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Sound transcript Document Transcript

  • 1. This is a transcript from a conversation that took place between Charli and Iin response to evaluation question one. We talked about how the soundused in our opening title sequence and how it used, developed or challengedforms of real opening titles.Charli: So how does our opening title sequence in terms of sound use or challengeforms of real media products?Georgi: In our research we identified that sound was often a key feature in openingtitles and sometimes essential in order set the mood as well as introduce the genre,and that is why we used it.Charli: Well just because we used sound doesn’t mean that it is like other openingtitles, because you said it must set the mood and genre stuff.Georgi: Well exactly, that’s why we chose a slow pace, gentle and ‘dreamy’ pianomusic as it worked well with the genre, not only that but with the slow-motioneffects, the horses movement and appeals to our ‘young girl’ audience with thepretty notes.Charli: Oh yeah, I remember in my research when I did my genre-specific researchthat the horse film used piano music with scenes of cantering horses.Georgi: That’s why we did it.Charli: What about the other sound?Georgi: We used some foley sound in the opening including the horse whinny overour logo and the wind with birds. This told the audience from the very beginning thatthe film was about horses as well as being set in an area with trees/birds whichsuggested to our audience somewhere rural. This is later confirmed with severalshots in fields/bridleways etc.Charli: The whinny over the production company ident is like in The Simpsons Moviewhere the kid comes running out of the logo humming the Simpsons theme tune, soit immediately tells the audience what it’s about.Georgi: Yes, that too was one of our influences.Charli: But not many films do that to introduce their genre, do they?Georgi: No, so that could be a way that our film “challenges forms of real mediaproducts”.