Theatrical Trailer
GeorgiHonnor and Charli Honnor
Act 1
A young girl returns home from school and she is confronted by her mother who gives her the news
about a tornado tha...
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Written treatment- theatrical trailer


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Written treatment for the story behind my theatrical trailer

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Written treatment- theatrical trailer

  1. 1. Theatrical Trailer GeorgiHonnor and Charli Honnor A tornado strikes the South East of England, sweeping away a young girl on an adventure through her favourite fairy tales. Characters: Alice- girl between the ages of 8-12, has to be confident, with good acting skills as much of the plot is make-believe and not ‘every day situations’. Alice’s mother- must have some form of resemblance to Alice and be in her 30s, she only has a minor role in the trailer so acting skills must be proficient but do not have to be exceptional. Newsreader- must be clearly spoken, male and any age between mid-20s to early 50s. Ariel- like the character from the fairy tale The Little Mermaid, Ariel has red hair and is played by a younger girl, again between the ages of 8-12. Hansel and Gretel- Hansel and Gretel must look alike as they are siblings, true to their original characters from the fairy tale they are both young, between the ages of 7-11. Little Red Riding Hood- It is likely that we only see a little shot of Little Red Riding Hood in the woods from a distance so casting is not as important, particularly because she will be covered by a red cape. We may be able to use one of our other actors for this role so we do not have to cast another person. Rapunzel- Rapunzel is slightly older perhaps 16+ with long blonde hair, she must be able to act as she has a dramatic scene whereby she struggles against the Wicked Witch. Prince Charming- He again is 16+ and is tall with either fair or dark hair. He must be able to shout loudly as he will need to scream “Rapunzel” in a non-feminine voice. Cinderella’s ugly sister- Preferably ugly with a pineapple hair style on top of her head, warts with a big nose and spotty face, commonly spoken with dirty fingernails and crooked teeth or braces. Goldilocks- 14+ with long blonde hair worn in two plaits of pigtails, innocent looking, capable of skipping. Wicked Witch- Similar to the ugly sister, again covered in spots and warts with long curly fingernails, perhaps green faced? She must be capable of cackling and have a harsh, croaky or older voice.
  2. 2. Act 1 A young girl returns home from school and she is confronted by her mother who gives her the news about a tornado that is due to hit the South East of England very shortly. The girl is watching out her window at all of the leaves blowing around and listening to the wind. She is very scared but her mother insists she gets some rest as they might have to leave for a safer place in the morning. Listening to her mother’s wishes she goes to sleep. She then wakes up in the middle of some woods where her journey through various fairy tales begins. Act 2 Her journey begins in the woods as she meets Little Red Riding Hood as well as Hansel and Gretel, she follows the path of bread that the two siblings have left to an apple tree. Picking the apple off of the tree we are now aware that the fairy tale has changed to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Waking up we get a pull focus between both her and the apple to show it was the apple that put her to sleep but she finds a note saying that it was Prince Charming that saved her life and woke from the coma. Our protagonist Alice now goes by her everyday life as she finds herself a slave or ‘Cinderella’. She then then escapes and finds herself playing with her friends in the fields where all the other escaped princesses go to but when they spot Rapunzel cantering past on her horse they know she is in some form of danger. Running after her, Alice watches on as Rapunzel is recaptured by the witch and locked in the tower. Hearing Rapunzel scream “Find prince Charming or I’ll be locked in here forever”. Act 3 The name Prince Charming then reminds our character that it were him who awoke her from the coma so makes it her duty to find him to thank him as well as save Cinderella. On her search for Cinderella she meets yet more characters from various fairy tales including Goldilocks, Ariel and Alice in Wonderland. She eventually locates prince Charming who saves Cinderella along with all the other princesses and they all live happily ever after. Our main character then awakes to find her book of fairy tales beside her pillow. Did she really venture through the fairy tales or was it a dream, or perhaps a nightmare- that is for the audience to decide.