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Period drama
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  • 1. Exploring genre Period drama
  • 2. What is period drama? A period drama (also known as a costume drama) is often defined as: A period piece in which elaborate costumes, sets and properties are featured in order to capture the ambience of a particular era.
  • 3. Genre conventions in a trailer Video was not exported from SlideRocket
  • 4. Pride and prejudice Costumes that were worn in the ear in which it was set Focus on love/marriage/families Use of classical music Characters are well spoken Set in the countryside/in large manors Challenge the common ideology of the time Be an adaptation of novel Usually focus around a young man and women Rely heavily on Mise En Scene Often focus on the life of the upper class
  • 5. Could I produce a period drama film trailer? Casting a period drama would be easier than an action film as I am unlikely to require a stuntman, for example. Period drama's rely heavily on mise en scene, for archaic props, costumes and locations which are relatively untouched by the modern world. This would be the only challenge I would face in the production of a trailer of this genre. However, I already own several 'period costumes' from shows of which I have taken part in. This would make the costume aspect of mise en scene relatively easy. I could purchase props from online sites such as eBay or Amazon, I could also go to car boot sales to see if I could find props that I would decide I needed after creating my storyboard and writing a props list.