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  • 1. State Partnership aspirations for NATO membership. This SPP enabled the Georgian coordination efforts within the SPP reached two major milestones in 2011.Program with the government to complete a presidential initiative to develop a national In June, Georgia conducted a large, Georgian-led exercise with a U.S.Nation of Georgia military service academy. The Georgia National Defense Academy observer controller team. The purpose of this exercise was to provide a forum was established in the fall of 2011, to the Georgian military and civilian The State Partnership Program and it now serves as the primary ministries to work together toward(SPP) experienced its most successful commissioning source and critical a common solution. This successfulyear to date in 2011. The primary enabler for force transformation exercise is the culmination of overgoal of the SPP is to establish and professionalization – a strategic five years of bilateral efforts.enduring civil-military relationships priority for the country of Georgia. The Georgians now have viablethat improve long-term international The SPP was involved from the interagency partner capacity andsecurity while building partnership inception, providing conduits to U.S. the confidence to demonstrate it.capacity across all levels of society. military academies for guidance and In November 2011, the Georgian The country of Georgia is the laying the groundwork for mutual Ministry of Internal Affairslargest non-NATO contributor of collaboration with North Georgia volunteered to host the 2012 NATOforces to International Security Forces College and State University. A Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response– Afghanistan. In past years, the memorandum of understanding was Coordination Center’s annual disasterGeorgia National Guard helped train signed between the two universities response exercise. This exercise willover 2,000 Georgian soldiers and has stating, “The cooperation between include 38 countries and over 1,000embedded with the Georgian soldiers the parties shall be implemented participants, allowing Georgia toin Iraq. Today, 18 Georgia National to develop civilian and military showcase their partner capacity.Guard Soldiers comprise the Georgia curricula, internal quality assurance The State Partnership ProgramTrain and Support Team which works procedures and mechanisms. They will continue to develop thisto prepare Georgian battalions for will implement student and academic interagency capability while selectingdeployments to Afghanistan, greatly staff exchange programs and other and developing emerging missionsincreasing the combat forces available joint activities.” that align with the goals and objectivesfor this effort and furthering Georgia’s The disaster response/interagency of the SPP and the partner country. 2011 Annual Report | 38