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My presentation 17

  1. 1. Mise en scene for horror films Georgi Honnor Group memebers for task: Myself, Charli Honnor & Harley Francis
  2. 2. Make up
  3. 3. Make up 2
  4. 4. Evaluation What went well: Zip on face with blood is typical of the genre. This make up will immediately let the audience know that it is that of a horror film. Again, the clown face paint is typical of horror films, with the 'scary clown' a common character in any production with a purpose to scare. Even better if: We had some darker make up too, as well as natural make up for the often 'victim' ordinary main characters.
  5. 5. costume Image is not available but the costume comprised of - a white lab coat - a white mask
  6. 6. Evaluation What went well: The white costume, being white has ghostly connotations, the length of it with the mask makes the character anonymous which again adds to the tension, uncertainty of the scene, creating more horror. Even better if: the lab coat was older looking and was stained with dirt and blood. Tea staining could also make the garment appear older. These would all be successful as they are all things that you'd expect to see in a horror film, complying to the genre conventions.
  7. 7. Setting/location
  8. 8. Evaluation What went well: The graveyard setting is typical of the horror genre, including the grave yard, hanging man and fire. Even better if: There was a darker colour for the grass and a dark sky setting. This however, is clearly just a model and it would be developed through lighting/real props if to be chosen as a setting for my final piece for my trailer.
  9. 9. Evaluating Mise en scene in my opening title sequence... Last year my AS coursework task was to produce an opening title sequence. In this lesson, I was required to evaluate the mise en scene in this short video. This task was similar to the earlier task in that I looked at location, costume and make up.
  10. 10. Evaluation What went well: Costume- I made a dress with patches on for the youngest character in my sequence, this looked old, so worked well with the time setting. Location- All of the locations were exactly as we imagined and the fields gave some good shots. The house was decorated to a member of the older generations like, this matched the character. Make up- Chalk powder applied to the horses legs made them appear whiter in the shots. Even better if: Costume: The 'teenage Nancy' character could have had a more formal outfit to reflect the time in which the clip was set Location: A national park/ forest may have provided some really nice shots, however transporting a horse can be a difficult process. Make up: Natural make up could have been applied to make facial features stand out on camera.