, Leatherface: The Texas 2006Chainsaw Massacre in Jonathan Liebesman1990, Texas Chainsaw (Rumoured for 2013)Massacre: The Next Generation John Luessenhopin 1994, the remake of theoriginal in 2003 and The TexasChainsaw Massacre: TheBeginning in 2006. There is a 3Dmovie rumoured for 2013.
  5. 5. HalloweenHalloween is an American moviefranchise featuring a psychotic 1978mass murdered known as John CarpenterMichael Myers who was 1981 & 2002committed to a sanatorium as a Rick Rosenthalchild for the murder of his older 1982sister. Tommy Lee Wallace 1988The original movie was released Dwight H. Little 1989in 1978 and was followed by: Dominique Othenin-GirardHalloween ll in 1981, Halloween 1995lll: season of the witch in Joe Chappelle1982, Halloween 4: The return of 1998Michael Myers in Steve Miner1988, Halloween 5: The revenge 2007 & 2009of Michael Myers in Rob Zombie1989, Halloween: The curse ofMichael Myers in1995, Halloween H2O: 20 yearslater in 1998, Halloween:Resurrection in 2002 andremakes of the first two movies in
  6. 6. Friday theFriday the 13th is another American movie 13 thfranchise focussing on the fictional characterof Jason Vorhees, who drowned in a camplake due to negligence of the camp staff.Decades later the lake is said to be cursedand Jason returns to seek vengeance.The original movie was released in 1980 and 1980 Sean S. Cunninghamwas in direct competition with the first 1981 & 1982Halloween movie. The first Friday the 13th Steve Miner 1984was closely followed with a number of Joseph Zitosequels: Friday the 13th part 2 in 1985 Danny Steinman1981, Friday the 13th part 3 in 1982, Friday 1986the 13th: The Final Chapter in 1984, Friday Tom McLoughlin 1988the 13th: A New Beginning in 1985, Friday John Carl Buechlerthe 13th Part VI: Jason Lives in 1986, Friday 1989 Rob Heddenthe 13th Part VII: The New Blood in 19931988, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Adam MarcusManhattan in 1989, Jason goes to Hell: The 2002 James IsaacFinal Friday in 1993, Jason X in 20032002, Freddy vs. Jason in 2003 and the Ronny Yu 2009remake of the original Friday the 13th in Marcus Nispel2009.
  7. 7. My Bloody ValentineMy Bloody Valentine is anAmerican Slasher moviefocussing on a mass murdereddressed in a minersuniform, including breathingmask thought to be the only 1981survivor of a mining accident George Mihalkaknow as Harry Warden. Hewas discovered in the mineshaft in a state of mentalcollapse, and they haddiscovered he had resorted tocannibalism to stay alive.The movie was remade in2008, directed by PatrickLussier.
  8. 8. A Nightmare onA Nightmare on Elm Elm StreetStreet is yet anotherAmerican moviefranchise focussing onthe character knownas FreddyKrueger, who was The original movie was 1984killed by the parents created in 1984 and Wes Craven followed by: A Nightmare on 1985of children who he Jack Sholderwas molesting and Elm Street 2: Freddy’s 1987murdering, he then revenge in 1985, A Chuck Russel Nightmare on Elm Street 3: 1988takes a more Renny Harlinsupernatural form Dream Warriors in 1987, A 1989than other mass Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Stephen Hopkins The Dream Master in 1991murderers, by staling Rachel Talalayand killing the, now 1988, A Nightmare on Elm 1994teenagers, who told Street 5: The Dream Child Wes Cravenon him in their dreams in 1989, Freddy’s Dead: 2003 The Final Nightmare in Ronny Yuwhich means they are 2010also dead in the real 1991, Wes Craven’s new Samuel Bayerworld. Nightmare in 1994, Freddy vs. Jason in 2003 and the remake of the original in
  9. 9. ScreamScream is an American film 1996 onwardsseries focussing on the killings Wes Cravenof a mass murderer known asGhostface. The Scream seriesrevitalised the Slasher genre inthe mid 90‟s with the arrival ofthe first movie in 1996. It wasfollowed by: Scream 2 in1997, Scream 3 in 2000 andScream 4 in 2011.The Scream series also broughta sense of humour to the genreand the far more clichéd plot.
  10. 10. Final DestinationFinal Destination is another American 2000 & 2006movie series focussing on groups of James Wongteenagers or young adults, where one 2003 & 2009of them keeps having visions of David R. Ellis 2011accidents where at least one of the Steven Qualegroup is killed. These visions alwayshappen and the group are killed off oneby one by a seemingly invisible force.Final Destination brings a twist to thegenre by not having a physicalmurderer. Their deaths are alwaysgruesome, feasible, but highly unlikelyto occur outside of the “movie” world.The first Final Destination was releasedin 2000, and was followed by: FinalDestination 2 in 2003, Final Destination3 in 2006, The Final Destination in 2009and Final Destination 5 in 2011.
  11. 11. Sorority RowSorority Row is a Slasher movie 2009centred around a group of college Stewart Hendlergirls who commit a prank thatgoes horribly wrong. They trick aboy into believing that he haskilled a girl, so they take her to asteel mill to dump the body in thelake, to stop he from floating theboy stabs her in the chest, killingher for real. The rest of the movieshows each girl being killed offone by one by someone trying tokeep what they did a secret.The movie is a re-imagining ofthe movie The House on SororityRow which was made in 1983.
  12. 12. Scary MovieScary Movie is a series of American 2000 & 2001Comedy Slasher movies that Keenon Ivory Wayansspecialise in parodies of horror films. 2003 & 2006The first Scary Movie released in David Zucker2000 is a parody of the famous 2012Scream series. Scary Movie 2 Malcolm D. Leereleased in 2001 is a parody of theExorcist and The Haunting. ScaryMovie 3 released in 2003 is a parodyof The Ring and Signs. Scary Movie 4released in 2006 is a parody of thefirst Saw movie.There is a fifth Scary Movie inproduction and a sixth one has beenrumoured.This movie series brings a humour tothe genre.