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Planning mastheads for magazine

  1. 1. Planning Potential mastheads for my magazine Georgia Leaper
  2. 2. Potential typographies for masthead
  3. 3. Potential mastheads A) This typography is very rounded and appears laid back due to the overlapping of letters. It is not in a straight line which has connotations of lacking severity and would convey the fun, exciting and colourful side of the pop genre and my magazine. Although it may look too simple and not stand out to my audience of young girls.
  4. 4. Potential mastheads B) Again, the typography as a laid back feel and looks interesting because the letters use a variation of sizing. However, it looks similar to graffiti writing which has connotations of rap as it is associated with crime. This would then not appeal to my target demographic of mainstreamers, and potential consumers of young white girls.
  5. 5. Potential mastheads C) I like this typography as its background looks like an electric shock which has connotations of excitement. Conversely, it may be interpreted as spikes and create a rough image for my magazine.
  6. 6. Potential mastheads D) I really like this typography as it is so girlie because of the use of hearts, which has connotations of love and therefore conveys a kind and soft element of my magazine which would appeal to my audience seeing as they are still young and have an element of innocence to them. I feel as though there is a problem with the spacing of the typography as the letters are quite spaced out. As my target demographic are young, they will not have as much money to spend on magazines as other audiences, therefore I feel my magazine should have as much packed into it to fulfil the reader. By spacing the letters far away it is creating connotations of a dreary and empty feel to my magazine.
  7. 7. Potential mastheads I asked 25 people the following question Typography results Option A Option B Option C Option D Option A was the most popular and was picked by 11 people, therefore I will use this typography in my masthead.
  8. 8. Potential names for masthead
  9. 9. Potential names for mastheads A) I think this is a good name for my magazine because the audience would instantly know that the magazine is focusing on music. It also is short and snappy which would appeal to my audience of young people.
  10. 10. Potential names for mastheads B) The name sounds effective because it is phonologically linked to the phrase “V.I.P” which stands for very important person. This reinforces my target demographic of young girls as stereotypically I know they dream of being a princess and VIP is associated with this. It would also appeal to my sub-genre of aspirers as it reinforces a higher status. However, it is quite a complex name and some may have trouble pronouncing or understanding it.
  11. 11. Potential names for mastheads C) The phrase “One more time” has connotations of the pop genre as it is a line from a famous Britney Spears’ song, who is one of the most iconic pop artists. It also has connotations of music being played on repeat which would reinforce the music element of my magazine. However it is a bit long and not very catchy.
  12. 12. Potential names for mastheads D) “Pitch” is musical lexis and “perf” is slang for perfect. Both words reinforce the genre of my magazine (pop) and the intended audience (young people). There is a problem, although, as a popular movie has been released called “Pitch Perfect” so there may be some confusing between my magazine and the film.
  13. 13. Potential names for mastheads I asked 25 people the following question Potential names Tunes V.I.POP! One more time Pitch Perf Option B was the most popular with 14 out of 25 people choosing this, therefore I will name my music magazine “V.I.POP” .
  14. 14. Potential colour schemes for masthead
  15. 15. Potential colour schemes for mastheads A) I think the colours compliment one another and convey my magazine well. The white portrays the innocence of my audience whilst the pink on the word POP suggests the excitement of music in their dull usual world.
  16. 16. Potential colour schemes for mastheads B) All colours work well together and I like how the simple white really stands out against the pink background. I have used a similar outlining effect as a lot of other successful pop magazines use which creates a 3D effect and makes the masthead look more interesting.
  17. 17. Potential colour schemes for mastheads C) The colours are both very strong and stand out well together. Separately the colours compliment the genre of my magazine as the blue has connotations of freedom and blue skies, whilst the pink suggests the intended audience. However, I feel the colours do not compliment each other and create a bit of a contrast.
  18. 18. Potential colour schemes for mastheads D) I like the colours used here because they are all very simple yet together they look effective. However, I find the grey background may have connotations of grey skies and create a negative image for my magazine. As well as this, it does not have a very professional finish because of all the merging colours.
  19. 19. Potential colour schemes for mastheads I asked 25 people the following question Colour scheme results Option A Option B Option C Option D I had very mixed responses for my different colour schemes. Both options B and C were chosen by 10 people, Option A was chosen by 5 people, and no one chose option D. From this I have decided to choose option B because although option C is pretty and conveys the genre, option B clearly reinforces the target demographic.